Can you think of a 5th Nokia blunder from 2009?

Nokia N97If you are reading this post, you are most likely a fan of Nokia devices and I wouldn’t be here writing this site if I too wasn’t a Nokia fan. That said, enthusiasts like us can also be the biggest critics of the companies were are passionate about because we want them to do better and know that they can. Rita over at Symbian Guru just posted an article on the top 5 Nokia blunders of 2009 that made for a good read and also spurred me to think about what the open, number 5 blunder could be.

Rita listed the following four as the top blunders of 2009:

  • N97 release firmware
  • N-Gage
  • Ovi Share
  • Nokia N86 8MP announcement

The 5th spot was left up to readers to provide in the comments so head on over and leave your opinion there. Looking back on 2009, I personally find the lack of North American presence and seemingly disregard for North America to be a candidate for the final spot. We did see the E71x and Surge come to AT&T, but Nokia let AT&T ruin the fabulous E71 device with their crapware and other limits that has actually made my Nokia E71x Starter Guide quite popular as people tried to clean up their devices. T-Mobile would have been a perfect carrier to launch the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic with since T-Mobile already carries some low end XpressMusic devices and Nokia could have promoted this one as a higher end music device that supported Amazon Video on Demand video content and still could have sold it quite cheap. We now see the N900 available and supported on T-Mobile’s blazing 3.5G HSPA+ network, but again there is no carrier involvement which greatly limits Nokia’s visibility in the US.

Hopefully, we see more carrier relationships and partnerships in 2010. I know we will see more awesome devices, but it sure would be great if more people here knew about them.

I think there were also successes in 2009 and I will soon be revealing a post about the achievements from Nokia in 2009.


10 Comments to Can you think of a 5th Nokia blunder from 2009?

December 29, 2009

The N900 not having native portrait mode.

December 29, 2009

Definitely lack of competitiveness in US. Carrier incentives are built-in to the American model for the most part, so if a consumer does not get a discount, then they are usually paying a portion of their monthly bill to a fund they’ll never cash out.

December 29, 2009

How about;

1) Failure to put a capacitive touch screen on the N97 2 years after Apple conclusively showed that it makes a real difference
2) Ovi Store
3) Failure to move the UI and general behaviour of the devices forward in line with competitors
4) Every phone has painful bugs in the firmware for the first 6 months
5) Launching the N900 without a clear roadmap – is this the future, or will you be stranded with a lemon of an OS that no-one builds apps for

December 29, 2009

I would agree that # 5 would be the lack of support for U.S. customers. My Nokia E71 is still stuck on firmware v200 while the rest of the world has already upgraded to v300 and then v400. I would love to upgrade so I can improve the crappy camera quality on my E71.

Nokia really should give their phones names too (i.e. like Blackberry and all other companies) instead of a number and letter. A name would go far in the Marketing department.

December 29, 2009

Surprised nobody suggested already the N900’s lack of the frequencies to do 3G on AT&T’s network.

December 30, 2009

e72 design!,i hate almost copied d e71.and naming e75 is not good maybe it shud b name e70.or e69.hahah.

December 30, 2009

Lack of RAM in the N97 or N97 mini (should have learned from the 5800 experience!)


N900 on TMobile instead of AT&T, Tmo is fine with decent coverage in the cities but it does not compare to AT&T in the States. Also this was a departure for Nokia that potentially cost some sales as people did not want (or could not) to switch!

December 30, 2009
  1. n97
  2. s60 5th edition
  3. 5800 nam not working on att when released
  4. no xenon in n86
  5. no 1500 battery in n86 and n900
December 30, 2009

martin: v4 is now available for my e71-2 nam version… my suggestion though is that you should stick to v2 for now, my camera is now worse than it was before…. i have actually compared pics from two phones… do yourself a favor by not upgrading…

Matthew Miller
December 31, 2009

Having the Nokia N900 support T-Mobile is a HUGE bonus for those of us on T-Mobile and given that all the other NAM Nokia devices work only on AT&T I see no reason why T-Mobile customers can’t have a device too. AT&T has major network issues with the iPhone at the moment and Nokia probably saw an opportunity to go with a carrier that has faster HSPA+ rolling out, plans that are similar to Europe (no contract, monthly plans), and the best customer service in the US. That or they knew I was a T-Mobile USA customer and they wanted to please me and have me buy another Nokia device :)

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