CTIA 2011: Hands-on with the T-Mobile Nokia Astound

The Nokia C7 was one of my favorite devices at Nokia World and if I didn’t like the camera on my Nokia N8 so much I would like have picked one of these up. I have to admit I am a bit shocked at what T-Mobile and Nokia announced with the Nokia Astound launching at just $79.99 after $50 rebate. Chris already posted on the announcement, but Dieter and Phil are at CTIA Wireless and were able to get a bit of hands-on time with this new Symbian^3 device as you can see in the image gallery below.

The Astound is a Nokia C7 that actually still has the C7 label in the upper left. It feels like a touch screen Nokia E71 in your hand with metal and hard plastic construction. I think that new smartphone owners are going to scoop this up in seconds and all of the teens that I have seen with the Nokia Nuron (thanks in large part to its cheap data cost) will want to switch to this much better device.


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March 22, 2011

I’m curious to know if this phone is very much on par with the N8 (minus the camera, of course). For example, can it act as a wifi hotspot like the N8?

Also, from what I’ve seen/read, it seems that Swype is also usable in portrait mode??

I’m traveling overseas very soon and am really debating on dropping the $400+ on an N8 but now that this is just around the corner, I’m wondering if I’ll get what I need for half the price…?

March 23, 2011

Nokia C7 is just the same phone as N8 except for camera and mini-HDMI output.

March 24, 2011

Im still wondering what data plan will be required.

March 24, 2011

@ Ali, they said it will require the $10 data plan which is the least expensive in any U.S. carrier

March 25, 2011

Thanks mike, any idea how much the phone will cost through tmobile without a contract renewal?

[…] We’d be remiss to completely ignore Nokia, who despite flagging sales still control a majority of ALL phones sold worldwide. Even with committing to migrate to Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 later this year, there will still be a ton of Symbian based models pushed and sold for years to come as it is phased out over time. ┬áNokia Experts is keeping the dream alive with their hands-on with the Astound and sounds like it’s not a bad phone or a bad price for someone looking for a phone from the great country of Finland. Check it out here. […]

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