Hey Apple, is there an app for this? Play SNES with PS3 controller on the big screen

Readers here, and SPE editors, know that the Nokia N900 is more computer than phone and the things you can do with it are pretty astounding. I just read an article over on Engadget where it has been shown you can connect a Sony Playstation wireless controller to your N900 via Bluetooth and then control the SNES emulator with the N900 connected via TV out to have a kick butt retro gaming platform. I don’t have a PS3 controller, but I do have Wii and XBox controllers and wonder if either of these will work. I may just have to pick up a PS3 controller to get this setup working on my N900 since there are some SNES games I really enjoyed playing when I was younger and would love to have them in hand again.

Check out this video below showing the setup and gaming on the big screen.


10 Comments to Hey Apple, is there an app for this? Play SNES with PS3 controller on the big screen

February 5, 2010

yes there are apps to get your wii remote to play nice with the n900. look in extras devel and search youtube for a video

February 5, 2010

nice… i like the dig at apple too.. lol

February 5, 2010

I still haven’t found where you stand on Apple Matt. You like the iPad, own and iPhone, but make digs about Apple whenever you get the chance.

I know why you like the N900. It’s a powerful device and everyday I find more and more of what it is capable of doing. What are your likes and dislikes about Apple? Personally, I don’t like the way they are sticking it to the consumer. And the whole Adobe Flash thing really bothers me.

This video of the PS3 controller on the N900 is amazing and I will definitely have to get mine working.

Matthew Miller
February 5, 2010

I do like the usability of Apple products, but everyone I have owned so far has failed in a couple of years. Yet, the public seems to accept them even for their failures and lock down. I also do not like the perceived arrogance of Mr. Jobs. I have an iPhone primarily for app testing, but could give it up now that I have the N900 and a Nexus One.

The more I use my N900 the less and less my desire for an iPad gets. I highly doubt I will get one, too expensive and too limiting.

February 5, 2010

right on, i bought an ipod a few years ago, stopped charging and syncing after a month or so, they sent me a REFURBISHED one… which i sold on ebay btw…

February 5, 2010

I sold my ipod to buy the Nokia E63 which has all my music, and podcasts without ever needing to connect to my computer.

February 6, 2010

@Matt Miller – I have been keeping on top of what the N900 can do. I have been pushing mine to the limit. I enjoy re-flashing it when I make a mistake. The beauty of the N900 is the ease-of-use factor for beginners, but the expandability for early adopters. There are little flaws in the device itself, mostly OS based, but I believe these will be all perfected in Maemo 6. I also find the MobileTechRoundup insightful and funny. You guys do a great job.

February 7, 2010

Had a look at this some time ago. Six-Axis and Wiimote both use bluetooth and work great, albeit with a lot of tweaking to be had. The Xbox360 wireless controllers unfortunately use a different proprietary wireless protocol (the name eludes my memory, sorry) so its possible only with the Microsoft-made wireless adapter. Though you could in theory swap the usb-plug for a micro-usb one, but still would be missing usb host-mode for connecting it.

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