Garnet VM Beta 4 released for Nokia Tablets

One thing I enjoy doing on my Nokia N810 Internet Tablet is using old Palm application via the Garnet VM application. I just received an email that Garnet VM Beta 4 for Nseries was just released and is available for download. The latest update includes stability improvements and bug fixes.
Garnet VM Beta 4 released for Nokia Tablets

Garnet VM is a great way to use apps like Tide Tool (gives me the tides around the world for my marine salvage work) and give you real PIM apps, ebook readers, games, and more. Do you find Garnet VM on a Nokia Table to be useful and what are your favorite applications to run with it?


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May 29, 2009

I will buy an Internet Tablet with Phone when N900 will come out. That’s because of the good hardware 256 MB RAM, OMAP3 fast processor and nice keyboard (and all the nice things packed-up: 5MP camera, GPS, accelometer, 3G) and Linux Maemo with Open Office, KOffice (in KDE/QT), Firefox and tons of other nice Linux apps. Having also all the Palm applications runnable in Garnet VM is a plus.

Do you have any idea when N900 will be avialable?

June 12, 2009

I use the Garnet VM on my 770, and I abolutely love the fact that I can run DateBk6, GoogleMaps, and a pile of games on my tablet. :-)

June 22, 2009

Does the Garnet VM allow you to sync your PIM apps to Outlook?

It’d be worth buying an N810 if I could run Datebk5 and ToDoPlus and sync them with my work Outlook.

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