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Nokia commits to 2011 Windows Phone amid expected poor financials

It comes as no surprise that Nokia’s 2nd quarter financial results are poor since they are in the middle of a huge smartphone operating system strategy change. We saw a similar type of situation happen when Microsoft transitioned from Windows Mobile to Windows Phone 7, but Nokia is still doing much better than Microsoft did through that time. Nokia still sold 88.5 million mobile devices (16.7 million of them were smartphones) so those that enjoy using Nokia devices still seem to be buying them.

Stephen Elop said that a Windows Phone device will be coming out from Nokia in 2011 and that excites me. I love the new Windows Phone operating system and think it better than iOS and Android for me. I won’t predict that Windows Phone will resurrect Nokia’s sales numbers, but they will have a positive impact. Hopefully the Nokia brand will introduce Windows Phone to more people because I just think people need to try it first to see how great it is. At this time people seem to avoid it because it is from Microsoft and they have existing feelings about the old Microsoft mobile operating systems.

Nokia is still making very good Symbian smartphones and those of us who still actually like Symbian are finding some great devices in the N8, E7, and E6.

Mr. Elop shows off Nokia’s Sea Ray Windows Phone device

OK, I’ll admit I was a bit harsh on the Nokia N9 and maybe it is due to my frustration with the lack of a simple Anna update on my existing devices. How can they show something as slick as the N9 and MeeGo and not even provide the update to existing loyal customers? Anyway, I was thinking early today I would likely buy a Nokia N9 (and I still might), but when I saw the same form factor running Windows Phone as the Sea Ray I became much more excited about Nokia.

I understand that the meeting was an internal meeting and someone, either accidentally or purposely, leaked out the video where Mr. Elop showed off this slick Windows Phone device. There are still a ton of questions about the device (processor, camera, Nokia Maps, etc.) and I am sure there is a lot of work to do, but the fact that it looks to be just about the same as the N9 is promising.

Both the N9 and this Sea Ray device show me that Nokia continues to create nice hardware and I look forward to both MeeGo and Windows Phone devices. Shoot, I am still buying Symbian devices since I like what Nokia has to offer. After seeing the N9 and playing more with my Nokia E7, I also came to realize it isn’t that important to have thousands of 3rd party apps when the operating system itself provides nearly all the functionality that you really use on a daily basis.

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