CES 2010: Liveblogging the CES Keynote with OPK

OPKI am in the 2nd row of the Hilton Theater and have good connectivity so I will attempt to keep you up-to-date as fast as possible here on Nokia Experts. I will post updates so that the newest update appears at the top so if you are just jumping in start at the bottom and work up. I will be taking photos with the Nokia N86 8MP and place them in as I can to. If I had a Nokia Booklet 3G I could be doing this with a full suite of Nokia tools :) Enjoy and please bear with me as I try this out.

9:55: And that’s a wrap folks. Not a keynote about new devices, but definitely one that has me thinking about what is important to me.

9:53: Getting ready to conclude. Announced Nokia Growth Economy Venture Challenge to have developers and innovators work even harder. They are offering the winner a $1 million investment by Nokia. The idea can be hardware, software, or services and details can be found at callingallinnovators.com. Winner to be announced in June.

9:51: Calling All Innovators developer contests have been held in the past to encourage developers. Nokia wants to keep encouraging developers and is announcing a new partner, Sesame Street. Yes, you read this right, Elmo is coming to the Nokia platform.

9:49: OPK now starting to talk about developers. As we saw with Palm this week, the key to making all these devices with the same specs better is developers and apps.

9:47: Using Ovi Mail you can sign up for email for free around the world with no PC required. 5 million email accounts were signed up for in 1 year. Faster growth than any other free email service.

9:46: Nearly 75% of world’s population has NO access to email.

9:45: I talked about Nokia Money before and now OPK is talking about it again. There are 4.6 billion mobile phone subscriptions and 1.6 billion bank accounts so there is a lot of people without basic banking. Nokia Money lets you use SMS to make transactions, even paying for utilities and reloading your mobile phone. Will launch the first half of 2010.

9:41: Lack of 3G is not a barrier to offering services. Much of what they can provide can be done through SMS, which is inexpensive and more prevalent. Nokia Life Tools provides services through SMS and not data.

9:40: With the will and the means, progress can be made. Check out the Progress Project site.

9:37: She realized these devices are not just mobile phones, but may actually save lives through services like Nokia data gathering and sharing.

9:35: Francis Lindsey-Boyle on stage to talk about the Progress Project.  She is a travel journalist who believes in focusing on the people to gather and share information.


9:31: Nokia Tej application allows people to make transactions digitally. Textile market example being shown.

9:30: Life Tools enables farmers to get live crop prices for the local market. Allows other families to learn English from the phone directly.

9:29: Lonely Planet and Nokia partnered to create the Progress Project. Going to watch videos with Nokia Life Tools in India.

9:28: “Listen, think, and don’t jump to conclusions about customers.” Jan then leaves the stage as OPK comes back.

9:26: Hearing some interesting examples of mobile phone usage around the world. Really giving me things to think about further.

9:24: Charging stations people make look scary, but work to charge in areas where it is difficult to charge up your phone. Other people set up corner shop app stores where they charge people to load up apps on their devices.


9:19: Nokia’s Indiana Jones coming on stage to talk about how he travels all over the world discovering needs of people.

9:18: One size fits all does not work. OPK questioned terms emerging markets, 3rd world countries, etc. Is there any doubt that China has emerged :) ?

9:17: Nokia strives to be responsible global citizen. Check out the Nokia Life Tools site for more information on what they are doing to help emerging markets.

9:16: For much of the world, their first and only access to the Internet is through a mobile phone. In China, more than 7 million people gain Internet access each month and much of this is through the mobile phone.

9:15: Mobile phones can be extremely valuable to those in emerging markets, giving farmers weather data, crop prices, and more.

9:10: Talking about the Nokia 1616, which we consider a basic phone. Explaining how much it actually has in it, including built-in flashlight, FM radio, calendar, etc. so that people can still do much of what a more powerful smartphone does. Only $32 in many markets around the world, India and China included. This is nothing for us, but can be a month’s income for many around the world. I can’t imagine if I spent a full month’s income on a single smartphone. Makes you think a bit about the price we cry about paying for our even more capable smartphones, huh?

OPK on stage

9:06: Taking us to a world away from Vegas. Looking at emerging markets. Showed 1987 Nokia phone in hand, the Mobira.

9:01: Brief video of stats from Nokia

  • 1.2 billion in use
  • 13 Nokia device made every second
  • 5,000 devices at Disney World at any given moment

8:56: Almost ready to start, quotes about the mobile space are scrolling on the screen.


8:52: They just announced they want everyone to keep their cellphones ON during the presentation.

8:35 am: Sitting in the 2nd row next to my buddy Kevin Tofel from jkOnTheRun waiting as the theater starts to fill up now.


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