Apple acknowledges Nokia innovation, finally becomes a licensee

Back in late 2009 Nokia sued Apple for using their patented technologies while not paying any license fees like many others in the wireless industry were doing. Apple then countersued and acted like a child who was ticked that someone had the nerve to take action. When all the others were licensing these patents that Nokia had spent billions developing, it was pretty obvious Apple was just trying to show they didn’t have to follow the rules like everyone else. Nokia just announced that Apple has now become a licensee and lawsuits related to patent infringement are now dropped.

While Nokia’s market share is falling during this transitional phase and increasing competition from Apple and Google, they still are due recognition and payment for the billions they spent on R&D over the years as they led the world in wireless technologies. It is nice to finally see Apple realize Nokia was due such payments and will be making a one time lump sum payment followed by future royalty payments so when Apple succeeds Nokia gets a piece of the pie too. The length and financials of the agreement were not disclosed.


5 Comments to Apple acknowledges Nokia innovation, finally becomes a licensee

Aqua Fina
June 20, 2011

That’s just typical Apple. Stupid tossers. The nerve of these idiots.

June 20, 2011

^ The entire Nokia fanbase ^

June 20, 2011

^An idiot^

June 20, 2011

Apple demonstrates corporate arrogance at its worst.

yo mama 3
June 21, 2011

GET, AN iPhone, nexus S by sprint. evo. don’t get a blackjunk or even nokia they are dying, they are a dinosaur.

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