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Samsung Jack or Nokia E71x for $99 on AT&T?

Dieter posted on the upcoming Samsung Jack that is coming to AT&T next week for $99.99 after rebate, just like the Nokia E71x is priced. As readers here know I just picked up a Nokia E71x on the 4th of May and have until the 18th to return it. With the Samsung Jack being available on 19 May, I have a tough choice to make. I loved the Samsung BlackJack II and think it was one of the best non-touch WM smartphones ever, but don’t worry I will keep the E71x and skip this WM device.

i637jack_front-175x300            Will the Nokia E71x appeal to the masses?

The specifications of the Samsung Jack are almost exactly the same as the Nokia E71x with WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth, HSDPA, 3.2 megapixel camera, microSD card slot, and front facing QWERTY keyboard. The Jack runs Windows Mobile 6.1 Standard and is stated to be upgradeable to Windows Mobile 6.5 later this year. Neither of these devices has a standard 3.5mm headset jack and Samsung uses their proprietary port for syncing, charging, and the headset. Nokia’s charging port is fairly standard and at least they use a standard microUSB port for syncing.

The Jack looks a LOT like a Motorola Q and BlackBerry Bold and I would really like to try out the keyboard. It is extremely tough to beat the slim form factor and incredibly solid build of the Nokia E71x though and it would be tough to give this up. Then again, I do have an unlocked Nokia E71 as well that I could fall back on. (Oh Matt, stop being so wishy-washy and just stick with this awesome E71x!)

I doubt I will won’t be switching to the Samsung Jack because I am really having a good time helping you all out as much as I can with the E71x. I started writing about mobile phones because of my enthusiasm to share my experiences with people and the E71x and Nokia Experts provides me with a perfect outlet to share this with you.

Rafe keeps waving the Samsung OMNIA HD in my face

omnia-hdMy pal Rafe Blandford posted the first part of his more detailed hands-on preview of the Samsung OMNIA HD and you have to admit that is one slick device. If I wasn’t such a huge QWERTY keyboard fan this would definitely be on my list of prime devices. Even though it doesn’t, it is still quite compelling with that beautiful display and other design features.

I owned a Samsung OMNIA Windows Mobile phone for about a month and thought it was a fantastic media focused device. The lack of a hardware keyboard was actually the primary reason I traded it away and the only touch only device that I have found works pretty well for my is the Apple iPhone.

MWC 09: Hands-on with the Samung OMNIA HD S60 device


Samsung has been making high end smartphones for years and is getting better and better with their S60 offerings. I had a chance to try out the Samsung i7110 when Rafe came to visit me and was extremely impressed with the hardware. Dieter had a chance to check out the newly announced Samsung OMNIA HD S60 device. This is a S60 5th Edition device with full touchscreen and captures 720p video. Dieter mentioned it shot the video and it played back immediately with no skipping and in very high quality.

omnia-hd-10 omnia-hd-5

Dieter also mentioned that you can hold down a button and swipe between open apps as they shuffle around like cards. I am too big of a hardware keyboard fan to buy the Samsung OMNIA HD and will go for the Nokia N97 instead.


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