Contest: I’ve got orange, who wants my gray Nokia N8?

Contest: I have orange, you can have my gray Nokia N8Now that I am happily sporting my orange Nokia N8 we wanted to go ahead and giveaway my dark gray N8 to one lucky Nokia Experts reader. It has been about a year since we have held a contest here so to get the word out about the site and find out why you think you deserve the Nokia N8 you have to complete the tasks listed below to get in a valid entry. People that have purchased my phones in the past can attest to the pristine condition I keep them in so this dark gray N8 is nearly perfect and comes with the USA warranty that is good until October 2011. The original box and all included accessories are of course part of this package. Remember that the Nokia N8 works with the 3G networks on both AT&T and T-Mobile and is worth $549!

UPDATE: OK, I’ll pay to ship it to Canada too so let’s open this up to my northern neighbors as well.

This contest is only open to US and Canadian residents since we are continuing our focus on the US perspective of Nokia and the N8, so please do not enter if live outside the 50 States or the District of Columbia. You can only enter once so don’t try to create multiple Twitter accounts or fool us to cheat for the win. Follow the directions below and good luck to everyone.

How to Enter

In order to ensure you can capture those wonderful moments this Christmas we are going to run the contest from now until 4 December 2010 so I can ship the N8 out to you that week. To continue to spread the word out about the site and find out why you think you deserve the Nokia N8 you have to complete the following tasks:

  • Follow Nokia Experts on Twitter.
  • Create a Tweet with the following info:
    • @nokiaexperts so we get your entry
    • Photo that includes the Nokia Experts site or logo and something else cool (you, old Nokia collection, beautiful nature shot, etc.)
    • Reason why you deserve the dark gray Nokia N8 (I know there won’t be many characters left, but that is the challenge now isn’t it?)

For a bonus second entry, follow my primary Twitter account @palmsolo and Reply that you followed me as part of the Nokia Experts N8 contest.

The Fine Print and More Rules

  • One entry per person.
  • Full contest will end at 11:59 pm Pacific Standard Time on Saturday, 4 December.
  • You cannot be a contractor, moderator, or employee of any Smartphone Experts or Axel Ltd. sites. All of the restrictions of Smartphone Experts stores apply. This unfortunately means that we cannot ship to a PO, APO, or FPO box.
  • The contest is open to those in the US and CANADA ONLY.
  • We’ll pick the winner and that selection is final (no whining).
  • Please send any questions to

35 Comments to Contest: I’ve got orange, who wants my gray Nokia N8?

November 18, 2010

Good luck for all !! (am so sorry I can’t enter since I’m not living in the US..=(..)

November 18, 2010

I’m so excited to read about this contest! Have submitted my entry!!!

Matt, I’ve never used twitter before. Just joined after seeing your contest. I hope you received my tweets!

November 18, 2010

aawww guys,may the best man win.
pity i’m not livin in USA either…

November 18, 2010

Matthew, first off thanks for the amazing site. Love reading you both here and on ZDNet. That said, those of us not on twitter get no love??? I really want to win this amazing phone but I’ve managed to stay away from opening a twitter account so far. Not sure I need another “cyber” addiction, lol. Anyway, good luck to my fellow Nokians.

November 18, 2010

@Timothy I agree with you. I was staying away from twitter for the same reason..but Matthew has dangled an irresistible reward and I succumbed to temptation! :)

November 18, 2010

Matthew, I have been playing around with the privacy settings on twitter. Can you send a request to follow me so that you can see my tweets? Sorry for the confusion. Twitter ignorant here!

November 18, 2010

@Matt: well, I feel excluded! Why not include Canada in your contests as well? I’m sure I’m not your only Canadian reader, and you’ve had postings in the past that were intended for your Canadian audience. And I’d LOVE to win this most impressive piece of engineering considering that it is hard to get here: Nokia does NOT sell any of its phones through its Canadian web site and does not allow shipping to a Canadian destination from its US site. Only one carrier of the 11 carriers in my region offers the N8 and it wont sell it without a 3-year contract.

Matt, please include your Canadian followers in your contests.

Matthew Miller
November 18, 2010

Done, I’ll ship to Canada too. I updated the contest post to include Canada as well.

November 18, 2010

Correction: I just found out that Rogers Wireless, who offers the N8 on a 3-year plan (for $80) also offers it for $450 with no contract.

November 18, 2010

Why not other countries ? :(

I would be happy to pay for the complete shipping charges.

Iresh Jain
November 19, 2010

Well I really need a new phone and I think an N8 will suit both me and my room mate nicely.(He has a Samsung Focus, so I can reformat all his messed up SD cards he already has 1!).

November 20, 2010

Just tweeted my entry, and also followed and replied on your primary twitter account :D. Sorry for the “pic”, I suck at art lol, but I tried doing something :/. Hopefully I win =D

November 20, 2010

Tweeted the other day my entry! I need this phone. Christmas is coming and my daughter is coming in town with the rest of the family! so I need plenty of photos! This phone would be perfect!

Steve Richter
November 21, 2010

I joined twitter and got my first tweet to @nokiaexperts. Got a photo too, but can’t figure out how to get it on twitter. Going to be sad if I can’t enter. :(

November 21, 2010

This is awesome. I’m glad I came across this site after reading the article on your Wife’s pref. for the blue N8 via Womworld. I currently have a Sony Ericsson Satio and use it to take pictures of my mom’s work (she makes cakes) and my little niece and nephew alot of the times. But the Satio even though it has a good camera UI it skips on certain camera options (sharpness, contrast, ISO) and also has it’s limits (blur even with steady hands, weird flash performance,grainy and poor performance spaces with various light sources.

I created a twitter account and submitted my post , however I don’t know how to post pictures either and if I’m able to figure it out, I don’t want to make a double entry and possibly invalitate my entry in the contest. Nonetheless,I attend an Engadget readers event in my city and got to try the N8 and the E7 (very nice). I liked the N8 (though the blue also catches my eye), compared to my satio, the shutter speed, the low light performance ,even the video recording was better. The tweaks to Symbian also seem like a step forward (auto rotating full qwerty, dial pad, media interface) but simply can’t afford to snatch it up (even Dell’s 100 off on the green N8 are not that inticing to incur such dept.).
I hope I win so I can take advantage of what the N8 (wow pentaband, finally I can indulge in T-mobile 3G) and Nokia is offering come a promising Q1 2011 with Ovi group with new dev. interest, 3rd party coming onboard, promised sw support, new browser, etc.

Anywho thanks for offering this up,good luck to everyone

November 21, 2010

I have also bought grey and i think orange colour is for grls, not for boys …… grace of n8 is actually visible in grey colours , i think you all will agree with me

[…] Win a Nokia N8! […]

[…] Win a Nokia N8! […]

[…] Win a Nokia N8! […]

[…] Win a Nokia N8! […]

November 22, 2010

Why not other countries?

[…] Win a Nokia N8! […]

Mike Schriner
November 22, 2010

Hello Matt,

Can’t locate your email address on the site so am contacting you this way

Please take a minute to rear our press release about our latest gadget called Smartphone Coasters,

These make great stocking stuffers. We have just introduced the holiday gift pack of 6 Coasters.

[…] Win a Nokia N8! […]

[…] Win a Nokia N8! […]

November 23, 2010


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Louie Goat
Louiegoat Louie Goat
Mr. Met at Shea w/ NE logo, need to upd8 my E71 @nokiaexperts

November 26, 2010

Dang!!!! I needed this phone today for SURE! Family was in town and I had not seen a bunch of the family members. My SLR was in vegas and all I had was my trusty N900. But the fam is TOOO big for 5 megapixels of content (After crop). I really need to win this one!


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[…] just wanted to post a reminder to get your entries in for the Dark Gray Nokia N8 contest that ends this weekend on 4 December. Make sure to follow all of the requirements to get your valid […]

December 2, 2010

I really want that phone! But I hate Twitter and therefore do not have an account. Cool contest and even nicer of you to let us Canadians enter.

December 3, 2010

Duhhhhhhhhh. I’m sad to see that this contest is for USA, Canada people only. It would be great if other country people also get the chance to win such an amazing phone. Hope to get some goodies next time

Ricardo Pereira da Silva
December 3, 2010

Hey man:
What do you have against the south America countries?
Here in Brazil for instance we have a great an huge community of
Java developers that does a really nice job when the word is mobile
development… Specially for JME platforms phones.
We also had communities that develop mobile solutions using Mono, C,
Python and even HTML plus JavaScript to all nokia platforms.
I don’t know if you are conscious about the Huge mobile opportunity
Here in Brazil! We have so many startups going on and growing quickly.
I just want to say that I’m so sad about your position with South America!
I really hope that you can consider us in future contests. Anyway, you have done a great job running this blog and it deserves my congratulations!!

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