No more AT&T service for me, E71x going up for sale

You may have seen my recent ZDNet post where I decided to switch my family plan back to T-Mobile after trying to move everyone to AT&T. I had a T-Mobile family plan and then a single AT&T line for the iPhone and Nokia NAM devices, but during these tough economic times I had to look at the value of services and try to cut back. By dropping the single line I could save $85 a month, which is a fairly significant value. I thought AT&T would be the way to go, but the dropped calls killed that idea so I went back to T-Mobile. That said, I now will be using my Nokia devices and connecting with an EDGE connection instead of HSDPA. It sure would be nice to see Nokia come out with a true North American phone that worked with 3G on AT&T and T-Mobile both. Actually, I have not seen anyone do this yet and am not sure it is possible.

Some people get great coverage from AT&T, but it did not work for me and voice calls on any phone I tried. It worked well for data for over 2 years, but I only made about 15 minutes of calls before my family plan moved so I never noticed any dropped calls. Each carrier has strong and weak areas so YMMV.

As a result of this transition I will no longer be able to use my AT&T locked E71x so it will be going up on Howard Forums shortly. I will be able to still use my E71 and N97 though and future Nokia devices. While I do lose out on the 3G functionality with T-Mobile, I can now pick up European Nokia devices and not have to wait for NAM models :)

BTW, let me know if you are interested in my E71x for a deal of a price (with no service obligation or monthly data plan requirement). It is in MINT condition too.


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August 7, 2009

I am interested in it. Let me know how much you are willing to part away from and we can start from there.

Kevin Neely
August 7, 2009

Better than that. By not caring about the NAM 3G, you not only get the devices earlier, but you will be privy to firmware updates. What a concept!

I would be interested in a follow-up post about your difficulties of dropping your T-mobile family plan and using an AT&T one. Or was it simply stopped in its tracks by the poor service?

Alas, I am stuck on AT&T and would be interested in the E71x.

August 7, 2009

I switched to T-Mobile with my N95-3, as the dropped calls were getting ridiculous and where I was moving had no service w/ AT&T. I barely make calls and am missing my 3G when I’m not home (wifi), but I’ve survived with basic browsing and connection for my homescreen widgets on N97, but now I’m considering a prepaid SIM for AT&T so I can have 3G when I need it.

August 7, 2009

Let us know when you put your E71x up for sale!

Michael Jenkins
August 8, 2009

Something you may not have known and probably very few people do…..

My friend had an unlocked e71. It worked with the 3g and seemed okay. overall though at times he could not send picture messages or receive them. It has steadily become worse. Sometimes he couldn’t make calls or would get connection errors when making them. The other day he stopped into an at&t store. A friend he knew worked there and had set his daughter’s phone up for him. He is currently switching here phone over to another family member so as not to break the contract on that line (2 years). He is going to be going under my T-Mobile loyalty plan as I have had my line since ’04. (89.99 for two lines with UNLIMITED minutes!) The sales person told him that at&t loads a small amount of proprietary software on their branded phones so that they will work on their service. Anyone else will experience these problems as at&t is not at liberty to support unlocked or other carrier phones. So unless you buy a phone from them expect to have trouble according to what I am finding out. I wonder what the FCC would think if they new this and if it was true?? I personally don’t know if what she told him was true but it might be worth finding out! And you know at&t would emphaticaly deny it!

[…] yesterday I told you that I am dropping my AT&T account and sticking with my T-Mobile family plan. I stated in that post about how I wished Nokia would […]

Skip Coombe
August 12, 2009

E71 still available?

Please let me know if it is.



August 12, 2009

If your phone is still available, I would love to take it off your hands. Please let me know. Thanks

August 13, 2009

Matt, sorry to hear about your poor experience w/ATT. I live on the other side of the Sound (Silverdale) and the service is great. As they say, YMMV.
I’m really enjoying the e71x, but I’m a little disappointed in a couple of points. I thought it would work in Japan (my fault for not researching deep enough, 2100mhz required there) and despite getting it unlocked, I cannot get my global roaming SIM to work in the phone. I can see all the networks wherever I am (Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines etc, except Japan) in Singapore, I even got a welcome text from them when I manually connected to the networks, but I could not get a call out. I got the aural message “call not allowed”. I’ve tried about everything.
When I put the GR SIM in, there’s an extra menu under: MENU/SETTINGS/CONFIG/PHONE/CALL RESTRICTION and it wants a PIN to unlock it. Don’t have it and haven’t been able to get an answer from ATT over email about it. But the menu is only there with the SIM in, so I’m wondering if it’s even ATT’s area of responsibility.
Any ideas?

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