Nokia E73 Mode tips & tricks: The QWERTY keyboard shortcut guide

The definitive E73 Mode QWERTY keyboard shortcut guideI have yet to find a front facing QWERTY keyboard device that is better than the Nokia E73 Mode (see our E73 Guide page). I have gone through nearly all the recent Eseries front facing QWERTY devices (E61, E61i, E71, E71x, and E73) and IMHO Nokia has just about reached perfection with the E73 Mode. I find the slight curvature, defined default primary keys, and material to be even better than the E72 and am not sure what else can be done to make it better. Given that the keyboard is so prominent on the device, why not use it to its fullest and that is the intent of this Tips & Tricks post. Check out all of the QWERTY keyboard shortcuts found in the manual, from user feedback, and from various sites around the Internet. These have all been tested on the E73 Mode, but most will apply to the other front facing QWERTY devices as well. If you have a tip that is missing, please let me know and I will test it and then add it to this list if it works with the E73 Mode.

Standby screen keyboard shortcuts

These are shortcuts that are available from the standby screen. Some of these can be customized in the settings too.

  • Press and hold the Sym key to toggle Bluetooth.
  • Press and hold the space bar to toggle the flashlight (probably the coolest shortcut of them all).
  • Press and hold the Ctrl key to toggle silent and normal profiles.
  • Just start entering text to smart filter your contact list.
  • Press and hold the * to launch Music Search.
  • Press and hold 0 to launch the web browser.
  • Press and hold 1-9 to initiate speed dial.
  • Press and hold left soft key to initiate text message reader.
  • Press and hold right soft key to initiate voice commands.
  • Press and hold Home to view the task manager.
  • Press and hold Calendar to create a new appointment.
  • Press and hold Contacts to enter a new contact.
  • Press and hold Email to create a new text message.
  • Press and hold End/Red key to disconnect data connections.
  • When the phone display is off and locked, press and hold the center action button on the directional pad to display the date, time, and profile status.

Phone call shortcuts

  • To dial something like 1-800-NOKIAXP: Enter 1800 as you normally would, then press the Fn key (diagonal arrow), then press Shift twice, type NOKIAXP, and press the Call/Green key to dial.
  • Press the small button between the volume buttons to mute the call.
  • Use the left and right soft keys to manage speakerphone, noise cancellation, etc.

Text input field shortcuts

Whether you are in notes, word processor program, or other area where there is an empty text box, here are some shortcuts you can use.

  • Press the Sym key to access the symbol pop-up selector grid.
  • Press the Fn key to toggle between different modes (numbers, number lock, letters) where you can see the status in the upper right corner.
  • Double press the Shift key to enable Caps lock.
  • Press Shift and back space to delete characters forward (to the right) of the cursor.
  • Hold Shift and move direction pad left, right, up, and down to select text.
  • Press Ctrl and C to copy selected text. The soft keys will also change for another method.
  • Press Ctrl and V to paste selected text. The soft keys will also change for another method.
  • Press Ctrl and X to cut selected text.
  • Press Ctrl and A to select all.

S60 web browser shortcuts

  • Press 1 to open a cool dynamic toolbar. You can also long press the action button on an empty area of a web page to open this toolbar.
  • Press 2 to search the web page.
  • Press 3 to go back to previous page.
  • Press 4 to name the bookmark and save the page to bookmarks.
  • Press 5 to open a slick grid showing the keypad shortcuts.
  • Press 6 to refresh/reload the page.
  • Press 7 to toggle full screen mode.
  • Press 8 to view a page overview, fully zoom out.
  • Press 9 to open the URL entry box.
  • Press * to zoom in.
  • Press 0 to go to the home page.
  • Press # to zoom out.

Nokia Messaging/Email shortcuts

  • Press Backspace or D to delete a message.
  • Press O to open an email message.
  • Press C to compose an email message.
  • Press R to reply to an email message.
  • Press A to reply to all.
  • Press F to forward a message.
  • Press U to mark as unread.
  • Press M to move a message.
  • Press I to collapse/expand all days of messages.
  • Press Z to send and receive now.
  • Press S to search email.
  • Press H to access the help area.
  • Press B to go to the bottom of an open message.
  • Press T to go to the top of an open message.
  • Press J to go up a page within an open message.
  • Press K to go down a page within an open message.
  • Press N to go to the next message.
  • Press P to go to the previous message.
  • Press E to accept a meeting invite.
  • Press G to tentatively accept a meeting invite.
  • Press V to decline a meeting invite.
  • Press W to jump to the sort options box.
  • Press Shift and Return to mark/unmark a single message.
  • Press Shift and Up or Down with the directional pad to mark multiple items.

Ovi Maps shortcuts

  • Press Shift to zoom in.
  • Press Backspace to zoom out.
  • Press the Space bar or 0 to go to current position.
  • Press Return to open location menu (show details, share, save, send).
  • Press 1 to select map, satellite, or terrain view.
  • Press 2 to tilt map down.
  • Press 3 to toggle 2D and 3D modes.
  • Press 4 to rotate map/compass counterclockwise/left. Keep pressing to continuing rotation.
  • Press 5 to toggle aligning map north.
  • Press 6 to rotate map/compass clockwise/right.
  • Press 8 to tilt map up.
  • Press 9 to view keyboard shortcuts.

Calendar shortcuts

  • Press N to create a new appointment.
  • Press W to change to week view.
  • Press D to change to day view.
  • Press A to change to agenda view.
  • Press T to change to task/to-do view.

There are 3rd party application specific keyboard shortcuts too, such as those in Opera Mini. If you want to know some of these, please list the app and I will update this post with the most popular and continue to turn this into a full E73 QWERTY keyboard shortcut repository.

I would like the ability to assign application shortcuts to the keyboard from the standby screen (press and hold), but you can easily launch them with voice commands now via a keyboard shortcut so there is a way to quickly get to your apps.

As I was assembling this list, I came to realize there were many shortcuts I was unaware of and plan to put into practice. Have you ever seen a device with so many keyboard shortcuts? If you can learn all of these you can really turn the E73 Mode into an efficient device, don’t you agree?


23 Comments to Nokia E73 Mode tips & tricks: The QWERTY keyboard shortcut guide

July 29, 2010

Q. Is their a way to Spell Check SMS, MMS, or e-mail on either the 5230 Nuron or E73 Mode? All I find is Predictive text, but that is no help for my poor spelling.
I would like to get a E73 if I can find such a thing.
Why would Nokia not add such a useful feature ?

July 30, 2010

Thank you! I love shortcuts. The ability to improve the speed of interaction through keyboard shortcuts is one of my favorite advantages of a keyboard design.

July 30, 2010

There is no spell check on either phone, but the predictive text serves that function for me. If I am typing something that is not a word it will predict something else, so if I see a prediction then I know I misspelled something.

Another useful shortcut that was not mentioned:
When you hold the Home key to pull up current applications you can close an application by pressing the Backspace key and confirming you want to close it.

August 2, 2010

I wrote this for a mate for a E72 but most will apply to the E73:

*  Opera Mobile has a turbo mode which makes it act like opera mini i.e. Opera compresses the pages for you. You can quickly switch this off with #8. I have uninstalled Opera Mini since Opera Mobile has a much better interface. 5 for Zoom and #0 for switch to mobile view makes it all much easier to use.
*  I use Opera Link. This allows you to sync your speedials and bookmarks with If you install Opera it syncs those bookmarks to Opera Mobile. You can then edit and sync them back.
*  If you select Applications - Control Panel - Profiles and select a profile there then you can time it so it ends at a specific time. I put a link on my toolbar for this.
*  For a full backup, I backup to card and then switch the phone off and plug it in via USB. After a minute it will share the internal memory card as a USB device. I then use a file called robocopy to clone the memory card to hard drive, this works great since it deletes files not there and only copies new ones. Some software service use the memory card so you can only do a proper backup when the phone is off.
* I found my GPS was not starting sometimes so I switched WiFi locating off and the problem has gone away.

Apps I have installed/bought:

* Northpole - Compass - Free
* FreeTimeBox - Sync phone clock every day with an atomic clock on internet - Free
* F-Secure - Remote lock/wipe util - Free
* Mr Lock - Lock keypad after a set time for real. Nokia keylock doesn't always lock - Free
* Highspeed 3D - Racing game. Very stupid trying to play on a E72 but fun for 5 minutes. - Ad supported Free
* Remind Me! - Makes a noise if there is an unread SMS/Missed Call/E-mail. I use it for SMS/Missed call since I often miss calls/SMS in a noisy factory. - 10Euro
Vince Smith
August 13, 2010

Great list of shortcuts, thanks. One I use is when I press the home key to bring up the Task List you can then enter a number of the appliation. If Calendar is listed first (top left position) then just press the number 1 when on the Task List.

August 15, 2010

Wash knowledge of language foreign it is very good not to eat, help with transfer.

August 20, 2010

Thanks so much for posting this! I searched to see if there was a way to change if the keypad could be locked or unlocked, and just happened to find your post. I just recently got this phone, so it is a great help, also considering the fact that I am blind, and I’m one that likes to go to let’s say “contacts,” on the fly, verses having the screen reader I use read out everything to me, before I get to what I want.
Thanks again!

August 22, 2010

Hi, I just got the E73. I was wondering about two things.
1) Can you “tab”? For example after completing a search field to the next button
2) How do you check the battery life?


November 24, 2010

I have e73. Can anyone please advise me how to stop receiving emails. Is there an option to temporary stop receiving email?

January 13, 2011

Is there a way to disable toe auto keyguard/lock feature? It is so frustrating to have to press 2 keys to unlock the keys almost everytime I need to use my phone! I would rather select this feature when I want it.

January 26, 2011

@ Chloe

Home->Control Panel->Settings->General->Security->”Keypad autolock period” set to “none” to never lock or “user defined” to set a time period for it.

That drove me nuts at first, too. What also drives me slightly nuts is that this option is not under “Display” like it was on the previous version of S60. Although, it is slightly humorous that “screen lock” comes under “security”…

February 22, 2011

How do you delete texts in your in inbox and outbox? I wanna delete all the texts I have but I don’t know how

Joe R
February 23, 2011

@Katie–go to the box you want to empty then options-mark/unmark-mark all-options-delete

February 24, 2011

Can anybody tell me if I can re-organize the icons/list on home page. Ie, on home page first item to setp up email but I already set up email, I also don’t need to change from work mode to home mode. Any advise is apprecaited

March 15, 2011

Very interesting article! I will definitely buy this phone!

john doe
June 20, 2011

Is there an app for sms spell check. Thats the biggest problem I hav. I’m a previous blackberry user. I miss and need that feature badly.

August 7, 2011

Great post…!!! i have 5 days with this phone and is the best. Im nokia user. I had E61i E71 E63 and now..!!! this manific cellphone Nokia E73..!!! Thanks for the Post. if anybody can tell me another web about Nokia e73 be grateful

Apps screen shot snap, when browsing the web see somethin you Like take a pic instead of copy paste or sending a web page send a simple pic. Jpgs, bmp etc… Also take picuters of your images and it will take up less memory. No need for spell checker, get somewhat close to the words and it may show , speing , when starting to type it but just finish then press up or down and your spelling will be Like mine, better just turn prediction on high to do it this way. Furthmore, you got to get ion betty saver or advanced ion battery saver, both free option to upgrade but I haven’t found any reason to yet. Ok I have to stop now, I have tweaked this cell soo much I could go on N on.
The con’s are me,

September 23, 2011

Our phone system requests that you type the first three letters of a person’s last name. How do you do that once you have initiated the call?

If I want to send PAB I obviously can’t just type it on the keyboard (I’ve tried!) the system is waiting for me to send “722” for the numbers corresponding with PAB. But I can’t possibly memorize which letters on the alphabet correspond to which keys on the keypad.

Any advice? Otherwise love the phone! Thanks!

February 9, 2012

Please someone reply me to this very unpleasent bug…i try everything but it seem that there is no such an option..let me put it like this..i have put some music folder in my lets say im tryng to play only one has no option for this…has only that playlist item wich alow me to make the list..but i have too put the songs by one..and from the entires folders..Jesus Christ how angrey im am..i simply cant play a folder of music wich a aded..can someone please help me with this..i apreciate it so much..thank you

josh b.
February 10, 2012

I’m slightly annoyed that you can’t sort your messages by sender, i want to be able to have a folder for each person so i dont have to keep scrolling and such. is there anyway to change that?

Prakash khadka
February 20, 2012

Dear sir ,
i have a problem .which is picture & vedio cant see in gallary .

April 28, 2012

the nokia messaging doesn’t work on my e73, why is that?

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