Back from family cruise, some quick thoughts

I am back from my 10 day family vacation cruise to the Caribbean and wanted to publicly thank Dieter for stepping up and providing some content while I was out to sea. He attended MWC and stopped by to visit Nokia and give us his personal impressions of the new devices, Ovi Store, and more.

I wanted to let you know a bit about my trip, from the geek perspective. While in line to check in for the ship, I saw a Nokia E71 placed on the security belt and mentioned to the owner that I thought that was one of the best Nokia devices ever made. It turns out that his wife is a Nokia employee in Canada that will be at CTIA so I will see her again in just over a month. Once you meet someone on a cruise it seems you see them throughout the week too so we bumped into each other quite a bit. My 5800 was also the first one she has personally seen :)

Speaking of the 5800, I used this phone with my T-Mobile SIM in Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, and Miami since it gets excellent battery life, takes decent photos outdoors, and is a fantastic phone. Did you know it has a proximity sensor like the iPhone and the screen turns off when you hold it to your face? It also has the ability to go to snooze when you flip it over so it served as our alarm clock on the days we entered ports to visit.

We had an incredible family vacation and are already thinking about one for next year. Cruising is great for a family of five, even just for all the meals being part of the cruise cost. You can eat 24 hours a day if you like, but I restrained myself and limited eating to only 18 hours a day 😉

Now that I am back I plan to post several software reviews, more tips and tricks, and more content as we lead up to my CTIA trip at the beginning of April.


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February 24, 2009

Good to hear the trip went well. You were right the e71 is an awsome phone the call quality and speaker alone made it worth every penny. I fell in love with the breathing/ reminder light. I had it for one week then my girlfriend fell in love and kidnapped it. Now I’m back on my iPhone untill ups delivers my n85!! Can you post a review of the n85? And some tips for battery life?

Jordan Spasovski
February 24, 2009

Welcome back Matt, great to hear you had an awesome vacation. I wish I was on a cruise as well, but there’s no room for everyone on that ship, right :)
Anyhow, I also concur on the E71, hands down, THE BEST phone at the moment. I’ve been using my faithful N95 8GB for 10 months now, but I’m about to switch to 5800XM, and I bought my wife an E71 few weeks ago to replace her N73ME, and she’s loving it. She’s a Nokia S60 addict as well, just like me. I’ll be forced to get one for my two-year old son too, cuz he already steals mine. Whats up with the kids these days, they don’t want to play with toys anymore, but rather their dad’s phones… :)
Jordan, Macedonia

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