Geekiest unboxing ever thanks to the Nokia N900

I took some photos of the evaluation Nokia N900 that I received for a 3-month period and it was a typical Nokia retail package. I saw the unboxing video below over on Tracy and Matt’s Blog and think every Nokia geek should check it out. I wish I would have gotten one of these packages to check out and wonder if this will be a package purchase option. Watch the video and see if you are as impressed as I was by the cool unlock puzzle.

BTW, I just ordered my own Nokia N900 from Amazon (through since I saw the price drop to $559 one day after I saw it there for something like $630. The $50 Nokia rebate is valid until 31 December so my total is $509, plus tax. The rebate says you need to login to the Ovi Store, but that isn’t yet working on the N900 so I hope it isn’t a problem. The form just asks you to enter your Ovi Store user name so I should be fine since I have used the Ovi Store on other devices before too.


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December 22, 2009

As per this url, they acknowledge the ovi store problem for n900. All we have to do is register an ovi username and activate it using the website.

Matthew Miller
December 22, 2009

Gotta love you readers! Thanks for the info and clarification on the rebate offer.

December 23, 2009

Check real geek unboxing porn – yep, it was OpenMoko Freerunner but …

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December 25, 2009

i’d just buy the box, its that cool…

[…] Geekiest unboxing ever […]

[…] Geekiest unboxing ever […]

[…] Geekiest unboxing ever […]

January 11, 2010

LOL…. If Darth Vader had a mobile phone it would be this!

An iPhone killer if I ever saw one….
Nokia N900 deals are looking more and more competitive now too.

Seriously impressive effort form Nokia – and the accesories bundled in the package are all cool… look at those headphones!

January 11, 2010

… but yeah this is without a doubt the GEEKIEST unboxing ever!

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