Why is the press leaving off half the story concerning the Ovi Music Unlimited changes?

Why is the press leaving off half the story concerning the Ovi Music Unlimited changes?You may notice on here and on ZDNet that I try not to post too many rumors and news right away since so much of it today seems to come from fairly unreliable sources and I would rather wait and get the truth with some of my own personal perspective out there. This morning I woke up and started reading Twitter before I went for my run and saw Tweets all stating that Nokia was shutting down and killing Ovi Music Unlimited service. The problem with Twitter was that there was no context to this news or the rest of the message that stated they indeed stopped selling new subscriptions back on 31 December 2010 in order to make way for new services and that those with the service would still get full support.

I highly recommend you read the Nokia Conversations post for the full story that actually has me excited about the possibilities of these new services. The whole Ovi Music Unlimited service was never even applicable to the North American market so I don’t know why anyone in the North American market is even reporting on the news, except for the apparent need to find ways to slam Nokia whenever possible. Actually, when you do a Google search for the news I am very disappointed in the main stream media’s irresponsible reporting on products that are not even available in the US and very little, if any, mention that the reason is also tied to new upcoming services being rolled out.

As you can read in the story from Nokia, they stopped selling new subscriptions a couple of weeks ago and anyone who has a supported device or even someone who buys a device still out in stores will get uninterrupted access until their subscriptions finish, including the ability to keep their downloads forever as promised. This change is also not universal and Nokia will continue to offer 12-month subscriptions in China and India, while offering six-month subscriptions in Brazil, Turkey and South Africa.

Check out the video below to hear more about the changes.

For those of us in North America, remember that you can use your unlimited Zune Pass subscription, Mobbler, Soundtrckr, and soon Slacker Radio so there is really nothing to see here for those in North America while there is the possibility that something may come to us here from Nokia.


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Ricky Cadden
January 17, 2011

Honestly, I was kinda disappointed in the Nokia Conversations post about this. Nokia has done this on numerous occasions – ditched a current offering with the promise that the ‘upcoming next thing’ is better, only for it to never come to fruition.

Honestly, I always thought of CwM as a great idea with poor execution. It was only ever bundled with lower-end devices, with high-end devices getting a ‘CwM variant’ months after launch – once all the early adopters had already bought one. Kinda sneaky, IMO.

I’m with you on the NAM points, though. It’d be like you reporting that Spotify is having an outage – who cares, it’s not available (officially) in the U.S. anyways.

January 18, 2011

My comments are that North America has yet to figure out what the He!! Nokia is doing, because it seems as though Nokia doesn’t even know what it is doing. Nokia has a big North America developer push, but hardly any places in North America for users to go and even try out a Nokia phone (if someone can tell me where, I would be very interested). I guess they think people will plunk down $500 and try out the phone and then send it back if they are unhappy with it, but most people aren’t going to do that. When Nokia figures out what it is doing, then maybe North America can figure out what it is doing.

January 18, 2011

“except for the apparent need to find ways to slam Nokia whenever possible”

That’s pretty much it. It’s a variant of NIH syndrome.

The fact that Ovi Music itself is pretty successful and as easy, if not easier, to use than iTunes appears to be a moot point as far as some blogs are concerned.

As for CWM, I think Ricky’s right: it was poorly positioned and executed in markets where there are more compelling subscription services.

January 18, 2011

while i agree that most of the north american bloggers know jack about nokia, i really cant blame them for not mentioning the upcoming services as the press release and video are at best, vague. as ricky noted, nokia has a history of referencing better things to come and not actually delivering anything. i think you are excited because you are still a fan, which is fine, but dont let your passion cloud your objectivity. they didnt mention a single concrete product or service (that i read or heard, unless i missed it?). i would rather read about facts instead of the speculation of a blogger

Matthew Miller
January 18, 2011

Ricky and gdigenis,
Good points on trusting Nokia to release new services when they told us nothing solid. Sorry about my jaded enthusiasm there. I will try to keep myself more objective here our else people will get too sick of reading. My goal is to talk about Nokia, but also keep them honest and on their toes.

January 19, 2011

Actually, in defence of Matthew, I’d point out that Ovi Music – the pay per track/album store – is brilliant.

Nokia should be shouting about it. It’s real, it’s here and it’s that good.

scott hill
January 23, 2011

while it may be true that unlimited streaming music will no longer continue (with vouchers included ihn new Nokia telephone purchases), the Nokia store is still open for normal purchasing of music in several countries, including the U.K. However, these downloads may not be burned to CD’s etc., so these are DRM-protected downloads,

[…] Why is the press leaving off half the story concerning the Ovi Music Unlimited changes? […]

January 24, 2011

@ Matthew, just to be clear about my comment, when i said i would rather hear facts instead of a bloggers opinion i was referring to the average north american blogger, not you. i dont mind reading your opinions or speculation as you are at least following nokia so you can speak intelligently about the subject. as much as i cant stand nokias products over the last two years there is nothing worse then wasting time reading speculation about nokia from an uninformed blogger.

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