Check out the new AT&T Nokia E71x Starter Guide

nokia-e71x-attThe Nokia E71x is one of my favorite all-time Nokia devices and even though I have been spending a lot of time with the N97 lately, the E71x still has a special place in my collection and I may soon be going back to it. I assembled all of my posts on the E71x into a central location to help out new E71x owners that you can find here. I plan to continue to update this E71x Starter Guide to serve as a valuable resource for you and I to all enjoy. Please continue to send in your questions and tips & tricks for the E71x and I will get to them all as soon as I can.


2 Comments to Check out the new AT&T Nokia E71x Starter Guide

July 1, 2009

Still no answer for how to dial a alpha-numeric phone numbers like 1-800-WHATEVER .. for me this is a basic phone feature.. with put this it is a peace of crap… it’s waste of time and money .

July 12, 2009

That is because we all thought your comment had to be a joke.

You dial 1-800-hot-men1 the same way you would on ANY OTHER PHONE EVER MADE!


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