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Nokia Shorts 2011 N8 film maker winner announced

It is clear that the Nokia N8 is the best cameraphone available and should hold onto that title even though T-Mobile is promoting the new myTouch 4G Slide as having the best camera on a smartphone. I use my N8 quite a bit to capture video of my daughters’ sports and other events, but need to learn how to do better so I can hang with folks that turn out videos like these taken for the Nokia Shorts 2011 video contest.

Thousands of videos were submitted and judged over a four month period and JW Griffiths, from Great Britain, was selected as the winner with his Splitscreen: A Love Story movie (embedded below). He earned a $10,000 USD prize.

Splitscreen: A Love Story from JW Griffiths on Vimeo.

Seven others were selected as finalists and all of these can be viewed on the Nokia Shorts 2011 website. These include the following videos:

1. ‘Pearls of Wisdom ‘
Jason Van Genderen – Australia
A unique, short documentary featuring ‘pearls of wisdom’ from homeless and displaced people

2. ‘The Adventures of a Cardboard Box’
Temujin Doran – UK
The escapades of one boy and his cardboard box – his own gateway to a million, fantasy adventures

3. ‘Dirt’
Joseph Marcantonio – UK
A post-apocalyptic cowboy film

4. ‘The Rider’
Josh Brooks – USA
A classic story with a twist set in the hills of Montana

5. ‘Thunk in Public’
Ryan Maples – USA
A comedy short on unfiltered thoughts, leading to awkward situations

6. Homecoming
Teemu Nikki – Finland
Humourous film featuring key props including salmon, knife and a pair of gloves

7. Daniel
Aurora Fearnley – UK
A drama fantasy about one person coming to terms with a special, mystery gift

These are great to view for motivation to capture even better movies myself. Do you capture video with your Nokia N8?

Guess who finally won a contest? Yes, I have an E7 on the way

Remember that Nokia Care US video tip contest I mentioned a couple weeks ago? Well, guess what? The Twitter voting ended up with 12 selections being made and I won the contest based on the judge’s voting! Yes, that’s right I will finally be getting a Nokia E7 so I can cover it here on Nokia Experts. I have been asking for an evaluation unit since Nokia World last year and I guess my posts about Nokia and some of their ridiculous actions (or inactions) might have put me on the review blacklist 😉

I am looking forward to testing it out and sure hope it ends up with Anna soon because at this time I really find Symbian devices without Anna to be way below what other smartphones offer. I do still like my Nokia devices for the outstanding call quality and reception, long battery life, wonderful cameras, and more, but they really need to step it up soon.

Let me know what you would like for me to test out on the E7 and I will include it in my upcoming articles.

Nokia Care US video contest voting polls are open, win a N8 for yourself

Last week I posted about the Nokia Care US contest and let you know I entered with a video showing how to get Amazon Video On Demand movies and Zune Pass music on your Nokia device. Voting opened up today and runs through 24 May. If you like my video and would like to see more coverage of the Nokia Astound here on Nokia Experts please vote for my video.

To vote for my video, post this from your Twitter account:

@NokiaCareUS Amazon Video & Zune Pass on Nokia N8 #NokiaCareUSContest

You can check out all the video contest entries on the Nokia Care US YouTube site. If you don’t like my video, but like another, then please vote for it too since a vote gets you entered into a drawing for a Nokia N8 (available only to US residents).

Here is a look at my video entry again too:

Thanks everyone and best of luck to all entrants, many of them are my friends so whoever wins deserves it as there are some great tips in there.

Enter the Nokia US support video contest by 16 May

Enter the Nokia US support video contest by 16 MayNokia has been running a lot of contests and Nokia Experts readers seem to have pretty good luck at winning so I wanted to share a US-based contest going on now that has five days left to enter. The Nokia Care US contest is accepting videos that show different “How-tos” for Nokia devices in just three minutes. The contest deadline is 16 May, next Monday.

I entered the video embedded below (it was tough to cut it to 3 minutes and get all the steps in there) that shows how to enjoy Amazon Video On Demand movies and Zune Pass music on your Nokia device. I thought it was timely given that Windows Phone 7 will eventually be on Nokia hardware so using the method I described you can get a glimpse of the Zune Pass functionality on your Nokia device. My video is now in the contest playlist and next week they will Tweet out the voting start with directions on how to vote.

Voting starts 17 May and goes through 24 May so I will post again when it starts so you can all vote for my video if you think it is worthy. Voters also have a chance to win a Nokia N8 so it is in your best interest to vote as well. Remember, you can only vote once during the voting period so make it count 😉

The grand prize is a Nokia E7 and if I win I will post a review of the device here since I have yet to get a loaner eval unit and have only seen it at Nokia World last year. The runner-up prize is a Nokia Astound, which I would also love to win and would follow up here with more articles on that device.

Join the Search for 7 competition to find a Nokia E7

Join the Search for 7 competition to find a Nokia E7I would love to have a Nokia E7, but right now all my available funds are being used to pay my taxes here in the U.S. There is a new contest from Nokia where they are hiding seven Nokia E7 devices (5 around the world and 2 virtually) for seven lucky winners. Today is Day 3 of seven with the first one a virtual giveaway that I tried to win (I am stupid not to have guessed Nokia House before the last clue, but couldn’t find a picture of the port of Espoo anywhere). Day 2 was found in Beirut and today’s Day 3 hunt has just started with no clues yet given out for the hidden location in London. If you are in London, then try to find the E7 today.

To win the in-person contest you must be the first person to arrive in the location where the E7 is hidden, after the 3rd clue has been announced on and identify yourself to the Nokia representative holding the Nokia E7. If the E7 has not been found by 8pm each day of the contest, during the Program Period, the contest for that day will be deemed to have closed and no winner will be announced for that day.

To win the online contest, there will be one more on the last day, you must be the first to share the location via Ovi Map services with @WOMWorldNokia on Twitter and mention the hashtag ‘#NokiaSearchfor7’. Once the E7 winner for the online location has been verified and announced, all other entries will be invalid.

Good luck everyone!

Nokia N8 Producers winners announced

Wow, I am almost embarrassed by my rocket launch entry video after seeing the eight winners of the Nokia N8 Producers contest. I thought mine had a fun story, but these winners all have fantastic video productions that blew mine out of the water. Thankfully, my orange Nokia N8 didn’t fly too far and end up broken since that would have been a real waste too.

These producers really showed the power of the Carl Zeiss optics and 12 megapixel camera. One great thing about viewing these winning videos is that you learn techniques and methods for how to create some fantastic videos yourself and I found them inspirational.

Which of these eight is your favorite?

Calling All Innovators North America extended, is X7 canceled?

Calling All Innovators North America extended, is X7 canceled?It was way back in September when I told you about the North American Calling All Innovators contest and how a Nokia Symbian^3 device would be coming to the US. Actually, the contest details stated that “Nokia will release a new device in the US which is compatible with apps developed for the N8 in early 2011.” While I thought it might be the N8, several people contacted me to say it was more likely the C7 with a lower price range. We then heard about a Nokia X7 device that looks similar to the N8. just posted a rumor that the X7 may be getting canceled.

Since we haven’t heard officially from Nokia yet, I wouldn’t jump to any conclusions yet on the Symbian^3 device that is supposed to be coming to AT&T in early 2011. There has actually been quite an enthusiastic response to developing with Qt and Nokia issued the following statement that extended the 10 million dollar prize contest:

Due to overwhelming response from developers adopting Qt and feedback from developers attending the Qt trainings around the world we have extended the deadline for the $10M Calling All Innovators contest to March 31, 2011.

I started working on development for Qt myself and was registered for one of the local events (other obligations prevented me from attending thought). I am trying to find the time to work on this some more, but am not sure I will be able to get any apps up in time for the contest. Are any of you readers developing for the contest?

The contest is still going on and there are LOTS of prizes for developers so even if this rumored X7 is canceled, it looks like AT&T will be getting some kind of Symbian^3 device this Spring.

What happens when you strap a Nokia N8 to a rocket?

I posted about the Nokia N8 Producers contest a couple of weeks ago and have since created three video entries, with a couple more planned before the end of the deadline. The one that carried the most risk and that I thought most people would enjoy was the one I just posted today when I strapped my orange Nokia N8 onto a custom, experimental model rocket that I built many years ago.

While I embedded the YouTube video of the launch preparation, launch of other rockets, and launch of my orange N8 below, please make sure to visit the N8 Producers official video page and Like the video since I understand that this counts for part of the judging.

I won’t give away what happens when the N8 is launched and I’ll let you check it out in the video. Make sure to watch the end since I had the video camera on the N8 turned on and captured the launch from the rocket’s perspective as well.

Have a Nokia N8 and want to fly?

Have a Nokia N8 and want to fly?I have always wanted to be an astronaut and almost applied for a mission engineer position when I was in the USCG and they were looking for engineering officers, but I really did not want to spend the rest of my life living in Houston. There is no an opportunity for me to get a taste of space with a grand prize of a Zero Gravity Flight through the Nokia N8 Productions contest. I see that this has been going on for nearly two weeks and I just now caught wind of it so I am sorry to all you readers for my tardiness.

If you have a Nokia N8 and want to fly then I encourage you to enter this contest now. If you don’t have a Nokia N8, then you can actually submit your video idea and get a chance for a loaner to use for the contest. I have a couple of ideas for videos and plan to start shooting very soon so keep an eye on that site for my videos and I hope you enjoy them.

Enter the Ovi Daily App 2010 Must Have Apps contest to win a Nokia N8

I LOVE applications and now that the Ovi Store is good on the Nokia N8 I am downloading and purchasing more and more on my device. To celebrate the end of the year and figure out what your favorite Symbian apps are Nokia is holding a fantastic online event called the Ovi Daily App Must Have App of the Year Awards. You can vote for apps in the event from now until 31 December 2010 and by casting your vote you are entering a contest to win a Nokia N8. They will pick from all of those who correctly pick all six winning apps and that device will have those six apps. Check out the contest video below.

Apps are nominated in the following categories: Games, Social Networking, Music, Entertainment, Utilities, and Business & Productivity. Five apps are nominated in each category. I voted for my favorite apps and hope to win a Nokia N8 too.

The winning apps will be announced on 5 January 2011. Keep in mind that the apps for this year’s contest are compatible with Symbian S60 5th Edition devices because that was the main high end operating system this year so you won’t see some Symbian^3 compatible apps. This explains why I did not see Angry Birds in the game category or that would have been the easy winning selection.

Go vote now and good luck everyone. Voting only takes a couple of seconds as you choose your favorite apps in the survey and give them your email address so they can contact you if you win.

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