Educational and fun Nokia N900 meetup held in Tacoma

It was a dark and very rainy night in Tacoma, Washington, with heavy traffic on I-5 and for the first 30 minutes it was just myself and Peyton eating pizza and chatting about the N900. We then added another and then four more so we had a total of 6 people, and myself, in the room checking out the Nokia N900 and all the other gadgets I brought along. Everyone was pretty excited to get some hands-on time with the N900 and it looks like 4 out of the 6 will be buying the N900 when it is released. We took a few photos with the N900, N97, and N86 8MP that you can see in the gallery below, along with the Qik video shot with the N900. I had the N900 hooked up to a projector via the TV out cable and it worked like a charm.

Peyton actually taught me a couple functions that will make the N900 even better for me and that is to use the volume button for zooming in and out in both the photo viewer and web browser. I couldn’t figure out how to zoom in while viewing photos and also found the volume zooming option in the browser to be much faster. Thanks for the tip!

Full screen YouTube video watching in the browser was awesome. We found the connection to be pretty slow on T-Mobile and maybe the Sprint store next to the restaurant was blocking us out. People threw some heavy sites at the browser and I think the connection had more to do with the slowness than the browser, but the browser did prove to be pretty capable. Overall, I think people were pretty impressed with the N900 and a desire for more marketing of the device and launching on T-Mobile was expressed.

I had six things to giveaway from my gadget closet so everyone who came received something. Thanks to Nokia for paying for the pizza and pop. Maybe we’ll try to plan something bigger and with a bit more notice in the future to show off a Nokia device since I had a great 3 hours chatting about mobile tech with folks who drove quite a ways through the foul weather to see the N900.


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November 7, 2009

I wanted to thank you again for running this meet up, ignoring the traffic, it was a lot of fun. My preorder for the n900 went in today

Axel Cortez
November 8, 2009

nice guys… good to see things like this happening wish i lived in USA….

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November 9, 2009

Any chance you guys would do one of these further south? I live in Eugene, and getting up to Tacoma is kind of a hump. If you planned one of these in Vancouver / Portland, it would be a lot easier to attend! Thanks!

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November 11, 2009

Grrr, why didn’t I find this site until now? I’m in the area and would have made the trek down to Tacoma to see the N900 in person.

I’m subscribing so I find out about any future meetups for the N900! :) Your site has been a fantastic resource for the N900. Certainly making my on again, off again thoughts about the device turn decidedly towards the on position.

November 16, 2009

sure!!! pre-ordered on Nokia USA on Sept 4th for $649/free shipping w/free wireless headset deal, also added $19.99 ext.warranty special (usually $49.99).. Phoned today to ask bout shipping date after friend said he received his already, he ordered 2wks ago but paid current offer of full price $649 with no perks. Was told due to firmware problem with wireless headset so couldnt ship till resolved (what BS!!), said WTF, didnt want HS anyway, was just part of pre-order.. they said they would have to cancel original order (ie-no more shipping priority, go to back of line), then said credit card bounced after resubmitting, called bank & no cc problms, so then they said not credit card prblm, was their system prblm for submitting too many orders (huh??), then said to call back in 5 days to buy at full price, so srry.. Definitely a bait & switch game, I will be contacting the Attorney Generals Office in my State for sure.. good luck all with Nokia, what a BS outfit..

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