Enhance your N900 emulator game experience with the Game Gripper

Enhance your N900 emulator game experience with the Game GripperNow that I am back to using my Nokia N900 much more I was excited to read the news on Engadget this morning that the Game Gripper is now available for pre-ordering for the Nokia N900. I just ordered one with an extra set of buttons for my N900 since I have my N900 loaded with SNES and ColecoVision games.

I grew up with the ColecoVision as one of my first gaming system and still vividly remember when my brother and I stayed up most all of that Christmas night playing games. I now have Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr, Zaxxon, Frogger, Galaxian, Pitfall, and Star Wars loaded on my N900. I also was a big fan of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and have Donkey Kong Country, Pitfall, and more loaded with this emulator. Emulator games play very well on the Nokia N900 and as an old-timer I am really loving it as a gaming system. With the Game Gripper I should be able to enjoy the games even more.

Do you enjoy playing emulated games on your Nokia N900 too? If so, what are your favorite games?


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August 4, 2010

Fantastic. My rockin’ N900 will now be a gaming machine with endless classic roms at my disposal.

Just placed my order, and eagerly waiting in anticipation!!!!

August 4, 2010

For deliveries in Europe: http://www.game-gripper.eu/

August 5, 2010

Usually play GameBoy Color games on my N900, also going to get some N64 action. I usually play with my Wiimote + Classic Controller but with this I should be able to play most games on the go :)

Ronny Tiaka
August 6, 2010

Cool…if the delivery ready on indonesia,i will buy it…

[…] week I wrote about the Game Gripper accessory for the Nokia N900. As I said I ordered one right away and a couple of days ago the Game […]

new n900 user
December 13, 2010

were do u download the games from

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