Access the Ovi Store on the N900 and download Angry Birds now!

I was browsing my Twitter stream and saw that Mark posted a way to access the Ovi Store on the updated Nokia N900. The icon on the N900 still isn’t active to launch now takes you to the Ovi Store and you can also go to in your N900 web browser to be taken to the Ovi Store with the N900 recognized as the device. It looks like the official, non-beta  Ovi Store application launch is getting closer and closer for the N900. You will see something like 10 games and 30 or so apps, along with themes and videos to download. I personally installed the Project Gutenberg ebook reader (found on a repository and NOT in the Ovi Store), Angry Birds, and Solitaire Touch. Check out the video below of the Project Gutenberg reader and Angry Birds game in action.

UPDATE: When you choose to download an application from the Ovi Store you are taken to the integrated Application Manager where all apps are installed. I must have gotten confused bouncing back and forth between the Ovi Store and Application Manager because an astute reader pointed out that the mGutenberg ereader application is in the repositories and NOT in the Ovi Store.

All applications currently in the N900 Ovi Store are free on the device, but I see you can purchase apps via the Ovi Store on the Internet so paid apps are rolling out as well. I thought the Angry Birds game was hilarious, but I also found that throwing the rabbits in Open Season (I said Great Outdoors in the video, oops.) was really funny so maybe I have a bit of twisted sense of humor. I like that the Project Gutenberg ebook program works in both landscape and portrait mode too so I can now get a ton of books on my N900 and it is getting more and more useful all the time.

Did you find any good apps in the Ovi Store for your N900?


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Martin Grimme
January 12, 2010

Good review.
However, the mGutenberg ebook reader is not from OVI store but from the repositories. It’s a community app.

Matthew Miller
January 12, 2010

Thanks, I updated my post to reflect this information.

January 13, 2010

Angry Birds is really fun but £3 for the extra levels is a bit much I think. Personally, I think around £1.99 would be a bit more reasonable. I’d consider buying at that level.

January 13, 2010

Just bought Angry Birds on the iTunes store for £0.59, with over 60 levels. I found it first on the N900 (It’s a freakin’ awesome game as it happens) but damned if I’m paying £3 when I can pay 59p!

Almost got every level on the N900 version to a 3 star rating, some of them (like the stairs) are tricky! One shotting is the best way to go, but sometimes if you do enough damage it’ll tip the score in your favour and outweigh the 10k points value of a remaining bird.

January 14, 2010

What those gren pigs have done is inexcusible this is total warfare as far as the birds are concerned and now its TOTAL AVIAN VENGENCE

[…] when the Ovi Store launched on the Nokia N900, I mentioned that Angry Birds was my favorite game and that everyone should download and play it now. I have since completed all […]

January 8, 2011

hi ,i would like to downloiad this program but right now i don’t have acces to internet on cell phone i hvae acces on pc ,pls some one give me a link to download it from here ,thankkkkkkssssssssssssss ,i loveeeeeee this gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaameeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

abed dark
March 28, 2011

thats a really gd essay

March 31, 2011

nice nice

June 24, 2011


Franklin A. Tiri
October 26, 2011

very nice and good….

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