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Hello everyone and welcome to the Nokia Experts site. My name is Matthew Miller and I am also known online as palmsolo, which is an online name I created many, many years ago due to my usage of Palm Pilots and my love of Star Wars and Han Solo. I am a father of three wonderful daughters and a husband to my wife of 15+ years. By day, I am a professional naval architect/ship designer who earned my Bachelor’s degree from the US Coast Guard Academy and my Master’s degree from University of California, Berkeley. I used to write for Geek.com’s PDA section and currently now write for ZDNet on the Mobile Gadgeteer and Smartphones and Cell Phones technical blogs.

I started using mobile devices back in 1997 with the US Robotics Pilot 1000 that I used when I flew out onto the scene of maritime casualties to help refloat ships. The Palm Pilot immediately earned a spot in my heart and since then I have personally owned over 100 devices and tried out many more. I am pretty device agnostic for the most part and have AT&T and T-Mobile SIM cards that I pop in and out of many devices. My current favorite devices are the Nokia N85 (review coming here soon), Nokia E71, Nokia 5800, Palm Treo Pro, T-Mobile G1, HTC Fuze, and original Apple iPhone. I also just ordered the XPERIA X1 and am saving up for the Nokia N97.

You can reach me at matthewATnokiaexpertsDOTcom.

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