Goodbye and thanks for everything!

Goodbye and thanks for everything!My friend Ricky Cadden just wrote a post that was probably the toughest thing he has ever written and I can completely understand everything he wrote. You see, Ricky and Rita are done with and are moving on to other mobile operating systems and passions. Like me and many of you that follow this site know, it is tough being a Nokia fan and enthusiast in the US where carriers are few and far between to support Nokia and there is such a small community of people and press that really care much about Nokia. I know I have had ups and downs here on Nokia Experts and doubt myself all the time. It is time consuming to write about devices and software as an unpaid hobby, especially when there are other more exciting platforms (Palm’s webOS, Google’s Android, and Apple’s iPhone) that get all the attention here in the US. was, and still is, an amazing resource that I often linked to and referred to often over the last 3 and a half years. Ricky and Rita did an awesome job with the site and it was good to have fellow US-based Nokia fans to chat with and bounce things off of. I think we will probably see Ricky popping up again, maybe writing about his new Android device, and wish them both the best in the future.


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July 1, 2010

Nokia Forever!!!

July 1, 2010

Like you I have followed Symbian-Guru for the past 3 yrs. Every morning it was one of the first sites I go to for updated Nokia & Symbian info. Being here in the U.S. it is frustrating following a product line that is not widely accepted, isn’t marketed correctly, and yet one feels is truly a solid product (N97 of course the exception).

We’ll miss you Ricky & Rita and who knows, I may be right behind you.

July 1, 2010

This is kinda sad. I’m not originally from the US, but I remember when I use a Nokia 6600 back home. It was so awesome and I loved it! That was definitely the first smartphone I ever used, and up to that time was the best phone I had ever used. In fact I wish a kept it. I’ve long since moved on, and I’m now a happy WebOS user (Original Pre). I practically went from one minority to another; in the US at least. I honestly don’t understand what’s going on at nokia. Hopefully they figure things out.

Ricky Cadden
July 1, 2010

Thanks for the thoughts and support, Matt. I’ll definitely be around, and I have a feeling Rita will, too. :)

July 1, 2010

I just bought a Nexus One, updated to Froyo (2.2) and couldn’t be happier. I will not buy a Nokia smartphone in the foreseeable future. My N97 screen lock switch fell off and got lost in some grass, and I couldn’t find it. I was mad. I will continue to use my e71 as my backup device though. I will not recommend Nokia to anyone because of where the company is heading and the decisions they have made regarding their “flaghships” and the N900. For me, it’s, “see ya later Nokia.”

July 1, 2010

Since I have the n82, e71 and 5800, I enjoy following symbian/nokia blogs/websites. Symbian guru is one that has always had some helpful information and its sad to see them go.

Unfortunately Nokia has not cared about the US market and the flagship phones show little innovation and benefits over their competition.

Even though I’ll keep my n82 til it dies, my next smartphone will probably not be Nokia unless they can make a device as innovative as the n95 when it was released.


BTW> Matt, I think you are the only USA Nokia website so I hope you stick with it til i jump ship.

July 2, 2010

I understand where Ricky & Rita are coming from. I was admitted frustrated with the (lack of) support I got from Nokia & ATT when I had my E62. Finger pointing by both sides regarding ROM updates.
When the 5800 was announced I was stoked, then crushed as the UI sucked and Nokia did absolutely NOTHING to market it with the Dark Night. I was disappointed with the interface of the N97.
So when Android came out – despite it’s initial limitations and being on the hardware crippled G1 – I jumped in because it was at least trying to move forward.

Nokia needs to stop trying to keep the familiar. If we did things the way they do, our mobiles would have rotary dialers “because it’s a mature technology that people are familiar with”.

July 2, 2010

Head of Nokia Mobile Solutions, Anssi Vanjoki, posted a response about the criticism Nokia has been facing. He mentions Ricky as well. It is a decent read.

The Rude
July 4, 2010

Let’s take a cue from Mr. Vanjoki’s last name and just start calling this company “Jokia”. After the N96 and N97 it seems that an annual summer jokefest has become something of a Finnish tradition. So now we have the N8. At a time when the high-end market is demanding and getting large screens and 800+ pixel widths the jokesters at Jokia are “fighting back” with last year’s 3.5 inch 640×360. The competition offers 1 gig CPU/512M RAM while Jokia declares war with a fraction of the CPU and half the RAM. Anyone buying into Android or iPhone can expect to upgrade to future major OS releases. Does anyone who buys an N8 even suspect the possibility of a Symbian^4 upgrade? Keep on joking Jokia – and when your 2011 or maybe even 2010 year-on figures come out we can all have a good laugh together.

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