Fear not, coming months? Are you kidding me Nokia? Get Anna out TODAY!

Fear not, coming months? Are you kidding me Nokia? Get Anna out TODAY!The Nokia N8 was revealed back in April 2010 and released just in the nick of time in September 2010. Out of the box the browser was crippled and there was no portrait QWERTY keyboard, but we heard that a firmware update would be released in January 2011. Unfortunately, that was just the PR 1.1 update and was rather lame. We now see the release of the Nokia E6 and X7 with a statement at the end of the post, “And fear not Nokia N8, E7, C7 and C6 fans – Symbian Anna will be available for you in the coming months.”

Seriously, the coming months? So you expect people who paid a healthy chunk of cash for a decent smartphone with promised updates to get it where it should have been at launch to hold onto the device for about a year to get that update? We saw details of Anna revealed back in February and today we have the Nokia Astound, Nokia E6, and Nokia X7 all with Anna loaded out of the box. I can’t think of a rational reason why Nokia doesn’t get Anna out to existing and loyal Nokia owners of the N8, E7, C7, and C6. However, I can think of many reasons people will be jumping ship to go to other devices with treatment like this.

Granted, Anna is not a revolutionary update, but after using the Nokia Astound the QWERTY keyboard, much better email UI and appointment support, better browser, and more are enough to keep me using Symbian for several more months. My wife is ready to throw her blue N8 out the window though with constant proximity sensor failures, lockups, and no portrait QWERTY keyboard. I convinced her to get the N8 in large part because I told her Nokia would be providing an update soon. I am no longer going to tell her that and am going to start looking for a good Android device for her that she can count on.

It is lack of attention to the loyal Nokia customer that has me concerned about the future of Nokia and combined with what I have seen with Microsoft there is a lot that these companies are going to have to prove to me before I am completely sold out.


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May 31, 2011

Agreed… these constant waiting really pissed me off. I bought N8 because I feel that this will be one of those great last Symbian device before the WP transition, and all the promised updates really helped me with the decision to purchase one. But now the wait is killing me…

May 31, 2011

Ditto. I pre-ordered an N8 thinking it would make up for all the mistakes the N97 was. And it was, for awhile. Then the promises Nokia was making were keeping me from jumping ship. Matt, I feel your wife’s pain. My n8 has started rebooting and shutting down randomly for no reason at all. I’ve tried the 4-Button hard reset, reinstalled the firmware and everything else under the sun. The phone is absolutely horrible to use and honestly, I think I was just lying to myself the whole time I’ve had it. The N8 was supposed to bring back faith in Nokia for a lot of die-hards and fanboys but what Nokia has done is put the final nail in the coffin. I can’t use my F-ing phone because the software is just so bad. Don’t get me wrong, it’s full of features, but what good are they if the OS isn’t stable? Anna was suppose to fix a lot of issues but you’re right, people can only wait so long and in the “coming months” as Nokia says, I’ll have another reliable handset. WP7 anyone?

May 31, 2011

Ok, I’ll play devils advocate here. I agree with the update. I want it, and I want it now! While I’m at it, I want the Ovi Music Store here in the US. I’m tired of a splash screen that say’s coming soon. coming soon is soon, but that has been there for several months at least!

Now, back to devils advocate. I know many people with Android phones that don’t get updates very often, if at all. 2.2 has been out for a while now and gingerbread is coming out now or soon, and I know people who are still waiting on 2.2. I also know people that bought an phone by some fruit company and the reception on that phone is the worst! My daughter has one and we can drive around and I can talk and she is constantly loosing a signal and the call. And we are on the same network, so don’t give me the bull about it being AT&T. I’ll also make another point. I haven’t had one single Nokia phone stop working yet. I have an old mono-color screen with a slide out that still works, a couple of others that I have laying around that still work. I strayed from Nokia once and bought a Samsung and it stopped working 18 months into my contract with AT&T. What did I use as my backup? My old 6 year old nokia! Oh yeah, my first nokia I kept for 4 years, my second for 3 years, and my third for another 4 years. I generally buy a phone I like and keep it for a long time. I’m hoping the N8 is as long lasting as the others were! But the point is, all the other phones and companies have their problems too, and with all the ones Nokia has, I haven’t seen much better from the others!

Robert Najafabadi
May 31, 2011

It’s is not like the android updates are much better but if Apple can update phones fast then why can’t anyone but them do it right.

May 31, 2011

i am a owner of a n8 and the only reason i didn’t sell my phone when nokia announce they will be droping symbian was be cause of the updates that were to come and qt. i really wanted to see what the potential of the phone could be but i consider this another slap in the face by nokia. i should have just sold the phone back then

June 1, 2011

I convinced a few friends to buy Nokia N8 & paid $600 for it back in November, telling them qwert keyboard & new browser with 50+ features is comming in january 2011 with symbian ^4 in mid 2011. It’s mid 2011 & still no Anna.
I’ve stopped recommending Nokia to friends. Convinced my father not to buy C7 instead go to the xperia x10.

Bas Heetebrij
June 1, 2011

I totally agree, Matt. It is extremely disappointing to see this after throwing down 500 euros for an N8, based on the promised updates. I thought Nokia would keep true to its word. They haven’t.

I have stopped using and recommending Nokia. I don’t foresee myself buying a Nokia phone for at least 2 years. This is no way to treat loyal customers.

When I hear that Nokia’s results for Q2 are poor, I can’t help but wonder whether the complete lack of excitement around their current product line-up has something to do with it. If they updated Symbian^3 as planned, I think it could be very decent smartphone and there could still be some buzz.

Justa Notherguy
June 1, 2011

Nokia owners, wow. You guys never learn.

They’ve been jerking you around for, what, four or five years? Always loads of promises and happy talk, but little to nothing by way of actual delivery when it comes to “the goods”.

NOW you decide to play rough? Sorry to say but this amazing instance of spontaneous spine sprouting en masse is (much like the Windows Phone deal) too little, too late.

No offense intended; I’m only supplying a bit of tough love, so Nokia’s earnest fans won’t needlessly suffer through this public relations nonsense for a further three quarters.

Don’t shoot the messenger. :-)

June 1, 2011

Nokia isn’t a trusted brand anymore .
Do they know where they stand ?
do they know know on daily bases how much market share they r loosing ?
for how long shall we keep defending ?

June 1, 2011

Strange, never had any Problems wih my N8. Everything works absolutely fine. You guys seem to have problems..
By the way i’m having PR 1.2 and 014.002 dated 2011-03-01. And there are regular update, maybe not with your carriers, but there are. These days there will be the new OVI Store for example, with an integrated update function, which not even Android has up to now.

June 1, 2011

I don’t like nokia anymore. I’m waiting over three months for this 50+ improvement update. Paying for n8 was my biggest mistake afterall. Tell which phone now a days do not have a potrait qwerty. Goddamn nokia, i’m going for android but still feeling sorry for spending that much money in vain. Not to talk about the browser horrible(fails frequently…)!! We’ve been seeing that updated browser for ages now but still no official update!! Why nokia? Why r u doing this?

June 1, 2011

Well said Matt.

Although the N8 was a major improvement from the abysmal N97 (which made Nokia lose so many of its fans), it still lags behind other phones. Simple things like portrait QWERTY keyboard and a split screen to see WHERE you are writing should be show stoppers. The phone should not have been released without such features. And it’s a shame given the whole migration to Windows that such an update is taking too long.

June 1, 2011

what is the fuss ,love me n8 aint gonna bin it ,symbian or no , least i get good connections,most places i go,not like other makes

June 1, 2011

We want symbian Anna update Mr. Elop not Windows Phone…!!

June 1, 2011

We want symbian Anna udapte!!! and all improvements necessarys, we paid for that
All nokia symbian3 pr1,1 users should send mails to nokia asking for update!!!
ill do now!!

Christopher DeVine
June 1, 2011

I don’t have the internet on my phone, I just got the N8 to have a good quality, reliable camera on me at all times. I’ve been very happy with the video recording quality as well. Portrait qwerty will be nice, but I can totally wait. It is unfortunate that I can’t recommend this phone to anyone expecting to live on the internet like on an android or iphone. I’ve got to say I wouldn’t be surprised if the update was pushed back even further, sad Nokia

amrinder singh
June 1, 2011

m a great fan of nokia. alwyz love this phone maker. but when i see my n8, i’m wrong. m wating for a good update from december, 2010. after that i heard about anna is realing in starting of q1 of 2011. bt not available, then moved to march. again noting comes in my hand. then heard in may, mid-june, last of june & now for coming months.
i can’t expect this.
now i can say only one thing, symbian shows the world what are the smartphones, but nokia trying only in making bettet window phones & not caring about symbian, then nokia is going to junkyards.
the company who running without caring about its feet, that’ll surely going to it’s 21-12-2012(it’s end)
m not saying that i’ll leave nokia’s symbian, i promise that n8 is my huge mistake that i buy it & i promise this mistake will never happens again.
bye bye nokia-symbian

Mitchell Leitman
June 1, 2011

I too decided to get rid of my n8. I just picked up a Google Nexus S. I just couldn’t live with all the self booting, freezing and general bugginess of it. Here’s hoping that Google a better job keeping, their device up to date and bug free.

June 2, 2011

I really have no issues with my N8. It’s reliable, never breaks as others mention, great battery life, and of course the best camera around.

Why don’t I have these issues? My guess is because I have no apps for it. Since getting my first iPad I see no need for apps on a tiny 3″ – 4″ screen when I get the same apps on the iPad and it is almost always with me.

Does that mean the N8 is perfect? Yes and no. Yes because if you leave it alone and don’t load anything it runs great. But in today’s world people get phones for the apps so if you start loading apps on the N8 and it craps out what good is it?

It is my hopes for the rest of the N8 world that Anna will make a N8 loaded with apps more stable. Personally all I want from it is the portrait keyboard but I can live without that for now….

June 2, 2011

I really do not get Nokia at all. The CEO just said that he wants Nokia to listen more to its consumers. It still ain’t listening. It seems to be a bunch of B.S. coming out of the CEO’s mouth…makes me wonder if he ever has to actually take a normal $h!t.

Ronald La Joie
June 2, 2011

Nokia is making great money and is still going up as a cash cow,Only a fool will sell there stock,I took this as a fantastic buying deal,What do you think,Looking for your feed back,I did buy 25,000 units.


June 3, 2011

FYI, I emailed nokia and asked when Anna would be released to N8 customers, and when Ovi Music store would be available in the US. I expressed my displeasure with them, and closed by asking again, can you please tell me when both might be available. I got a wonderful reply from them about 3 days later informing me that Anna was not yet available and that the Ovi Music Store was not available in the US. REALLY? I had NO idea! I guess as a big company they can’t take the time to actually read an email or answer the question. I hate it when I ask my child or my employee’s a question and they give me the run around or simply don’t answer the question, and I hate it even more when as a loyal customer I ask a company that and they ignore the question, choose simply not to answer. I don’t know about many of you, but in the US no carriers carry the N8, and so I had to buy it unlocked, which I was happy about, but which also meant I had to shell out about 4 times as much as I would have for other phones, and about 8 times as much as I would have shelled out to get an iPhone 3GS. As a single parent, I didn’t have the luxery of going out and dropping $400 the first day the phone was released. I saved for 6 months before I bought it. I’m not totally unhappy with my phone, but it’s not thrilling me either, and I’m not feeling any love from Nokia. I think I made a mistake. I hope you read this Nokia and realize that it’s not the Symbian OS that is causing Nokia to lose market share!

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June 5, 2011

The real question is – why the hell does this surprise you? This is NOKIA, for crying out loud. Haven’t you learned NEVER to believe Nokia yet on software updates? What’s the matter with you? You should know better than this, Mr. Nokia Expert. When Nokia says something is coming, it means it never is. I learned that in 2004. And here we are 7 years later, and “Experts” are still coming out of the woodwork to go, “whaaaaaaaa? nokia not keeping its word?????”

It’s 2011. You should know by now that “coming soon” means “buy a new phone with a new set of bugs”. This has been Nokia’s modus operandi since at least 2004, at least since the 6600, if not earlier.

[…] Fear not, coming months? Are you kidding me Nokia? Get Anna out TODAY! […]

[…] Fear not, coming months? Are you kidding me Nokia? Get Anna out TODAY! […]

[…] Fear not, coming months? Are you kidding me Nokia? Get Anna out TODAY! […]

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[…] Fear not, coming months? Are you kidding me Nokia? Get Anna out TODAY! […]

[…] Fear not, coming months? Are you kidding me Nokia? Get Anna out TODAY! […]

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[…] Fear not, coming months? Are you kidding me Nokia? Get Anna out TODAY! […]

[…] Fear not, coming months? Are you kidding me Nokia? Get Anna out TODAY! […]

[…] Fear not, coming months? Are you kidding me Nokia? Get Anna out TODAY! […]

June 6, 2011

I agree with everything that is written in this article.
i have read the article even though I am no longer a Nokia user, i just want to keep updated.
I completely turned my back at Nokia after having had so many problems with the Nokia N97 which was a great phone on its own, but completely lost it after making a software update from Nokia website. Cost me $150 to have it repaired and it is now Sim locked and nobody seems to know how to repair it.
I had written so many emails to Nokia support for so many problems i had during the 15 years of my using Nokia (15 different phones) and never got an answer from them, at least not helpful at all.
i have been so disappointed by Nokia that I left them for BlackBerry.

June 6, 2011

I am agree with many of the statements. I have been trying to hang on and wait, and hope. But I am losing my faith.

My Black N8 was purchased with the original OS and I have installed PR1.1 and PR1.2. My big issue is the proximity sensor and hanging up on people. But my camera freezes. Just started in the last week, the Battery drains in less than a day.

It seems the phone is slowly working its way into the grave. And I am sad, As I like the phone. But the functionality is a pain.

It has been a disappointment. And for stock. Nokia would be foolish not to sell the mobile unit to Microsoft, as Nokia has burned many bridges and everyone remembers only one success but failures will be remembered for eternity.

And I know all phones have their problems, and where to change, Android, has it’s issues, IOS has issues, BB has similar issues as Nokia, and WP7 has many issues. so what to do. Will try to hold out.

But most of the new phones are coming in August and early September. If Nokia has not gotten its act together, Because I do not see the issue as the Anna/PR2.0 is on 3 phone now so how hard to compile for another phone or two.

N8, E72, 6700, E65

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June 8, 2011

No offense, but if you didn’t learn from the mistake that was the N97 – the phone that single handedly destroyed Nokia – I have several bridges in New York I’d like to sell you.

I made a solid executive decision after the N97 – the only Nokia phone I’d EVER USE EVER AGAIN they would have to buy for me – and not on contract or anything.

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June 11, 2011

I’ve always had an eye on the N8, and the E7 for fun but obviously could never go try them in the USa. Now that im visiting Turkey and found an actual nokia store by chance in a mall i went and messed with the n8 and e7. I think I really would buy an N8 if/when Anna comes out. but heres my question, what exactly was the promise from nokia (citation or provide link or something please) and do others in the industry really update their phones more promptly? im not trying to pick a side or defend anything, i just honestly dont know how this compares to others out there. im trying to see through the same frustrated comments about bugs and restarting and all this stuff that you may see anywhere with any smartphone…

June 14, 2011

I agree. I paid full price for my N8 and I want my update as soon as possible.

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Mark Weiner
June 15, 2011

Wow! I had considered an N8 because of the camera, but, now, I’m happy that I stuck with my N95 which still works fine.

Are you folks saying that the Nokia Astound, E6 and X7 with Anna is more advanced than the N8?

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