Anna update scheduled for existing devices in August

It will be just about a year after the release of the Nokia N8 when we will be getting the update that was talked about during the release. According to a post on Nokia Conversations, Anna will ship on new N8, C7, and C6-01s that are bought starting in July while the E6 and X7 already have it loaded. As you know, my Nokia Astound also has Anna and I love it! I also have my own Nokia E6 coming this week that has Anna preloaded so by the time it comes to existing devices I may no longer even have those devices.

Speaking of existing devices, I had to pass my orange Nokia N8 on to my wife since her blue one is a lemon and hangs and shuts down on her all the time. You do not want a wife with a goofy phone that you recommended and since I prefer the E7 to the N8 myself I have no problem passing it along to her.

Hopefully, Nokia can keep this August date at least since I told my wife when we bought her blue N8 back in February that Swype in portrait would be coming very soon and these update delays are killing my reputation.


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June 21, 2011

Nokia lost me today, as the new N8 and such will ship with Anna in July, but we can not update until end of August. I am officially searching for a new phone.

yo mama 3
June 21, 2011

GET, AN iPhone, nexus S by sprint. evo. don’t get a blackjunk or even nokia they are dying, they are a dinosaur.

June 27, 2011

Will the Anna update be available for the E-7 as well?

I have a nexus one and find the E-7 to be very impressive. Android seems like a toy, while the E7 seems very serious. I don’t need all those apps and games.

June 27, 2011

Speaking of the E7, I had to return mine to Newegg to exchange for another. When I plug in the ear buds, I get a loud humming. If I plug in half way and move it around, I can get a pop up on screen that says headPHONES/mic and then plug in all the way and no humming. The music however sounded distorted. Tried the headset on my mac and they sound great.

Anyway, I see elsewhere on the web that the E7 will receive Anna, which makes perfect sense.

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