Foreign travel is a major reason to use free Ovi Maps navigation

Foreign travel is a major reason to use free Ovi Maps navigationMy wife sells Party Lite and is quite the saleswoman who earns all-expense paid vacations for us every May. This year we are heading out on a Mediterranean cruise to Spain, France, and Italy. In preparation for this European trip I made sure my Truphone Local Anywhere SIM was loaded up with credit to call home and check on the girls and that my Nokia N86 8MP and N97 mini were ready to go. Part of that preparation included updating Ovi Maps on both devices and also downloading maps for Spain, France, and Italy directly to the storage areas on each device. I love that Nokia now fully supports uploading maps to devices from a Mac too.

I have Android and Windows Mobile devices, the iPhone, and even a webOS device, but for travel outside the US nothing beats a Nokia device. You get the best RF reception of any platform, ability to easily manage what is syncing and connecting via data, the functionality to use a SIM like the Truphone one, and get FREE voice guided (including walking) maps and GPS navigation with NO data connection required. This is vital if you will be in areas you are unfamiliar with and want to explore the different ports of call.

Anyone else rely on free Ovi Maps for foreign travel?


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Jon Garside
May 26, 2010

I live by it. I spend a great deal of my time in the US – Ovi and the pre loaded maps get me everywhere, whether its the N97, E71 or even the 5800. When I had a chance to go to the bahamas for the weekend, it was there as well – and the great thing, fire it up, turn off the assisted GPS and be patient – it will keep locked all day and the battery wont die – certaily the e71, not always the n97. Will be using it greatly on an upcoming trip to Lebanon

May 26, 2010

I will be traveling in France in June and will be using Ovi Map and Skype. I don’t have international service from ATT and I worry about the price of the data that I will need to activate Ovi Map.

AL Turner
May 26, 2010

I would use OVI maps while in Tokyo but the ovi downloadable maps for it are pretty much useless.

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