BlackBerry Storm 2 and Bold 9700 Hands-on Video, Smartphone Round Robin


The Smartphone Round Robin officially begins today. This week I’m taking a look at the BlackBerry platform, including the Storm 2 and Bold 9700 – comparing it to Nokia’s Symbian and Maemo platforms. It is funny that I start out my first Round Robin week with the RIM BlackBerry platform since it is one of the “old” guys in the mobile business, much like Nokia. Both of their interfaces date back several years, but for some reason RIM is the ruler in North America and still gaining in market share here while Nokia is virtually non-existent in North America.

To get the conversation started I’ve started a thread over at the CrackBerry Forums to get feedback from BlackBerry users. Please participate in the comments section of this post here on Nokia Experts where Rene Ritchie from The iPhone Blog (TiPB) will be asking you to participate in the discussion. By participating in the discussion you will be entered into the drawing for your own Nokia smartphone (model to be determined) at the end of the Round Robin event.

Check out a video after the break of me using a couple of BlackBerry devices and talking to Kevin Michaluk about the devices and the RIM BlackBerry platform. It seems that BlackBerry Messenger is a major feature and service that keeps many BlackBerry owners upgrading to newer BlackBerry devices and may be something Nokia addicts like us could find useful.

I’ll be posting more here on Wednesday with my review of the BlackBerry platform on Friday so stay tuned and please visit the other Smartphone Experts sites to participate in the discussions of all platforms.


30 Comments to BlackBerry Storm 2 and Bold 9700 Hands-on Video, Smartphone Round Robin

December 14, 2009

I love my Nokia N900 and Blackberry 8900 :)

John Chew
December 14, 2009

Hi Matt! I’m using the Blackberry 9000 aka Bold 1, but earlier in the year I was using a Nokia N97 and N82! I like my Blackberry a lot, and really curious to see how you’ll find your Blackberry experience.

December 15, 2009

Had been using my trusty n95 for two years which served me well till switching the bold 9700 upon release in the UK, cant say I could go back to Nokia! You dont really realise the potential of a blackberry until you get one! And it seems to be leading the scene I have found in London, with big competition from the iPhone.

December 15, 2009

Nice little video for people like me who haven’t seen a blackberry much and I used to have a curve

December 16, 2009

I agree Greg, this is a great way to see different people’s take on a new device.

Poops McGhee
December 16, 2009

I left Nokia after years and years of faithfull use of Nokia phones, 1610, 6110, 6310i, 3310, 6130, all not smarty ones, and then the N73, a smart one. Now I am using the Curve 8520 and soon the Bold 9700. The only thing I miss is the same feeling I had with the Nokia 6310i, not knowing where the charger is because you hardly need one.
But, my first Berry impresses me so much. And after checking the high end models, I am sold to the Bold.

Nick Lovin
December 16, 2009

I love when the yearly round robin starts. All the reviews make me want to try out other devices for myself. Going from a Blackberry 8900 to Nokia e75 this week.

December 16, 2009

I can honestly say that nokias are really good phones and my last nokia phone was a music xpress. I have matured a lot since then and have been a blackberry fan. Currently using the curve 8320 and looking to upgrade to bold 9700 for t-mobile. Hope your blackberry experience has been as epic as mine.

December 16, 2009

hey, fellow bb user here. Had a nokia long time ago can’t even remember the model, but i do remember changing the faceplate lol. It’s great to see you guys trying out other devices

sam bam
December 16, 2009

Hi all. I love my storm 1. Now I do anyways. 5.0 and mac desktop manager saved the day.. The things I’m ways curious about regarding other devices are ho operand flexible the hardware is. As an example, I use a 16gb micro sd card in the device to transfer files from work to home. I also like the ability to swap batteries. Please include some of these features as well when comparing.

Great idea this series.


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December 16, 2009

Interesting i did’nt know about the whole messaging thing thats pretty crazy

Dieter Sellers
December 16, 2009

Very nice review. I have always been a big fam of Nokia. I still believe they get the best reception of any phone I have ever owned. Alas, I am now a BB user, but will always have great memories of all the Nokia’s I have owned. As a side note, I owned 4 different Nokia’s and one other aspect stands out, none of them ever, ever broke, they just worked!!!

December 16, 2009

I loved my Nokia phones, yes they were reliable and durable. If Nokia made a smartphone with Android 2.1 and it had a BBM like program…Man that would the bomb!

December 17, 2009

I’m using both an unlocked NOKIA E63 (E63-1) and an unlocked BlackBerry 8830 WE (I’m using the GSM portion) down here in Bangladesh. Both of these platforms are old enough. I think that the BB OS is much more stable, whereas Symbian is better in a sense that does not require anything like BIS/BES. Using NOKIA EMAIL (push email on E63) is fun, but BIS based push email is even better. My verdict is that BB is the most solid messaging device, but if you want to use cheaper (in some countries) proprietary internet connection from your mobile service provider (of course GSM) better to use NOKIA E-series with front facing QWERTY (E63/E71/E72).
Oh, by the way, the keyboard of BB is much better than it’s Nokia counter-part.

December 17, 2009

Same Here (Poops McGhee)

I left Nokia after years and years of faithfull use. I especially liked the 6310 and 6310i.

“The only thing I miss is the same feeling I had with the Nokia 6310i, not knowing where the charger is because you hardly need one.”

Those phones would last for days and days…and believe you me I talk a LOT!!! Hoe-Haaa…

My last Nokia was also the N73. Now I am using the BOLD 9000 and the BOLD(2) 9700 will be arriving within the net 48hrs. My first Berry (Rim device)was I believe the BlackBerry 6710 or was it the BlackBerry 6750..?

Long story short, I cannot see myself oing back to Nokia…For the time being at least. Sorry Nokia but the multitasking and the keyboard layout / feel is just hard to beat. (IMHO).

PS Good Round-Robin!!!

December 17, 2009

The difference between the Nokia E71 and the Blackberry is that the E71 is a more free software. You can do almost anything you want with your software, and really make a device that is fit to you. Where, a blackberry is more standard and locked up. Not nearly as locked up as the iPhone but still, when compared to a phone like the E71, it’s pretty locked up…

December 17, 2009

Kevin from
Sell out with me oh yeah, sell out with me. Why don’t you just do the review for Christ’s sake. Objective reviews from other people have gone down the drain.

December 17, 2009

Nokia has the strongest phones i have ever seen and the battery does last foever but their is some type of CRACk in blackberry phones which once you get some, your hooked for live!!!:-)

December 17, 2009

I had a Nokia phone it was white and I can’t remember the model but since getting my first bb I love the blackberry experience…I think the bb is a great smartphone….Nokia is a good phone if you don’t want to dabble with smartphones and just want the experience of a regular cell phone…

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December 17, 2009

LOL Kingkjs that exactly what I say. I’m a a new bb owner(well 5 months old). I first had the curve 8330 and now I have the Tour 9630 and I love my bb. I had the Nokia that u could change the faceplate can’t remember what it was but that phone was hella durable and the battery life was outstanding, but once i turned to blackberry I cant back lol =)

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December 23, 2009

soraya: i completely disagree… nokia gives you more customizations on a smartphone than any other phone on the market…

January 11, 2010

Before i was hooked on to Blackberry. I always got Motorola’s. I’v owned about 10 moto’s. And a few Nokia’s. But i got a BB storm 9530 and i fail in love with BB. Now i also have a BB tour.

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Anthony c
March 3, 2010

I love those phones but cant purchase them.I love nokia phones,am using nokia 1600

April 18, 2010

i personally like htc’s better than both but i’ve had the N900 and the N97 and i liked them both. they are more complex and have better processors. I like the practicality of a blackberry though and they are great for business. also the N97 feels really weird holding it almost like it’s not a phone. but i do like nokias. i have a hd2 right now and so far I love love it. even more than the iphone. but for the most part I think for a whole blackberry is great, they have some flakes but i like them

April 18, 2010

oh and as a side not. i just bought a x6 off of and i love it. gonna get one more off of ebay for my employee. definately love the x6

December 22, 2011

I love my bb bold 9700 it’s better than my former nokiaN73,the only thing I miss is playing symbian games,Blackberry rocks!!!

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