First impressions of Sygic Mobile Maps 10 for Maemo

A couple of days ago I mentioned that Sygic sent out an email letting us all know Mobile Maps 10 was available as a free upgrade to N900 owners. I went on a short camping trip and wasn’t able to test out the latest version until last night, but shot the video embedded below and took the screenshots you see below in the image gallery. I am going to do some more extensive testing over the next couple of weeks and will post a review here when I finish checking it out. Here are some initial thoughts on my experiences, along with the video of the program in action.

What is improved?

Even though I have only spent a few hours with Sygic Mobile Maps 10 for Maemo I can tell you already that it is much improved over version 9 that I found wasn’t very useful at all. Here are the following improvements found in Mobile Maps 10:

  • A new and better look and feel with default full screen mode.
  • Online services for speed traps, traffic (not yet enabled), and incident reports.
  • Navigation to addresses stored in your contacts database.
  • Improved finger scrolling support.
  • Updated maps with more detail.
  • Auto & instant rotate between portrait and landscape.

Initial experiences

As you can see in my video, I was sitting in the back seat with my Nokia N900 (in default configuration mode) held between my knees and the N900 seemed to secure a GPS signal within a minute. This time Sygic tracked my position accurately where the last time it kept jumping around on the screen and couldn’t seem to find my actual location.

The user interface was quite fluid and it was easy to navigate around the software. I jumped to Navigate to… and entered an address down in Seattle and then a couple seconds later the route was calculated and shown. You can select your country and the voice you want to use for navigation. You can change settings to customize your experience, including how you want the main navigation panel to appear as you drive around. Other settings include 2D/3D toggle, dynamic control settings, day/night control, sounds, online settings, online services, advanced settings (similar to what we say in Sygic Mobile Maps 9), planning preferences, toll charge settings, language and voice selector, and more.

There are some extra utilities in the application, including a world clock, calculator, unit converter, and weather.

The one issue I seem to be having issues with is the selection of POIs as you drive. For example, as I am riding along and see a POI appear I tapped on it, but was just taken to the first settings menu. I would think that tapping on the POI would tell me what that location is and give me the option to choose to navigate directly to it or call the location. You can go back to the navigation setup and choose a POI in the area, but this requires several steps and I was thinking of something easier to find an interim stop.

Mobile Maps 10 is a free update for Mobile Maps 9 owns or EUR49.99 for new buyers. I will post a more detailed written walk through the application as I take a few more trips with it. In the meantime, if you have any questions please post them below and I will try to answer them all in my review.


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August 11, 2010

great review! i love the software but there was a issue with 9 were the softsware kept requesting a internet connection when driving abroad. and it kept coming up to 10 times in only one hour while driving. any clues if this was sorted? i imagine this issue is non-existent in the us.. or?

[…] First impressions of Sygic Mobile Maps 10 for Maemo […]

[…] First impressions of Sygic Mobile Maps 10 for Maemo […]

[…] First impressions of Sygic Mobile Maps 10 for Maemo […]

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August 4, 2011

I like this software, it can help you in a road because his map is fully detail. But first you must have an internet connection to use it or even a wifi to connect.

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