Connecting your Mac with your N8, iSync and Multimedia Transfer

Connecting your Mac with your N8, iSync and Multimedia TransferI know there are many Nokia smartphone owners with Macs so it was good to read that iSync support was just provided for the Nokia N8. I actually use Exchange to sync my contacts and calendar so I do not use or personally care about iSync support, but am sure there are many others who do. You can visit the Nokia support site to get the latest version in anticipation of your N8 arriving some day.

I have a 13 inch MacBook Pro and what I find compelling is the Nokia Multimedia Transfer utility that I have been using with the Nokia N8. With Nokia Multimedia Transfer I can easily setup to sync music from iTunes and photos from iPhoto. I find this utility to be much easier than the dragging and dropping I did in the past and takes care of the syncing without me having to do anything after the initial setup.

Do you use a Mac and either of these tools?


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