CTIA 09: Nokia releases Point & Find beta for camera-enabled devices

One of the main reasons to carry around a Nokia smartphone is because of the camera functionality. There have been different utilities available for bar code scanning, but this new Nokia Point & Find beta application that was announced yesterday takes the camera even further into the future. The idea here is that you use the camera along with recognition technology to then find out more about what you pointed your camera at. To start off with the beta is focusing on the movie market where you aim your camera at a poster to find out all sorts of information related to that movie (trailers, reviews, actors, etc.).

As stated in the press release:

Nokia Point & Find uses advanced real time image processing and recognition technologies to link the user to digital content and services.  It also recognizes bar codes, integrates GPS positioning technology, and supports category-specific text-entry search.  When the phone is pointed at an object, Nokia Point & Find uses a variety of the phone’s capabilities including the camera, internet connectivity, and GPS positioning to evaluate the object. Then, by rapidly searching through a database of virtually tagged items, the system identifies the object and returns a set of links to associated content and services.

Hopefully, companies continue to use this technology so we can find out more information by pointing our camera phone at the object.


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