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Best of Smartphone Experts, 21 Nov 2010

Nokia releases impressive Ovi Store stats

I have been pretty harsh on the Ovi Store in the past, but felt that my statements were completely justified. I see that the Ovi Store is indeed getting better and have actually started using it to download more than I have in the past. Nokia sent out a press release on some Ovi Store stats and they are quite impressive and give you a feel for just how vast of a market Nokia reaches with their products. Hopefully, this continued success interests developers into writing great apps for the Symbian and MeeGo platforms.

Here are some key Ovi Store stats:

  • 200,000 people sign up daily for the Ovi Store
  • 2.3 million downloads take place each day
  • 70 developers have each surpassed the 1 million download mark
  • HeroCraft, developer of Farm Frenzy, has seen more than 10 million downloads
  • Offscreen Technologies has seen more than 45 million downloads
  • Available in more than 190 countries (who else has this reach?)
  • Ovi Maps users drive the equivalent of 80 times around the world each day

Developers and publishers who have passed this 1 million mark include Digital Chocolate, Electronic Arts, Gameloft, Indiagames, Qik, Shazam, and HeroCraft. I would personally love to see Gravity pass this 1 million download mark since I personally find it to be one of the best apps ever for Symbian.

I saw the updated Ovi Store experience on the N8 at Nokia World and look forward to seeing and using this on the N8 when it arrives. I know I plan to look for Gravity, Angry Birds, Swype, Evernote, and more as soon as the N8 is up and running.

Help Windows Phone-lover Phil with Nokia


Hey, everybody. Phil from here. And in this week of the third annual Smartphone Round Robin I’m taking a look at Nokia. And, so, I’ve got a few questions for you.

  1. Holy cow! The N900 and N97 mini are some serious phones. Where have these been hiding, and how come we haven’t heard more about them?
  2. Widgets take a little getting used to. Do you use them more often? Or just use a traditional application launcher?
  3. Holy camera, Batman. Nokia phones have some of the best point-and-shoots around. Do you even carry another camera any more?
  4. If you came to Nokia from another smartphone platform, do you miss anything about your previous life? Or does Nokia handle it all?

That’s it, everybody. And don’t forget that when you answer my questions, you’re entered to win a Nokia phone of your choice (up to $1,000) as part of the Round Robin. Thanks!

Best of Smartphone Experts, 11 Oct 2009

Last week was the CTIA Wireless IT & Entertainment conference. We had coverage at a few of our sites, but Kevin Michaluk and I also sat down with Mickey Papillon of The Cell Phone Junkie to record a podcast about our thoughts on the event – worth checking out. Here’s what else went on in the smartphone world this week.

Fennec beta 2 browser released for Nokia Internet Tablets

fenneclogoI’ve got a busy weekend with a soccer tourney, but thought you may enjoy knowing there is a new web browser alternative for your Nokia Internet Tablet. According to the Mozilla blog you can update to Fennec Beta 2 on your Internet Tablet (Maemo device at Beta 2) or Windows Mobile (at Alpha 2) device. When you visit the Fennec website you will see that this update includes improving the user experience, fixing bugs and improving performance. Keep in mind that this is still a beta release so you may not want to rely on it as your primary web browser.

The Mozilla folks list the intentions for this browser, that include:

  • get wider feedback on our approach to the user experience
  • engage Mozilla community teams, including localizers, and testers
  • get feedback from Web developers
  • encourage add-on developers to port existing add-ons and invent new ones for mobile

If you have Fennec on your Nokia Internet Tablet you should just be able to update it through the software manager. If you don’t have it yet, visit the install area on the site to see how to install it on your device.

Anyone give it a whirl yet?

Create your own Web Runtime widgets with Aptana Studio

Late last night as I was working on some reviews I stumbled across the Aptana Studio Nokia Web Runtime (WRT) plug-in that lets you create WRT widgets for the S60 platform. I installed the free open source Aptana Studio application on my MacBook Pro and then walked through a few simple steps and created a simple RSS widget for the Nokia Experts site. You can download the widget from here.


It is pretty cool to see how you can create these widgets in just a few steps and then have something you created appear on your device. I deployed the widget to my Nokia E71 via Bluetooth and just used the default RSS setup to create my widget. There are even some basic settings in the widget, including when to check for updates (never, 5 minutes, 15 minutes, or 60 minutes).

I now plan to spend some time diving into the details to see what else I may be able to come up with, but have to admit it is kind of fun to create something even this basic with the limited development skills I have.

Have you created any cool widgets for your S60 devices?

Keyboard shortcuts make the E71 an efficient device

Nokia E71The Nokia E71 is my current favorite Nokia S60 device (I still want to put together a full review here for you all) and the more I use it the more I find to optimize it and make it that much better. One thing about having a full QWERTY keyboard is that there are a TON of shortcuts available to make you even more efficient. Vaibhav Sharma post some very helpful Tips & Tricks for the E71 that you should check out. A while ago I also posted on several Nokia Email shortcuts that you may want to remember as well. The hardest thing about having all of these shortcuts available is trying to remember them all.

I love finding information like this since it reveals things I never knew and it was there on my device all the time. I like the standby mode press and hold capability I had no clue existed on my E71. I am actually hoping that Nokia releases a device very similar to the E71 with just a couple of tweaks (like a better camera) and I’ll be even more happy.

Is there any shortcuts missed in either of these two articles that you want to share?

QuickOffice announces Premier 6.0 with 2007 support and more

QuickOffice is the software you will find on most S60 devices today in the Standard form that lets you view documents that are sent to you via email. You can upgrade to the Premier version and enable the ability to create new documents right on your device. I currently have QuickOffice 5.0 on my E71, but just read over on All About Symbian that QuickOffice Premier 6.0 is now available for S60 devices for US$39.

QuickOffice announces Premier 6.0 with 2007 support and more

As listed on the QuickOffice site, the updates, improvements, and new features of QuickOffice Premier 6.0 include
* Word® and Excel® 2007 Viewing
* Word and Excel 2007 Editing
* Excel 2007 Chart Viewing
* PowerPoint® (.ppt and .pps) Viewing and Editing
* Enhanced File Manager
* ZIP File Support
* View Password Protected Word and Excel files
* “Go To Cell” in Excel
* Word Count
* Advanced Editing of text, lists, tables, style, and formatting
* ZoomView™ lets you pick the display size that’s best for you
* Printer support (for Nokia E-Series with printing capability)
* Tighter integration with Adobe Reader LE
* Record live voice notes in PowerPoint
* Support for complex formulas
* Free spell check dictionaries available in multiple languages

If you ever use your S60 device to create and edit documents on the go (easy to do with a QWERTY device like the E71), then I recommend you check out QuickOffice.

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