You have to check out the Fone Arena N8 review series

The Nokia N8 Starter GuideI have been reading and following an incredible review series of the Nokia N8 and wanted to make sure all of my readers here went over to check the posts out. The Fone Arena review series is listed below, but what makes these intensive series of articles even more compelling is that they are written by the likes of Rita El Khoury, Sloan Bowman, Sandeep Sarma, and Michael Hell so you are getting a wide range of opinions and experiences. I have listed these in my Definitive Nokia N8 Guide too.

Fone Arena Review Series

I also wanted to let you know that Steve Litchfield posted the All About Symbian part 6 that includes the cutting edge technology found on the N8 that you won’t see in other smartphones. These features are extremely appealing to me and are some major reasons I keep going back to my N8.


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November 14, 2010

I am a part of this blog, and I feel so proud today

November 14, 2010

Hi Matt. Great stuff. After reading all these reviews, now more eager than ever to get the N8. However, heard some feedback from sellers and other early buyers about motherboard problems here in Malaysia. Any similar experiences from other users?

November 14, 2010

Great reviews on Phone Arena.Got my replacement Nokia N8.This time I got the blue color.Regarding build quality everything is about perfect(no wobbly buttons this time).Was thinking about the orange color but i picked blue in the end.And I’m happy I did.Love the blue one.Now I’m just waiting for Nokia to change the virtual keyboard and the web browser cause they are awful.Oh and I am still keeping the N900.If only it had N8’s camera. :)

Michael Hell
November 15, 2010

wow, i’m stunned. Thanks so much for the mention Matthew, truly appreciated!

it was fun doing the review series and definitely a cool approach, so many opinions :)

Thanks again,

Sandeep Sarma
November 15, 2010

Thanks a lot Matthew. Feels great to be noticed!This was different from our usual posts because we were all working together in one project.

Thanks again for the mention. We’ll look forward to returning you the favour soon 😀

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