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Nokia announces the 5250, a new Symbian^1 device

Nokia announces the 5250, a new Symbian^1 deviceInteresting that Nokia today announced another new piece of hardware, the Nokia 5250. This is a Symbian^1 (aka S60 5th Edition) device that looks to be a rather low cost device for those who want a touchscreen device. It only supports the EDGE data network and has a 2.8 inch display so it is nothing that anyone here reading Nokia Experts will likely want. However, there are millions of people who only have EDGE connectivity so this may be the perfect device for them.

nokia_5250_blueThe good thing about seeing these types of continuing hardware announcements before Nokia World is that we should hopefully see some major news there. I know we will see the N8, but am hoping to see Nokia reveal their next flagship device (maybe the N9) since so many people still have a bad taste from the N97 that could have been so good.

Anyways, the Nokia 5250 has a 2.8 inch 640×360 display, 2 megapixel camera, microSD card slot, Ovi Music support, FM radio, and more and comes in at €115 in the 4th quarter.

Best of Smartphone Experts, 22 Aug 2010

Check out the Nokia E73 Mode L.A. beach party on 21 August

Check out the Nokia E73 Mode L.A. beach party on 21 AugustDo you live in the LA area or do you happen to be passing through this weekend? If so, then make sure to sign up for and attend the Nokia E73 Beach Party put on by Nokia. I’ll be heading out camping here in Washington State with my family, but thinking about you all on the beach 😉 Nokia puts on some good parties and there will be food and drinks provided, along with lots of fun. They will actually be loaning out E73 Mode evaluation units so if you are interested in checking one out make sure to swing on by.

Speaking of the Nokia E73 Mode, make sure to check out our Starter Guide that collates my posts on the device and links to the full review and my extensive keyboard shortcut post. As you know, the E73 Mode is my daily driver that should stay that way until the N8 appears.

Is the Nokia N9 the next flagship product?

Nokia has been pretty clear that the upcoming Nokia N8 device is NOT its next flagship product. That said, we haven’t heard any official word about what actually is the next flagship to follow the Nokia N97. I am hoping we hear something about this at Nokia World in a few weeks and according to what was posted by Clinton Jeff on ZOMGitsCj it may just be the Nokia N9 MeeGo device. If it is, then that will be quite exciting as these leaked pictures show a device with a QWERTY keyboard that reminds me a lot of my MacBook Pro keyboard. You know if it runs MeeGo then I will be buying one to replace my N900. It is pretty clear this is an actual Nokia N9, but it still is not clear if this is some kind of prototype or if it is the real deal.

Is the Nokia N9 the next flagship product?Credit: ZOMGitsCj

It looks like it builds on the N8 metal form factor with that cool N97/N97 mini slide and tilt up display. The keyboard looks awesome to me with well spaced keys, large space bar, directional arrows, dual Shift keys, and more. I WANT THIS, do you?

Where is the respect for Nokia in the US?

Where is the respect for Nokia in the US?As I plan my trip to Nokia World next month I have continued thinking about Nokia and finally posted an article on ZDNet that I have been thinking about for a few months. I write this Nokia Experts site so of course I am a fan of Nokia and their devices or I wouldn’t spend hours writing here for free. I try to give you my honest take on things and am both positive and negative here and in my other writing. However, it seems to me that the media and smartphone enthusiasts in the US are unfairly slamming Nokia when other smartphone operating sytems get by with more. Am I being overly sensitive or do you too feel that Nokia doesn’t get the respect it deserves in the US?

SugarSync for Symbian brings cloud storage, sharing, access to S60 5th Edition

SugarSync for Symbian brings cloud storage, sharing, access to S60 5th Edition

Do you have a Symbian S60 5th Edition device and longingly look at your iPhone and Android brethren thinking you could have a backup, sync, and cloud sharing service like Dropbox, Zumodrive, or SugarSync on your beloved device? Well, I have some excellent news for you then as SugarSync just announced their Symbian client that is available now for free and includes 2GB of cloud data capacity. We do have the Ovi Files client and it is decent, but services like SugarSync offer even more functionality that is cross platform and provides better access support.

With SugarSync for Symbian you can edit documents (with supported Symbian apps) and have the files synced back to the cloud. Documents, photos, music, video, and other file types can be shared, managed, and accessed with SugarSync. I have been looking at several different cloud storage and sharing solutions and now that SugarSync has a Symbian client I have decided they are the service I will be going with for all of my devices moving forward.

Simply point your S60 5th Edition web browser to and download the free client. You can also purchase higher capacity on the servers with 30GB plans starting at just $4.99/month, but you do get 2GB for free to try out too. They also have a referral program that lets you increase your capacity between 500MB to 10GB of storage when a friend is referred by you.

You can access your SugarSync storage drive via a web browser or iPad, iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, or Windows Mobile device too.

Nokia Messaging is enhanced for the Nokia N8

Nokia Messaging is enhanced for the Nokia N8I put together the Nokia Messaging reference guide to try to help you understand the different clients available for S60 and I am an avid user of Nokia Messaging for Email on the Nokia E73 Mode and N97 mini. As you know I pre-ordered my Nokia N8 and actually keep scouring the Internet trying to find any that might be available to purchase sooner and am currently quite obsessed with my desire for a Nokia N8. Thus, I was pleased to read Davis Fields’ article on how Nokia Messaging will function on the N8 and my desire for one is even stronger now.

There are several enhanced features that will be supported on the N8 that are actually now available on the C6 device, but I don’t have one of those to check it out on. Check out the video below and the full list of improved features coming to the Nokia N8.

With a functional email experience, outstanding camera, and more I think I will be quite happy with the N8 when it arrives.

Nokia announces X3 Touch and Type S40 device


In the past we have seen announcements in advance of Nokia World so that Nokia could then announce other new and exciting products at NW. Today we see the announcement of the Nokia X3 Touch and Type device (X3-02). This device has something of a rare form factor with a standard 12 button phone keypad and a 2.4 inch resistive touchscreen display. It is a low cost phone, MSRP of EUR 125, that is designed to give those who love using phone keypads the chance to also experience the touch user interface.

There are millions of people who have become quite proficient at one handed, no looking, SMS with a standard phone keypad and this device lets them continue this behavior. The X3 is only 9.6mm (0.38 inches) thick and still packs in 3G, WiFi, FM radio, microSD card slot and 5 megapixel camera. It is powered by S40.

The other X3 device announced at Nokia World 2009 is labeled the X3-00 and has a slide down keypad without a touchscreen display.


Nokia N8 available for US pre-order, end September availability

Nokia N8 available for US pre-order, end September availabilityI went to the Nokia USA to pre-order my Nokia N8 and saw you can now do so for $549. I may eventually place this order just to ensure I get one to write about here, but I really want an orange or green or blue model with the orange being my first choice. Thus, I may try to find one from outside the US since they all have penta-band 3G support and should be the same around the world. It may cost me a bit more, but $549 for a SIM-unlocked powerful device like this is very reasonable.  For comparison, the iPhone 4 is priced at $599 for 16GB and $699 for 32GB with no support for T-Mobile 3G.

I hope Amazon kicks off their N8 pre-orders soon too since I have some gift card cash sitting there waiting to be spent on a device. Any readers going to pre-order this dark grey model?

UPDATE: I placed my order ($611 with tax and shipping) and can’t wait for it to arrive. I will be getting some hands-on time with it at Nokia World in September so stay tuned for that coverage too.

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