I just cannot do it, Nokia N8 is here to stay

Sorry folks, dark gray N8 is going, but orange N8 is coming!OK everyone, sorry for that post yesterday. There are probably people that will now think I belong in a mental institution or something after reading this post below and maybe they are right. I understand that I may lose readers too, but you have to admit I do wear my heart on my sleeve and am not afraid to write exactly what I am thinking.  I admit to having an addiction to smartphones, but isn’t that better than drugs or alcohol?

I have been spending a LOT of time recently with Windows Phone 7 and was caught up in the shock and awe of a beautiful and fluid new mobile operating system. After my post yesterday, I received a lot of comments and response on Twitter regarding my thoughts on the N8 so I placed my SIM back in the device and spent several more hours with it last night and this morning to see if I truly could give it up.

First off, the dark gray N8 may still be getting returned. However, it would be replaced with an orange Nokia N8 from Nokia USA since they are now in stock. Chrome crashed on me several times after hitting the submit order button though and now I cannot order one because I tried too many times. Even though I will explain why I am keeping the N8 below, I am still very unhappy with the Nokia USA store experience and recommend you try other places first if you can. Unfortunately, the orange N8 is not available on Amazon, Newegg, or Dell or I would be all over that and will keep trying for a couple more days. Maybe I will give away my dark gray N8 here on Nokia Experts if I can get an orange one for myself, how does that sound?

I thought I could give up the N8 (and maybe even give up on Nokia Experts), but after testing it out some more I just cannot do it and need a Nokia N8 in my life. Here are some thoughts on why I changed my mind (yet again):

  • Nokia Messaging: I don’t know if the Nokia Messaging folks checked into my account as a result of my post or Tweet, but early this morning my email (through my Gmail account) all came back into sync without having to delete and setup my account (I did this twice before to try to clear things up). If I cannot rely on my email then a device is pretty worthless and may actually give Profimail a shot if Nokia Messaging acts up again.
  • Fonts: Yeah, they aren’t great, but after some comments and Google searching it looks like you can change the system fonts. Any recommendations on good fonts to use? I understand the new operating systems are better looking, but realize it isn’t all about looks.
  • Keyboard: I do think the process of using the keyboard is a bit awkward and really do want a better portrait experience, but Swype helps a lot and the landscape keyboard is decent with proper settings so I can live with it.
  • Web browser: The default one is not great, but you can use Opera Mobile or Opera Mini and with a proper setting you can actually change the system browser to Opera Mobile so I can use that until Nokia provides the updated one they promised for the N8.
  • Angry Birds: The full version of Angry Birds just appeared on the Ovi Store, need I say more?
  • Camera ROCKS: I know I could buy a cheaper point and shoot camera with capabilities similar to the Nokia N8, but my phone is ALWAYS with me and cameras are not. It is a simple fact that I would rather have a decent to great camera phone than a superb camera and I am not going to change how I roll here. I captured some video of my daughter playing soccer with the zoom feature working with video on the N8 and compared that to the new Samsung Focus zoomed in and there really is no comparison. The N8 camera is the best and as a father of three daughters I want the best with me.
  • Phone functionality: It seems today that reviewers rarely talk about the phone part of a smartphone, but I have to say this part is very strong on the Nokia N8. The quality of reception, phone call clarity, easy custom ringtones, and smart dialing are all features I just cannot give up. The majority of people still use their phones for calls and we just cannot overlook this basic functionality.
  • Tethering via WiFi: Neither the G2 Android device or any Windows Phone 7 devices I was thinking of buying support WiFi hotspot tethering at this time. Thanks to a cheap one-time cost I have JoikuSpot service up the Internet to my iPad and other devices on the Nokia N8. This may seem trivial, until you find the need for Internet access on the go and always have it thanks to Nokia and JoikuSpot.
  • UI is not everything: The Symbian^3 UI is not as smooth and flashy as the latest Android, iOS, and Windows Phone 7 user interfaces, but honestly the multi-tasking and core functionality is better on the N8. Windows Phone 7 has no real multi-tasking so using something like a Twitter client is an exercise in frustration. There is also a lot of swiping and scrolling in Windows Phone 7 and I personally like the ability to customize the folder structure and get quick one or two tap access to the apps I want to use on the N8.
  • App story is not that bad: I did a bit more side-by-side comparison of apps I have loaded on the N8 versus other platforms and while there are some key apps I want to see on the N8 (Kindle or Nook, Netflix, Google Voice), they honestly are not “killer” apps that I really need and must have all the time. The ability to use my Zune Pass music (now easy to sync through Ovi Sync thanks to a commenter), view Amazon Video On Demand movies, play Angry Birds and other decent games, use SugarSync, use Quickoffice, use Endomondo for running, use Ovi Maps no matter where I travel around the world, communicate through Gravity, and more is all good and I am kidding myself really if I think I need more than that.
I am NOT saying that the Nokia N8 is perfect, but after further review of other devices I realize that NONE of them are and I should give Nokia and the N8 as much of a chance as I do for other platforms. I see that Stephen Elop is already making bold decisions and I am actually much more excited about Nokia’s future than I was if they had continued on with their path of confusion and changing strategies.

So, the bottom line is that the dark gray N8 is going back, but an orange one is on the way. I will proceed with creating my FULL review of the Nokia N8 and plan to post it before the end of the month. As I told others who left comments on my posts, please do NOT make purchase decisions based on a single point of view. Read all you can about a device if you cannot get your hands on one yourself. I read a couple very negative reviews of the N8 yesterday and they may have influenced my take on the N8, along with using Windows Phone 7 devices with flashy user elements. While the new WP7 is cool, my N8 is much more pocketable, the hardware is much better quality, and I am pleased with its customizability and more.


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October 22, 2010

I for one think it is great you are so open about your purchase decisions.

Anyway looking forward to all your N8 content.

October 22, 2010

Excellent news, Matthew, and nice post! Thank you for touching on the basic functionalities of the N8. I’m really excited about the Qt announcement and look forward to its impact on future Symbian updates. Btw, is the dark grey variety a fingerprint/dust magnet?

October 22, 2010

Understand completely. I have the n900, then bought the Nexus One, had it for a while and thought it was the perfect phone.. I guess the initial wow factor wore off. Long story short, I’m back on the n900, awaiting the new meego world. I don’t know what it is about Nokia, they have so much potential, you know they have the talent, the money etc. Hopefully the n9 is everything we’ve been waiting for. Might do the e7 to hold me over ;)

October 22, 2010

Thanks for being so open about the process. I have been going back and forth about getting the N8 (it is a lot of money) to upgrade from my blackberry (don’t like iOS and Android) and an older Nokia (E50). Really look forward to your review now!

October 22, 2010

i have the same trouble with the Nokiausa site…Horrid. now i’ll buy the n8 somehow

October 22, 2010

Excellent decision – you had me worried there for a minute! – I rely on you as the voice of smartphone reason from across the pond.

October 22, 2010

haha awesome! after yesterdays announcements it more than solidifies my decision to stick with this phone! i love avatar which uses multitouch game play, and rest of the games. hell uv a lot of fun…the keyboard and browser fix are also coming shortly so cannto wait

Robert Najafabadi
October 22, 2010

If you don’t want the gray one I will take it no problem.

October 22, 2010

I am a long time reader. It actually sounded like you were making excuses for functionalities of the device. Your other post talked about how the keyboard was way below average. Now you can live with it? The browser was bad and they should have updated it, but now your response is just to install Opera? You are right. The UI isn’t everything. I enjoyed the power of my N95 8GB and the in depth settings of the device. Most of that is available to access on a Nexus One, for example. I always thought that the UI shouldn’t make or break a device, but now I see otherwise. The ability to make folders is a huge plus. It helps with organization just like on a desktop machine. But there are some things Nokia is failing at. Instead of calling them out on it, you are making excuses. I also enjoyed Ricky Cadden’s comment on your post. Would he be shocked that you changed your mind?

Matthew Miller
October 22, 2010

@Matt Yeah, you may be right, but after using the N8 I just cannot give it up. I may be making excuses and I am sure some will say I am an idiot for not sticking it back to Nokia. Ricky may think I am crazy and never want to have a beer with me, but I also think he can relate to a love-hate relationship we have with Nokia too.

The phone you use is a personal decision and I am not telling anyone what device is best for them or what they need to get. I am just laying out my feelings, experiences, and thoughts for all to read.

October 22, 2010

One important thing to take into account is also the announcement of yesterday: Nokia is dropping S^3 and S^4 branding and will be providing incremental updates, more on this on conversations here: http://tinyurl.com/37elfzb

we will no longer be talking about Symbian^3 or Symbian^4 at all – it will be one constantly evolving and constantly improving platform.
October 22, 2010

ops.. i missed the allaboutsymbian link saying the continuous update stuff for symbian :-)

October 22, 2010

Hi Matthew, I’ve got to admit that I was shocked yesterday with your post. But I really like that you are being open with your thoughts. I think blogs are supposed to provide a forum for thoughts no matter which way they go…so thanks.

On to some of your points, there is a Netflix app for symbian (though no streaming yet)

If you disable javascript in the browser settings, pages load and render so much faster. Just try it with engadget for example. You will lose some functionality but one can toggle it off and on at will so…

If you really wanted to you could bookmark the google voice mobile page and you that. It works fine. Google integration on other manufacturers phones will never be as integregated as an Android experience.

One last thing. I went to the Engadget meet up last night in NYC and asked some questions and played with some devices. Love the E7! Anyways, spoke to the Ovi guys and they are really working on the partnerships to get content on the Ovi store. Nokia in the US was not allowed to bring in the CNN and E web tv apps for example. So things are brewing, fingers crossed. I would love an e-book reader of any sort.

Oh yeah, there was a green N8 there, I hope you’ve seen it in person, um not my first choice.

October 22, 2010


I want to thank you for all the good information you post on this site.

Sometimes a device can be frustrating and I understand the gmail synchronization was pissing you off yesterday so I understand you wanted to return the N8.

Nokia should be proud about your work, you also went to Nokia World this year, they should have gave you an N8 for free (like they gave for developers) for all your work here at NE. Will you get the C7 to review it?

Even if you said you wanted to return N8, I was this morning, before reading you changed your mind, to order a N8. I have a N95 and even if it is not a perfect device, I am glad I skipped N97 to enjoy the new starting point N8 with Symbian^3 having Qt pre-installed.

With the yesterday announcement Nokia will support Symbian with updates of the UI, there will not be a Symbian^4 anymore, all the updates will be available for Symbian^3 – this is great news!

October 22, 2010

Matt, I want to tell you you are a very talented technical writer and tech-video maker. Your videos are just wonderful.

Talking about ordering a N8.

Did you check [[Google Shopping]] they have N8 green on the range of ($443 – $454) which is much less than Nokia Store and even Amazon:


What do you think? Is this a good deal (around $450)?

October 22, 2010

I miss the hell out of my Nokia E71, and I would love nothing more to own an N8. It’s a bloody shame that T-Mobile and AT&T are so terrible in my area, because I’m not sure we’ll ever see the day a Nokia smartphone comes to Verizon (though I have hopes following the LTE switch).

October 22, 2010

Nice you’re back. You will see, the N8 is growing on you. Of course there are things that need to be improved, but they will be addressed or they can be avoided, with a little care. - for Gmail use IMAP instead of Nokia Messaging; works beautifully without any syncing issues (tip don’t accept terms and conditions of NM when setting the account; read AAS for details as you pointed in your last post) - the keyboard is going to be improved; support for overlay keyboard is already present: see search in Maps; we can argue what’s better when writing an email: an overlay keyboard with one line edit text, or a fullscreen keyboard with a multiline textarea - the new web browser is on the way; and until then you can still use 3rd party browsers as you already said - fonts… ok, there is space for improvements there; but for some bad fonts you wanted to give up the great camera and the multitasking (to take just 2 things) for a flashy font in Windows Phone 7???

Harry Hymes
October 22, 2010

“The quality of reception, phone call clarity, easy custom ringtones, and smart dialing are all features I just cannot give up.” And Nokia’s Ovi Suite? To be able to send text messages from the computer, to install apps from the computer without issues, to sync the text messages with the computer? To use the phone as a modem anywher, using Bluetooth, without any issues?! Nobody writes about these features? Almost a year ago, I bought on the same day an iPhone 3GS to be my first phone and a Nokia N97 mini to be the phone to be used with my secondary SIM. In less than 3 weeks, I was using the Nokia (and still am) as my main phone. The iPhone is a nice PDA with multimedia capabilities that can also be used to make phone calls, the Nokia is everything a cell phone should be and also has some decent multimedia features. I for one cannot live without a decent phone. Having tried some 10 Android models, including the Desire, and all the iPhones until now (and carrying one with me with more than 300 apps on it), I still cannot live without a Nokia. I’ve read the reviews, including the Endagadget and the PC Magazine ones, and I simply cannot, for the life of me, understand the issues being raised. But I probably just live in another planet…

October 22, 2010

I am glad to hear that you are back with symbian. After years with the BlackBerry, I just bought my first symbian device, the E73, a few months ago. I was really frustrated at first, but it grew on me. The transition experience reminded me of moving to a new city. I found it hard to enjoy what the new place had to offer until I stopped looking for the things that I enjoyed in the old place.

Once I learned to stop thinking of it like my BlackBerry, I could appreciate it for what it was.

October 22, 2010

Glad to hear you’re sticking with the N8! I’ve been watching this phone since its announcement and have been very excited when it was finally available for pre-order. I’m getting one in the next few days. Your post yesterday, really made me think about that purchase, but when I looked at the reasons why you were giving it up and looked at what I truly cared about and why I chose the phone in the first place, I realized that those weren’t enough to give up on it. Finally Nokia’s announcement about how they will handle future symbian updates really encouraged me to stick with my choice.

October 22, 2010

I just ordered mine from Dell earlier this week. The 10% off coupon worked on it with free 1 day shipping. I wanted the silver one so I had to wait a little. Whats another few days after about 8 months :)

October 22, 2010

Matthew, after reading your previous post I feared the worst: like coming back and being confronted with the banner “Nokia Experts Is Over”. I’m glad you are still here!

October 22, 2010

Hey! I’m actually a fairly new reader to your blog (ever since the N8 was announced I enjoyed checking back here to read your thoughts) and yesterday was pretty shocking! I’m glad to know that we can still expect your honest opinions regarding this and future Nokia devices. Now that Rogers (in Canada) will be carrying the N8, I’m pretty excited to get my hands on one and try it out! Just wanted to thank you for your time and the obvious effort you put into this site. -Alex

October 23, 2010

glad you changed your mind. dont worry so much on the ui as there are plenty of themes for symbian^3 that can be downloaded and are also free. n8 is a very good phone to buy especially now that nokia has announced that it can be upgraded to symbian^4 so problems regarding ui will definitely be gone. and since n8 is nokia’s flagship phone now, considering n8′s hype and increasing number of people buying it, nokia will definitely make more improvements and software updates. im really getting this phone today.

October 23, 2010

Matt, this reminds me of Kev Wright and is Iphone saga(to a lesser degree), but great to see you now can see with a bit of work it is a great device just like @AAS have been saying all along.

With SPB Mobile Shell I dont think we need worry about the UI anymore as I am sure you will agree, with it supporting Nokia Widgets now there is no reason other than price not to use it?

October 23, 2010

glad to see you are back on the way. i decided to get a N8 since it was 1st introduced. however, i have no idea about its good and bad points. reading many articles, i found that there were so many haters (i suppose) and many bad points about N8.

when i 1st saw your post on N8, it inspired me a lot and all those bad things i had read went away. it’s good to have some1 to guide through a new thing, N8 is completely new to me :D your previous post is a lil shock but it’s so true about what is bad things about N8. However, i do like symbian than ios, android … because it’s so friendly in some ways :D having seen your video about N8, it inspired me again.

i did pre-order a silver n8 in my area about 2 weeks ago. they say it might come out later this month or early next month so i gonna have 1. could you make a post showing how to fix some bad things you have listed above, it would be great, such as changing font.

looking forward to see more pictures and videos about n8. please show me how you find your way with N8.

(using Nokia E63, previous phone was Nokia 5130, Nokia User :D )

October 23, 2010

Wow Matthew,

I did read Your post yesterday and decided I answer to You today but here we go again….

I keep reading You and support You on Your “addiction” ..

Here a couple nice widgets…

Batterylife http://www.mediafire.com/?ukms1wx2m2wxb3n

Coming next http://sourceforge.net/projects/comingnext/

Calendar Outlook http://sourceforge.net/projects/calendaroutlook/

ErgosMemoryInfo 2.1 http://www.matkapuhelininfo.com/attachments/f44/4571d1287445416-symbian-3-sovellukset-ergosmemoryinfo_v2.1.zip


October 23, 2010

Same problem with nokiausa.com as well… Since my pre-order in August I have placed the order 5 times, each time canceled. 2 out of the 5 my credit card company declined it.. The other 3 my credit card company auth’d but Nokia refused the order…. I have regressed to a 13-yr old boy having temper tamtrums on the phone with Nokia and began screaming at the top of my lungs on the phone to customer service in my office… Once again I am banned from placing orders due to their crappy system… I am totally in shock. In my line of work (TMZ) I need a good camera on me at all times so I’m hanging in there but I must admit I am really f*n loosing it. I mean I’m going bat **** crazy

October 23, 2010

Memoryinfo update 2.2


Nokia internet radio works too but some interference with multitasking…


October 23, 2010

@Matthew Miller: i have got confirmation of my pre-order silver n8, can’t wait till you produce a full guide of N8.

October 23, 2010

If you want to change the font, use Flipfont you can find it in ovi store. but it only has limited no. of fonts. but if you want to use all the fonts (ttf) in the net, use Fontrouterman. a little harder to use that Flipfont but hey you can use ANY ttf out there. you can search it in google on where and how to install it.

October 23, 2010

You can go to this site if you want to try some themes.


October 24, 2010

Hi Matthew,

I’m new to your blog, but I’m lovin’ it. Really great write ups imo. I’ve just recently purchased a N8, myself. So, I was wondering it you don’t mind and of course time permitting, if would you post your top twenty widgets thus far? Thank you, I would appreciate it.

October 24, 2010

As owner of a Nokia N97, I feel myself that I have been victim of scam perpetrated by Nokia. Dumb I. All issues of the telephone have already been written in blogs so I won’t spend time on this.

Major lesson I learned: Never buy a smartphone without spending a week or so with it.

If N97 is that piece of ****, it looks like Android, Win7 or Iphone are not that better… All of them have their annoyances, I read everywhere.

Thank to this blog, I already know the N8 will not be mine anytime soon. Too “N97-ish” for my personnal taste. Same issues, unfixed.

October 24, 2010

I am not sure about the N8. I am from the UK.

I love the hardware but the UI and software are a big letdown IMO. This phone MIGHT be great once all the updates are released, however, and IMO, it shouldn’t have been released yet.

I got my N8 yesterday and I have had 12 crashes since then. They are random, happen during all of these events: Browsing music, photos, web browser, playing a downloaded game from Ovi store. I cannot repeat them on demand but the phone will freeze and then reboot itself.

Have done soft and hard reset. Hard reset un-installed Ovi Maps and Ovi Store plus the built-in widgets like CNN, NatGeo and BBC iPlayer. The Ovi Store will no reinstall no matter what and turns out it will need to be sent to Nokia for installation. This is pathetic.

No Sim installed, Using Wi-fi, Looked for software update but none available. Network 3UK.

Phone is being returned under their 14-day money back guarantee. They are sending me out a new one but if that one behaves like this that too will go back.

First impressions on the phone.

Well built hardware. I like the camera and music player. The web browser is like the old N95 and E71 I have and is rubbish. Waiting for the new release in December. Text flow in zoom doesn’t exist which is a problem. The keyboard entry taking up the whole screen in lousy.

The menu icons can’t be rearranged by alphabetical order. If I wanted to do that – I have to manually move them to their location – a hangup from old Symbian. Creating menu items or moving icons to a new folder is fiddly and like the old keypad based phones. Not good enough IMO.

Friend-stream for Twitter or Facebook on the home screen like HTC Desire doesn’t exist and the installed app is rubbish as you have to either a)go down one by one on the home screen to view the posts or b)open the app to view them all (or c)install Gravity for £8). The Twitter options are very limited i.e. no retweet or post pics.

The software is pretty much like my E71 and there are too many menu options to go through to do basic stuff e.g. to exit an application you have to bring up the menu, then options, then scroll down and then hit exit. Easily done, but taking up time and presses that shouldn’t be needed. Exit option could be shown on the menu but on most of the apps it is just one line below the last one shown so one has to scroll to get to it. Why not enlarge the menu size?

Some items are hidden or placed in illogical places. For example, SIP settings on the old Symbian devices used to be under Menu> Settings >Connection. Now they are located under Menu> Settings > Phone > Admin. Why? Another, to turn off haptic touch feedback you have to change the profile settings for all profiles and not a universal setting. Again, why?

All in all I wanted to really like this phone but I don’t.

Mike Branscum
October 24, 2010

My question would be, “did someone from Nokia get to hum after the post and in someway “encourage” him to reconsider his opinion?”

It just sounds very funny that he would make such a radical reconsideration of his opinion so quickly!

[...] The Nokia N8 is here to stay [...]

[...] The Nokia N8 is here to stay [...]

[...] The Nokia N8 is here to stay [...]

October 25, 2010

Matt, have you reviewed SPB Shell for the N8? It looks to improve the UI significantly, but I never hear anyone talking about it.I am asking you because you mentioned Opera,and I found that in my research also.Its not cheap though. I really am leaning towards buying this phone.Also why is it that no reviewers are mentioning the fact that Symbian phones should be able to take advantage of the new upcoming MeeGo platform through updates,or am I reading this wrong?

October 25, 2010

(Mike Branscum October 24, 2010

My question would be, “did someone from Nokia get to hum after the post and in someway “encourage” him to reconsider his opinion?”

It just sounds very funny that he would make such a radical reconsideration of his opinion so quickly!)

To be honest Mike this doesn’t bother me.This would be my first smartphone,and to be honest, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that there is a whole lot of “encouraging” going on in this segment.I believe Matt,because I, and I believe a lot of others have been to the point of buying, then not buying, then buying again.I like the phone enough to want to purchase it if I can have options to improve what is weak. Unlocked = freedom.

[...] The Nokia N8 is here to stay [...]

[...] The Nokia N8 is here to stay [...]

Matthew Miller
October 25, 2010

@Mike Branscum, if you believe that someone could “get to me” and sway my personal opinion then you are not a regular reader and have no clue about who I am. If you feel this way, then you probably don’t want to read the site anymore since you don’t think I can be trusted.

I do this site for free (Dieter does buy me a device or two a couple times a year) and write it because I am passionate about Nokia. No one pays me to say things or sways my personal opinion and if you read through the archives you will see that I am as hard on Nokia as anyone and am not a sell out or company stooge.

October 25, 2010

O.K. Matt I got that and would have figured as much..but could you please sir answer the questions on the SPB product? Also will this product be able to take advantage of MeeGo through updates? Thank You.

October 25, 2010

Just got one, the Nokia N8 is really perfect! I bought it in an online store and the service is good.

October 25, 2010

Matthew, Still hoping to find out more about Adobe Flas capabilities with the N8. Could you review some sites (such as Dailyshow.com/FullEpisodes) and let us know if N8 can play the Flash Video there? Other sites would CNN video and others. If N8 can’t do Flash video, no sense in me purchasing. Thanks and keep up the good work

October 26, 2010

hi Leo,i have visit the website,do they sell original apple iphone? PLS help, i need to buy one urgently! thank you!

October 26, 2010

You can go to visit this website: http://www.elecselling.com My friends and i have bought some products from their website,both their quality and price are amazing!

October 26, 2010

Hi Aardia,ya i have bought one N8 from the website,it is original.For iphones, i am not sure, but they said they only supply original products.

October 26, 2010

Hi. I just wanted to say a big thank you, after downloading the software it was one easy click of a button and my Iphone was unlocked. I am now able to use it on any network. Thanks and keep up the good work cheap iphone unlocked iphone nice iphone

October 29, 2010

after my NOkiaUsa debacle i have finally purchased an N8. It’s on the UPS truck thanks to Amazon. I am sure Nokia as lost lots of sales. That site and telephone service is very very poor. I am looking forward to resting my N900 for awhile and playing with the N8. Thanks for an excellent site.

October 30, 2010

So do you have to do that swipe across the screen to answer calls? also whats the keyboard in portrait going to be like long term, you say its awkward, can you expand on that statement?

[...] The Nokia N8 is here to stay [...]

November 10, 2010

Thank you for this post because I really was a little embarrassed when I read your previous post, I recently “discovered” this blog like few weeks ago and i was happy to follow Nokia news and your posts, I even commented some of them, but “what if the Nokia guy give up!”… obviously I’m a Nokia fan even if my budget cant afford the N8 “now” but I’m happy with my Nokia 5230. (its not very powerful however it has nice GPS with turn by turn voice guidance, Google maps, opera mobile, opera mini, Nimbuzz, Skype and so on…)

Now I’m not getting disappointed by Nokia any more, anyway its your own decision if you want to “break up” with Nokia as a personal device, but keep writing about it “please” ;)

November 19, 2010

Nice to see some meaningful thought and reflection. Too often in Nokias case people are inclined to bash everything knowing full well, No phone on the market can deliver it or even has equivalent features to make a direct comparison between phones. To a lesser degree we all have these with our Computers why so harsh on Phones? Anyway Thank you for your honesty and courage to post this. Others could take a “page from your book “

December 21, 2010

Hey I don’t blame you Matthew! I just got a new N8 and it is being used more than my iPhone 4 which I love but as a phone the Nokia N8 beats the iPhone any day, The iphone is a great device for games but the N8 is beating it in every other way ecept gaming, I just can’t get over how awesome Swype is on this phone, texting and blogging is so much faster and easier. I do love my iPhone and it is always with me but the N8 Rocks, and as for my Blackberry Bold 9700 it is sitting in the dark drawer.

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September 23, 2011

Hi guys,. Nokia N8 is very nice set with awesome specification,.I love to use it,.

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