What can we expect from Nokia World next week?

What can we expect from Nokia World next week?I am pretty dang excited about attending my first Nokia World in London next week, even if it is costing me the last 4o hours of my vacation from my day job and a couple thousand dollars in travel costs. I love checking out new smartphones and since Nokia makes some of the best in the world there is plenty to get fired up about for a fan of Nokia devices. FoneArena put together a post that brings together all the latest rumored devices and I am pretty sure we are going to see at least a couple of these next week.

The post list the following rumored devices:

  • Nokia N9, first MeeGo device
  • Nokia E7, Symbian^3 slider smartphone that looks like a N8 with QWERTY keyboard
  • Nokia C7, Symbian^3 smartphone, mid-range device
  • Nokia C6-01, Symbian^3 version of C6 with 8 megapixel camera

One device I know I will for sure finally get a chance to try out is the Nokia N8. If they have them on sale in the UK, not likely, I may buy my own model there instead of waiting for the probable end of September availability of my pre-ordered NokiaUSA.com N8.


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September 7, 2010

FoneArena’s predictions sound about right to me. I’d be really interested to know if the C6-01 does get announced how much it will cost. The speculation is it will be around the US $160 mark unlocked which I think would be pretty amazing if it happens.

It looks like Nokia has settled on a platform of similar spec’ed phones (N8, E7, C6-01 & C7) they all seem to have the same processor, GPU, screen res etc with only the screen size, camera, keyboard or build quality separating them. This should help in making apps that work on all of them far easier. If they sell as well as I think they will there will be a huge incentive to produce QT apps.

I’m really looking forward to next weeks announcements

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