Firefox Mobile for N900 full release 1.0 now available and much faster

Firefox Mobile for N900 full release 1.0 now available and much faster

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the latest Release Candidate 2 of Firefox Mobile for Nokia N900 owners and installed it on my N900. It was faster than the previous version, that was very slow and unusable, but I did not use it that often. On 28 January, Mozilla released Firefox for Nokia N900 v.1.0 so I just downloaded it this morning.

As mentioned in the recent RC3 update post, Flash support was pulled out of the Firefox browser to improve performance.

We’ve decided to disable plugin (not to be confused with add-ons, which are supported) support for this release. The Adobe Flash plugin used on many sites degraded the performance of the browser to the point where it didn’t meet our standards. If you wish to enable our experimental plugin support, you will be able to manually via about:config, but do so at your own risk. We are working on an add-on that will allow the user to have control of which sites to enable plugins for, as some sites, like YouTube, do work quite well.

While Flash support is no longer supported in the final release, add-ons are quite compelling and there is one for YouTube called YouTube enabler. As stated above, you do still have the option to enable the Flash plugin (check out this post for specific instructions) if you desire and you can still get Flash support in the default microB browser loaded on the N900 if you want to visit Flash-based sites. Other than YouTube, Flash is really not much of a concern for me so I now plan to use the N900 as my primary browser on the N900.

As stated on the Mozilla site, these are the features of the Firefox browser:

  • Awesome Bar – Go to your favorite sites in just a couple of keystrokes with intelligent and personalized searching
  • Weave Sync – Sync your Firefox tabs, history, bookmarks and passwords between your desktop and mobile device for a seamless browsing experience
  • Add-ons – Customize your Firefox by adding small pieces of functionality, like games and news readers, that help make the mobile Web browser your own
  • Location-Aware Browsing – Get maps and information relevant to your location
  • Tabbed browsing – View open tabs as thumbnails to easily identify and select the Web page you’d like to go to next
  • Safe Browsing – Get an Instant Web Site ID and easily access and edit security settings
  • Available in more than 30 languages and counting

Visit in your N900 web browser to install the latest version.

There are currently over 40 Firefox mobile add-ons for the N900 and I personally have the following loaded on my device:

  • Weave
  • TwitterBar
  • Lazy Click
  • URL Fixer
  • Hold4Tab
  • YouTube Enabler
  • Google integrated search
  • Amazon integrated search
  • Twitter integrated search
  • Wikipedia integrated search

If you want the best web browser experience on a mobile phone, then the N900 is clearly the leader in this area and even has browsers better than the recently announced Apple iPad.


11 Comments to Firefox Mobile for N900 full release 1.0 now available and much faster

January 30, 2010

Hmmm, I’m confused. “Firefox for Nokia N900 v.1.0”. Is 1.0 an update to the version the N900s were shipped with?

January 30, 2010


Firefox Mobile is a completely separate application to the Mozilla based browser that is shipped with the N900.

I will be trying the final release of Firefox Mobile later, although I wasn’t at all impressed with the performance of RC2. The issues mentioned with Flash support also give the impression that this is still very much an incomplete product.

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January 31, 2010

I’ve been trying this all day yesterday. It’s just not good. Zooming is impossible, scrolling is very choppy and it crashes very oftem just to mention the worst.

the only thing that i like is the firefox logo, so I’ll keep the shortcut on my desktop, but I’ll stick with MicroB for the time being

January 31, 2010

I don’t have an n900 yet, but, I thought the mozilla based browser that shipped with the n900 was the bees knees!!! Is it outdated already, and this new browser is meant to be a replacement for what shipped with the n900? Or is this a browser they’ve developed for all different types of phones?

February 1, 2010

I’m curious… I understand not enabling flash by default, but they’re saying they want to come up with a way to only enable it for certain sites (like YouTube). Isn’t there already and add on (NoScript) that allows per-site blocking or allowing of Flash (and JScript for that matter)? Does that add on work with this version, since it’s an add-on and not a plug-in?

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February 4, 2010

I’m trying to re-enable flash, but I can’t figure out how to edit the about:config file. When I try to double tap to change the value, it just zooms in. And N900 Firefox doesn’t have a hover mode. So, how do you alter the about:config values??

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December 8, 2010

im traying to run my DVR-MPG4 device that monitoring my camera live from my N900 device browser or firefox mobile browser both are not runing the live streaming video (quicktime)

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