Have an app idea? Win a Nokia N8 and trip to Nokia World

I am pretty excited about the upcoming Nokia N8 smartphone and even more excited thinking that this is just the first Symbian^3 device with Symbian^4 and Symbian^5 still coming in 2011 and beyond. Nokia World is being held in September in London and I would love to be there, as I am sure some of you Nokia fans would too. There appears to be a way to make that happen for up to twelve of us with the Make My App competition that just kicked off. Nokia Beta Labs wants us to submit ideas for applications in four categories from now until 27 June.

Have an app idea? Win a Nokia N8 and trip to Nokia World

You need to submit ideas in one of four categories (Think Green, Fun & Games, Easier Living, Better World) and then vote on the ones you want Nokia to make. The ten ideas that get the most votes each week will be shortlisted and guest judges will choose three ideas from each category at the end of the two months. These top twelve submitters (3 from each of the four categories) will get a trip to Nokia World, your idea will be made into an app, you will get a Nokia N8, and your app will be distributed on the Ovi Store. Visit the Make My App site to read all of the rules and get started. I know I am going to start thinking hard about good apps and get some submissions in myself since I would love both a Nokia N8 and a trip to Nokia World.

Keep in mind that a previous Nokia Experts contest winner won a sweet trip to Australia so readers here may have a real chance at one or more of these twelve trips.


63 Comments to Have an app idea? Win a Nokia N8 and trip to Nokia World

Rehan ahmad
March 5, 2011

i want to win NOKIA N8

tadael lemma
March 6, 2011

a tv streaming application containing lots of fun & popular channels would be great. Instead of sitting on your couch & watching channels on your television set, you can stream them on your N8 anytime & anywhere.

March 8, 2011

hi nokia experts I have another idea
what about a 3D screen or a glass that can be attached to the mobile,It would awesome if we could watch movies or videos in 3D on the mobile

ashwini thakur
March 26, 2011

well i d suggest put an application which can help the nokia phones battery to be charged by the infrared radiations around the machines ….like it can absorb the heat radiated from laptops and convert it into electricity to charge itself …..its a simple logic and a very good concept to go green , good living and power saving all the three…….
thank you

April 8, 2011

hello nokia experts this time i’m writing this to clear my last comment plus a new idea
I was suggesting a 3D mobile screen or a glasses that can be attached to the mobile and display videos in 3D like these which can be attached to a 3D TV
OK my new Idea is to make the back cover of the mobile
made of solar cells which provides energy by absorbing the sun rays and changing them into electricity to charge the mobile
thanks for reading my comment

putu suryadi
April 9, 2011

i wonder if there an app that can make fake environment sound when i make/recieve a call..
exmple, i make a call in my room, but receiver hear a busy environment like at the music konser,,hehehe,that app just for a joke

putu suryadi
April 9, 2011

sori, i mean ” music concert” =P

May 5, 2011

what about a music player that can display songs lyrics

Gokul K
May 28, 2011

what about an app that could make iphone and/or android apps compatible with symbian phones.

Gokul K
May 28, 2011

how about an app that could read the name of the caller when some one calls(which is already in the contacts). like,
“Mr/Mrs (name) is calling you, please take the phone”

KARAN Saharan
July 5, 2011

i think n8 required an new application which could able to view the user location if the user required, + it requires a phone tracker

July 17, 2011

if nokia n8 will support android latest version it will be the best mobile ever,no phone can be compared with it

mukesh pareek
January 8, 2012

if n 8 will sport e exploser latest or old virsion it will be the best mobile ever

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