Full Nokia N900 review now up on ZDNet

Readers here have been seeing my coverage of the Nokia N900 collected into my Definitive Nokia N900 Guide, but my readers over on ZDNet are a different base in most cases so I thought I needed to share my passion for the N900 over there. As a Christmas present to my ZDNet readers I just posted my full review of the N900 that includes six pages of text, over 70 photos and screenshots (including photos taken with the N900), and a video of some of my favorite aspects. I have now had the Nokia N900 for a couple of months so readers here may also find that review perspective helpful.

Now that my own personal N900 will be here in a couple of days, I plan to continue with some N900 tips & tricks posts to include in my N900 Guide so stay tuned for that in 2010. I chose to purchase the N900 over other devices like the N97 mini and E72 for the following reasons:

  • T-Mobile USA 3.5G support
  • Hardware has never limited me
  • Fresh UI and prospect for amazing application development
  • Best mobile browser lets me do what I could do on a PC in my hand

There are many other strengths of the Nokia N900, covered in my review too, so I look forward to seeing what Nokia brings to Maemo brings in 2010.


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Michael Heinrich
December 23, 2009

Hello Matthew,

Very nice writeup on ZDNet! I too am getting my own personal N900 (delivery date is tomorrow!) and while observing the video, noticed that you were on T-Mobile. I wanted to ask if you were using the $10 dollar web2go or using one of the newer More Plus packages. I have a grandfathered account and it would cost more if I went with the Plus plan.

Hope to see more in the Guide and maybe another get-together in 2010!

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December 24, 2009

i saw the video you posted on youtube and it seems there is a lag sometimes on the touch screen just like on the 5800… i dont understand why nokia is still sticking to resistive touchscreen… i would still buy it tho if i had the dough :)

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December 27, 2009

Any chance of AT&T getting a version of the N900? I wish people could just buy a phone and use it on any network as long as they pay for the privilege. I tried the N 97 mini and it did not meet my needs. Oh well, I cannot leave AT&T right now so I will use my E71 until Nokia comes out with something better on AT&T. I am not holding my breath.

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December 30, 2009

N900 does not support java, neither does the browser, for running applets. Which I find disappointing.

Matthew Miller
December 31, 2009

Sudeepto, I am just happy to have Flash support since I use these more than any Java applets. I understand you may be able to install a browser plugin for Java (check out maemo.org discussion forums) and that the upcoming Fennec/Mozilla browser may support Java too.

July 20, 2010

great review. i like my new phone. easy to use. me and my wife love our n900’s. great unlocked mobile phones. processor is faster, internet surfing is easy, i like the nokia apps and games they keep me busy and the email is great for my company. gps gets me around and the facebook on the phone keeps me wife and daughter happy. i like this right now even better than my old unlocked iphones. it’s a little thicker than i like and the screen is smaller but i’m happy with it. keyboard is really nice i’m excited to see what nokia comes out with next. got our last couple unlocked cell phones at gsmallover.com and we like them. 2 thumbs up

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