Favorite 3rd party applications for S60 devices

I test and trial a ton of applications so there are apps flying on and off my devices regularly. However, there are some essential applications that I use regularly and I wanted to let you know what they are in case you had something better or you were looking for something to add to your device. I will list applications I use on both my E71 and N85 since they are both fairly similar.

Current applications:

  • Nokia Email, works great with my two Gmail accounts
  • Opera Mini, I like the shortcuts and speed
  • Wavelog, the WordPress client you all told me about yesterday
  • Skyfire, alternative web browser that lets me watch Hulu.com content
  • RoadSync 4, a better Exchange client than Mail For Exchange (review coming next week)
  • Gmail, why can’t they get a higher res icon?
  • fring, VoIP, Last.fm, and more
  • Olivetree BibleReader, I need to always have the Word with me
  • QuickOffice Premier 6, after the tip I purchased the upgrade for $10
  • StyleTap, I have a couple Palm apps I want to run (review coming)
  • Mobbler, I love streaming music clients
  • Hava Player, one way to watch my home content
  • Google Maps, always good to have an alternative to Nokia Maps
  • Astraware S60 games (Board games, Solitaire, and Big Box of Blox), games to pass the time in line are nice to have (review coming)
  • Handy Profiles, love the automatic profiles
  • Handy Taskman, no better way to switch apps
  • Handy Keylock, nice utility to help lock out my keyboard
  • JoikuSpot, you never know when you need a wireless hotspot
  • NGage games, loaded on my N85 since E71 doesn’t support
  • Jaiku, I don’t use it as much as I used to

My most used application loaded on the devices by Nokia is the Podcasting utility that lets me download all of my favorite podcasts over the air!

What are some of your favorite applications that you think I should try out?


14 Comments to Favorite 3rd party applications for S60 devices

January 30, 2009

Matt, love the new site. Check out jbaktaskman. Similiar to handy switcher, but free. it also adds some functionality. I also lone Sportstracker, Panoman, and Psiloc COnnect.

T9Nav is another great freebie (beta??). Similiar functionality (or more if you want it) to SkyeQuiKey, with a price everyone loves.

Matthew Miller
January 30, 2009

Ahh, yes. I saw something about Panoman and may have to buy that one. My Windows Mobile phones have panoramic functionality and I am very surprised Nokia devices don’t have it with their super cameras.

Anyone know why this function is missing on Nokia phones?

January 30, 2009

SymSMB – an SMB implementation, to transfer files over WiFi or 3G to and from any device with an SMB implementation inluding desktop computers (Linux, Windows, MacOSX) and even another Nokia handset running SymSMB

WirelessIRC – an IRC client with Twitter support (I use it only for Twitter)

Flying MoneyManager – business and personal finance management, compatible with MS Money, Quicken, GNUCash

Psiloc Connect – like access groups on newer Nokia handsets (and newer Nokia software like Nokia Email)

T9Nav – indexes contacts, applications, media, messages, etc – start typing a word from the standby screen and matching contacts, applications, or media are displayed (SkyeQuiKey is a similar application)

January 30, 2009

Mobbler! Although I use it most for its scrobbling service rather than the online radio.

Alex H.
January 30, 2009

I totally agree with T9nav. Also Joikuspot (premium), google maps, handy taskman and psiloc connect.

I use Best Profiles over Handy Profiles for the ability to set my own priorities.

Shozu – for geotagging and uploading pictures automatically, share online and nokia’s geotagger kept crashing

Profimail – I could never get nokia email to work right.

Yahoo onesearch – voice search saves typing time on my N95

Flipsilent – keeps my wife from throwing my phone across the room.

January 30, 2009

Your kidding me, you carry a bible around with you? guess your site just got removed from my favorites list.

Never trust a religious person, they lie, cheat, steal and are sexually immature.

January 31, 2009

vNES – NES emulator
vSUN – SNES emulator
vBAG – Game boy emulator

Bas Heetebrij
January 31, 2009

I fully second Shozu… love this app.
Birdstep SmartConnect: like Psiloc Connect but better and free.
Couldn’t do without Projekt S60 (outliner programme) and HandySafe (storing passwords).

January 31, 2009

Birdstep SmartConnect doesn’t seem to be available in my region for my handset (N95-3).

February 1, 2009

Nice list!

I love my JoikuSpot Premium, Nokia Beta Lab’s Step Counter, QReader, Virtual Radio, SlingPlayer and twibble.

Brett Q.
March 5, 2009

“QuickOffice Premier 6, after the tip I purchased the upgrade for $10”

What tip? I just picked up an E71 after being a long-time WinMo user and I am really surprised that I didn’t try this phone earlier.

Matthew Miller
March 5, 2009

Tip to check for updates within the Quickoffice program itself.

Brett Q.
March 5, 2009

Must have been a limited time thing. Mine shows $40 to upgrade to premier. How does QuickOffice compare to DocsToGo on Windows Mobile?

And thanks to Matt and Marc especially…you guys made it so much easier to get my E71 up and running providing me with everything I was doing on my Q9H.

WirelessIRC is better than any Windows Mobile IRC app I ever tried and I find myself actually keeping up with Twitter more since it is tied in.

June 28, 2009

Say, how did you get Wavelog to run on your N85. I installed it, it worked a bit, but everytime I try to insert an image it crashes with a security warning.

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