Improve your Nokia N900 camera experience with two beta apps

OK, since news is a bit slow as we approach Nokia World (you do know I will be there, right?) it is a good time to see what is cooking over at Nokia Beta Labs. We are at the tail end of the summer here in Washington State and I am finding that mobile phone photos are not turning out very well with all of the background light. I just read on the Nokia Beta Labs blog that there two new applications for the Nokia N900 that look to take the camera to the next level. The HDR Capture application is designed for those situations when you are taking a photo with an open window with light behind the subject. The Lowlight Assistant is designed to help in situations when there is light, but not enough to give you a good photo.

Check out the samples and more details on the Nokia Beta Labs site. You can then sign into your Nokia account and download the apps.


3 Comments to Improve your Nokia N900 camera experience with two beta apps

September 1, 2010

No need to sign anywhere. It s already available in the maemo repository in extras-testing.

September 4, 2010

for what i’ve seem theses 2 app will get the camera working even better but they are in extra-testing already.

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