Guess who finally won a contest? Yes, I have an E7 on the way

Remember that Nokia Care US video tip contest I mentioned a couple weeks ago? Well, guess what? The Twitter voting ended up with 12 selections being made and I won the contest based on the judge’s voting! Yes, that’s right I will finally be getting a Nokia E7 so I can cover it here on Nokia Experts. I have been asking for an evaluation unit since Nokia World last year and I guess my posts about Nokia and some of their ridiculous actions (or inactions) might have put me on the review blacklist 😉

I am looking forward to testing it out and sure hope it ends up with Anna soon because at this time I really find Symbian devices without Anna to be way below what other smartphones offer. I do still like my Nokia devices for the outstanding call quality and reception, long battery life, wonderful cameras, and more, but they really need to step it up soon.

Let me know what you would like for me to test out on the E7 and I will include it in my upcoming articles.


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June 6, 2011

Test themes on the E7
Start with

June 7, 2011

congrats matt, u deserve it. please test battery, camera/video, multi tasking (how many apps stay open ), speed on att/tmobile. i’m still rocking my 5800 and n 82 by the way. also if its possible to replace battery like n8.

Haarlem 1974
June 8, 2011

Nice that you are getting one now. Good luck and have loads of fun with it. I’ll be looking forward to reading with a lot enjoyment, your “The Definitive Nokia E7 Guide”

Any change you will also test VNC and SSH for remote systems management? I am interested in finding out if the E7 is a great tool for logging into different servers and troubleshoot on the go. (since my e72 isn’t great for that, it’s clumsiness really irritates me and I am dying for something better)

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