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Mr. Elop shows off Nokia’s Sea Ray Windows Phone device

OK, I’ll admit I was a bit harsh on the Nokia N9 and maybe it is due to my frustration with the lack of a simple Anna update on my existing devices. How can they show something as slick as the N9 and MeeGo and not even provide the update to existing loyal customers? Anyway, I was thinking early today I would likely buy a Nokia N9 (and I still might), but when I saw the same form factor running Windows Phone as the Sea Ray I became much more excited about Nokia.

I understand that the meeting was an internal meeting and someone, either accidentally or purposely, leaked out the video where Mr. Elop showed off this slick Windows Phone device. There are still a ton of questions about the device (processor, camera, Nokia Maps, etc.) and I am sure there is a lot of work to do, but the fact that it looks to be just about the same as the N9 is promising.

Both the N9 and this Sea Ray device show me that Nokia continues to create nice hardware and I look forward to both MeeGo and Windows Phone devices. Shoot, I am still buying Symbian devices since I like what Nokia has to offer. After seeing the N9 and playing more with my Nokia E7, I also came to realize it isn’t that important to have thousands of 3rd party apps when the operating system itself provides nearly all the functionality that you really use on a daily basis.

Will the N900 see MeeGo in PR1.3?

Will the N900 see MeeGo in PR1.3?I LOVE my Nokia N900 and it is saying a lot for a device if it stays in my collection for a full year or longer and I have now had the N900 for just about a year. I was disappointed to hear it wouldn’t get Maemo 6 or MeeGo, but according to a post on FoneArena the N900 may get support for dual booting Maemo and MeeGo with a PR 1.3 update in November. I don’t know if this is just someone dreaming of the best scenario for N900 owners or what, but if it happens that will make me very happy. I will probably end up getting the N9 or whatever MeeGo device comes out, but if I can try MeeGo on my N900 first that would be fantastic.

UPDATE 2: Will my Nokia N8 arrive on Friday?

Will my Nokia N8 arrive on Friday?The folks over at Nokia Mobile Blog wrote that they talked with Nokia USA and were told that there is a queue for pre-orders, but that those who ordered first will see the device start shipping tomorrow. I pre-ordered mine as soon as the site went live so should be one of the first ones in the queue and I also paid for the expedited shipping so in a best case scenario my N8 could arrive on Friday. I have not seen any official word from Nokia and have not seen any other N8 devices shipping around the world so I am a bit skeptical that these devices will actually start shipping tomorrow. If they did start tomorrow, then Nokia could say they met the Q3 timeframe they stated back in April.

The USA was one of the first countries to offer pre-orders so it is entirely possible that they might start shipping. I certainly hope so and you can bet we will have lots of coverage here on Nokia Experts as soon as my N8 gets here.

UPDATE: Nokia just issued this press release that states the N8 devices have indeed started shipping to customers! This means that I may actually have my own N8 this weekend. The N8 has received the highest number of consumer pre-orders in Nokia’s history and I know I am excited for the device to arrive.

UPDATE 2: While I was traveling to Alaska the folks over at PhoneScoop called the Nokia USA store and apparently we won’t see our pre-ordered devices until the end of October. Not the best way to improve relations with the US. I wonder if I can find one in a different country and have it sent since they all have the same radio band support anyway.

What can we expect from Nokia World next week?

What can we expect from Nokia World next week?I am pretty dang excited about attending my first Nokia World in London next week, even if it is costing me the last 4o hours of my vacation from my day job and a couple thousand dollars in travel costs. I love checking out new smartphones and since Nokia makes some of the best in the world there is plenty to get fired up about for a fan of Nokia devices. FoneArena put together a post that brings together all the latest rumored devices and I am pretty sure we are going to see at least a couple of these next week.

The post list the following rumored devices:

  • Nokia N9, first MeeGo device
  • Nokia E7, Symbian^3 slider smartphone that looks like a N8 with QWERTY keyboard
  • Nokia C7, Symbian^3 smartphone, mid-range device
  • Nokia C6-01, Symbian^3 version of C6 with 8 megapixel camera

One device I know I will for sure finally get a chance to try out is the Nokia N8. If they have them on sale in the UK, not likely, I may buy my own model there instead of waiting for the probable end of September availability of my pre-ordered N8.

Is the Nokia N9 the next flagship product?

Nokia has been pretty clear that the upcoming Nokia N8 device is NOT its next flagship product. That said, we haven’t heard any official word about what actually is the next flagship to follow the Nokia N97. I am hoping we hear something about this at Nokia World in a few weeks and according to what was posted by Clinton Jeff on ZOMGitsCj it may just be the Nokia N9 MeeGo device. If it is, then that will be quite exciting as these leaked pictures show a device with a QWERTY keyboard that reminds me a lot of my MacBook Pro keyboard. You know if it runs MeeGo then I will be buying one to replace my N900. It is pretty clear this is an actual Nokia N9, but it still is not clear if this is some kind of prototype or if it is the real deal.

Is the Nokia N9 the next flagship product?Credit: ZOMGitsCj

It looks like it builds on the N8 metal form factor with that cool N97/N97 mini slide and tilt up display. The keyboard looks awesome to me with well spaced keys, large space bar, directional arrows, dual Shift keys, and more. I WANT THIS, do you?

Nokia N8 gets unboxed, rumored 26 August UK release too

Nokia N8 gets unboxed, rumored 26 August UK release too

I know I wrote about hesitations of getting a Nokia N8 here before, but forget all about that since I will be getting one for sure. I want to get an orange one, but would buy a blue or green one too so it just depends on what becomes available and where. I just read over on The Handheld Blog that they had a chance to unbox a Nokia N8 retail package at an event in India. It looks like Nokia is using that great slim, low profile packaging that we saw with the N900 and other recent devices. I also like seeing the HDMI converter and USB-to-go cable so that people can get up and running right out of the box.

There are rumors of 26 August UK release date and if that is the case I may be able to buy one in the UK when I go back to Nokia World in mid-September. I just purchased my flight tickets late last week and am taking my wife and oldest daughter along too. I imagine that we will see more hardware announcements at Nokia World given that the N8 should be launching before Q3 ends and I am hoping I can cover the event with the assistance of a Nokia N8 too.

Rumor: Nokia E73 Mode may be coming to T-Mobile USA in June

Rumor: Nokia E73 Mode may be coming to T-Mobile USA in JuneI was browsing my RSS feeds and was completely caught off guard with the rumored Nokia E73 Mode that might launch in a couple of weeks on T-Mobile USA. I haven’t heard a thing from my T-Mobile or Nokia contacts on this so have no confirmation that this is happening, but it looks pretty legit. The E73 looks to be a T-Mobile branded Nokia E72 and with T-Mobile doing a much better job at keeping a device untouched from crapware, like the way AT&T ruins devices, I find this news pretty exciting. My wife took my E71 several months ago and will be pretty excited to see an official T-Mobile version of the E72 available with some nice improvements.

The slide shows that WiFi calling is supported and I wonder if this means a Skype client or if T-Mobile has support for their UMA technology in the device. 3G is provided and it looks like a smartphone data plan is required. We have no pricing or availability information available yet, but I will definitely be keeping my eye out for more on this device.

It looks like T-Mobile may be the preferred carrier for new Nokia devices and as a long time T-Mobile customer that is just fine with me. We now have the Nokia Nuron and N900 working on T-Mobile’s 3G network with hopefully more like this E73 to come. The upcoming Nokia N8 also supports T-Mobile’s 3G network and I would love to see that device come in a subsidized manner to T-Mobile later this year.

Hands-on photos and screenshots of the Nokia N900 Maemo 5 device

More details started leaking out about the Nokia Rover/N900 a couple of weeks ago and now Eldar has posted his hands-on first impressions of the Nokia N900 device. This is indeed confirmed as a Maemo 5-powered device and it honestly looks quite slick. It cleared the FCC with T-Mobile 3G support and I would be extremely pleased to see it launch on my preferred carrier. You will find a TON of photos and screenshots in his first impressions so have some fun.

With Nokia World just two weeks away I am starting to suspect that we may just see this device officially announced, especially if the 2009 release of the N900 that Eldar states is actually going to happen. I wish I had the time to attend Nokia World and am bummed to be missing it.

What will we see in the Microsoft – Nokia press conference?

What will we see in the Microsoft - Nokia press conference?There is talk of some kind of deal between Nokia and Microsoft with most speculation that an official Microsoft Office client may come to Nokia devices. Have you ever used the rather limited native Office mobile software on a Windows Mobile device? It just gives you basic functionality and usually ends up messing up the format of original documents and for me gets used mostly just as a viewer. Quickoffice is a MUCH better client on Nokia devices than the comparable native Office mobile product on Windows Mobile devices.

Now, on most devices Nokia just gives you the viewing capability of Quickoffice, which is fine for most people. However, not having editing capabilities out of the box on the flagship (and very expensive) Nokia N97 is just unacceptable so if this announcement means we can get editing capabilities on future Nokia devices out-of-the box then it may be something worthwhile.

Nokia and Microsoft have worked together on the past with Exchange ActiveSync and some Windows Live partnerships so it is not like either one of these powerhouses is giving up their mobile platforms just to work out a software deal. Microsoft wants to get their Office product everywhere and may be working with all mobile operating system companies to improve the mobile experience.

Nokia Rover appears on FCC with support for T-Mobile USA 3G bands

Nokia Rover appears on FCC with support for T-Mobile USA 3G bandsSo yesterday I told you that I am dropping my AT&T account and sticking with my T-Mobile family plan. I stated in that post about how I wished Nokia would launch a device that supports T-Mobile USA’s 1700 MHz 3G frequency and according to the FCC documentation found by Engadget, there is a device that may be coming soon that does just that. The device may be the rumored “Rover” that could be the first Maemo-powered smartphone with a form factor between a smartphone an an Internet Tablet. There are very few details known at this time, but we may find out something more at the upcoming Nokia World event. I sure hope this device is real so I can still get some 3G love from a Nokia device.

Also, just like I stated in my post yesterday, the FCC documetation shows it my support ALL three 3G GSM bands for the USA, 1700/850/2100, and if that is the case it will support 3G on T-Mobile AND AT&T! A few other specs from the FCC data include:

  • Quadband GSM/GPRS/EDGE, tri-band WCDMA (850/1700/2100)
  • Bluetooth + EDR
  • Wi-Fi
  • FM Transmitter
  • Slide-out QWERTY keyboard
  • Nokia BL-5J 1320 mAh battery

I am liking the QWERTY keyboard spec and all this T-Mobile 3G goodness. Bring it on Nokia!

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