Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Nokia themes and devices

Tomorrow we celebrate Valentine’s Day and as husband and father of 3 daughters this is one holiday that I actively participate in. Nokia owners have a few way to celebrate the holiday as well. Ricky Cadden has a post with some nice Valentine’s themes that you can put on your device, including S60 5th Edition devices.


If you are thinking about picking up one o the latest Nokia devices from Nokia USA then you will find they are holding a Valentine’s Sale that includes free shipping, 10% off one item, and 15% off two or more items. The 15% percentage deals apply to both phones and accessories. While there are some nice devices available, I don’t see the E63 or 5800 available yet.

Speaking of the Nokia E63 I wrote about earlier this week, I received word that you should be able to pick them up from the Nokia Flagship stores now with availability on Nokia USA’s site in the next week. It would have been perfect to have the red model available before Valentine’s to go with the red theme of the holiday.

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day everyone and enjoy your time with loved ones. I know I will as we head out to Miami to start our family Caribbean cruise vacation.


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