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Nokia E73 Mode tips & tricks: The QWERTY keyboard shortcut guide

The definitive E73 Mode QWERTY keyboard shortcut guideI have yet to find a front facing QWERTY keyboard device that is better than the Nokia E73 Mode (see our E73 Guide page). I have gone through nearly all the recent Eseries front facing QWERTY devices (E61, E61i, E71, E71x, and E73) and IMHO Nokia has just about reached perfection with the E73 Mode. I find the slight curvature, defined default primary keys, and material to be even better than the E72 and am not sure what else can be done to make it better. Given that the keyboard is so prominent on the device, why not use it to its fullest and that is the intent of this Tips & Tricks post. Check out all of the QWERTY keyboard shortcuts found in the manual, from user feedback, and from various sites around the Internet. These have all been tested on the E73 Mode, but most will apply to the other front facing QWERTY devices as well. If you have a tip that is missing, please let me know and I will test it and then add it to this list if it works with the E73 Mode.

Standby screen keyboard shortcuts

These are shortcuts that are available from the standby screen. Some of these can be customized in the settings too.

  • Press and hold the Sym key to toggle Bluetooth.
  • Press and hold the space bar to toggle the flashlight (probably the coolest shortcut of them all).
  • Press and hold the Ctrl key to toggle silent and normal profiles.
  • Just start entering text to smart filter your contact list.
  • Press and hold the * to launch Music Search.
  • Press and hold 0 to launch the web browser.
  • Press and hold 1-9 to initiate speed dial.
  • Press and hold left soft key to initiate text message reader.
  • Press and hold right soft key to initiate voice commands.
  • Press and hold Home to view the task manager.
  • Press and hold Calendar to create a new appointment.
  • Press and hold Contacts to enter a new contact.
  • Press and hold Email to create a new text message.
  • Press and hold End/Red key to disconnect data connections.
  • When the phone display is off and locked, press and hold the center action button on the directional pad to display the date, time, and profile status.

Phone call shortcuts

  • To dial something like 1-800-NOKIAXP: Enter 1800 as you normally would, then press the Fn key (diagonal arrow), then press Shift twice, type NOKIAXP, and press the Call/Green key to dial.
  • Press the small button between the volume buttons to mute the call.
  • Use the left and right soft keys to manage speakerphone, noise cancellation, etc.

Text input field shortcuts

Whether you are in notes, word processor program, or other area where there is an empty text box, here are some shortcuts you can use.

  • Press the Sym key to access the symbol pop-up selector grid.
  • Press the Fn key to toggle between different modes (numbers, number lock, letters) where you can see the status in the upper right corner.
  • Double press the Shift key to enable Caps lock.
  • Press Shift and back space to delete characters forward (to the right) of the cursor.
  • Hold Shift and move direction pad left, right, up, and down to select text.
  • Press Ctrl and C to copy selected text. The soft keys will also change for another method.
  • Press Ctrl and V to paste selected text. The soft keys will also change for another method.
  • Press Ctrl and X to cut selected text.
  • Press Ctrl and A to select all.

S60 web browser shortcuts

  • Press 1 to open a cool dynamic toolbar. You can also long press the action button on an empty area of a web page to open this toolbar.
  • Press 2 to search the web page.
  • Press 3 to go back to previous page.
  • Press 4 to name the bookmark and save the page to bookmarks.
  • Press 5 to open a slick grid showing the keypad shortcuts.
  • Press 6 to refresh/reload the page.
  • Press 7 to toggle full screen mode.
  • Press 8 to view a page overview, fully zoom out.
  • Press 9 to open the URL entry box.
  • Press * to zoom in.
  • Press 0 to go to the home page.
  • Press # to zoom out.

Nokia Messaging/Email shortcuts

  • Press Backspace or D to delete a message.
  • Press O to open an email message.
  • Press C to compose an email message.
  • Press R to reply to an email message.
  • Press A to reply to all.
  • Press F to forward a message.
  • Press U to mark as unread.
  • Press M to move a message.
  • Press I to collapse/expand all days of messages.
  • Press Z to send and receive now.
  • Press S to search email.
  • Press H to access the help area.
  • Press B to go to the bottom of an open message.
  • Press T to go to the top of an open message.
  • Press J to go up a page within an open message.
  • Press K to go down a page within an open message.
  • Press N to go to the next message.
  • Press P to go to the previous message.
  • Press E to accept a meeting invite.
  • Press G to tentatively accept a meeting invite.
  • Press V to decline a meeting invite.
  • Press W to jump to the sort options box.
  • Press Shift and Return to mark/unmark a single message.
  • Press Shift and Up or Down with the directional pad to mark multiple items.

Ovi Maps shortcuts

  • Press Shift to zoom in.
  • Press Backspace to zoom out.
  • Press the Space bar or 0 to go to current position.
  • Press Return to open location menu (show details, share, save, send).
  • Press 1 to select map, satellite, or terrain view.
  • Press 2 to tilt map down.
  • Press 3 to toggle 2D and 3D modes.
  • Press 4 to rotate map/compass counterclockwise/left. Keep pressing to continuing rotation.
  • Press 5 to toggle aligning map north.
  • Press 6 to rotate map/compass clockwise/right.
  • Press 8 to tilt map up.
  • Press 9 to view keyboard shortcuts.

Calendar shortcuts

  • Press N to create a new appointment.
  • Press W to change to week view.
  • Press D to change to day view.
  • Press A to change to agenda view.
  • Press T to change to task/to-do view.

There are 3rd party application specific keyboard shortcuts too, such as those in Opera Mini. If you want to know some of these, please list the app and I will update this post with the most popular and continue to turn this into a full E73 QWERTY keyboard shortcut repository.

I would like the ability to assign application shortcuts to the keyboard from the standby screen (press and hold), but you can easily launch them with voice commands now via a keyboard shortcut so there is a way to quickly get to your apps.

As I was assembling this list, I came to realize there were many shortcuts I was unaware of and plan to put into practice. Have you ever seen a device with so many keyboard shortcuts? If you can learn all of these you can really turn the E73 Mode into an efficient device, don’t you agree?

Nokia E73 Mode is my daily driver, even in a world of amazing devices

Nokia E73 Mode is my daily driver, even in a world of amazing devicesAs part of my ZDNet writing I have been playing with a LOT of new phones running different operating systems. I bought and returned the Samsung Vibrant just this week, primarily because I already have an EVO 4G that satisfies my Android desires and I wanted to save up my upgrade subsidy credit for something coming later to T-Mobile. So with the EVO 4G my main, and only, device on Sprint, what am I using day-to-day with T-Mobile? The Nokia E73 Mode (check out my Guide) is actually my preferred smartphone. I tried using the Nokia N900 and find it does work well, but the E73 Mode is just so dang compact with great battery life, excellent messaging capabilities, and good application support that I keep going back to this device.

Even though the applications for S60 are not as plentiful as those on the iPhone and Android, I honestly find I stick to 10 or less on every platform on a regular basis. With the E73 Mode I primarily use Nokia Messaging, Gravity (for Twitter, Facebook, and Google Reader), Nokia Podcasting, Olive Tree Bible, Google Maps, and the web browser. The only thing I truly find frustrating is the lack of threaded SMS on the E73 Mode. There are a ton of other occasional apps I use on Android, but they are not essential and mainly just used for fun and to burn some time. It is interesting to note that I spend more time talking with people and finding other things to do rather than sticking my face into the screen when I am using a device like the E73 Mode or the new Windows Phone 7 operating system that have fewer apps for individual tasks.

I personally find the keyboard on the E73 Mode to be fantastic and will be following up this post shortly with a Tips & Tricks article listing many of the keyboard shortcuts that I use all the time on the Mode. It may not be the newest Nokia smartphone, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be one of the most useful to many of us. BTW, did you see T-Mobile dropped the price to just $49.99 with a 2-year contract? Wow, that is one great deal!

It’s here! DataViz brings Office editing and creation to the N900

It's here! DataViz brings Office editing and creation to the N900Back in May DataViz told us that Documents To Go Premium would be coming to the Nokia N900 after the 1.2 update. On May 26th, the 1.2 update was released, but all I heard from DataViz was the sound of crickets and I worried that they dropped this project since Maemo 5 was a dead end for the Nokia N900. I am very pleased to now inform you that Documents To Go Premium Edition for Nokia Maemo 5 is now available for the N900. The software costs $29.99 and if you want to know all about it, then stay tuned here for a full review tomorrow.

I have Documents To Go on my Google Android and iPad devices and find it to be one of the best ever Office suites and this software will have me using my N900 more now. With this software you can view, edit, and create Microsoft Word and Excel documents and spreadsheets right on your N900. According to the website, key features include:

  • Native Word and Excel File Editing, including Office 2007 and 2010 files.
  • Password Protection
  • Quick Keyboard Shortcuts
  • InTact technology to retain original formatting
  • Multi-level zoom
  • Live hyperlink support
  • PowerPoint Support Coming Soon (Support for editing Microsoft PowerPoint files will be available as a free update once available.)

Customers who have already purchased Documents To Go Viewer Edition v 1 for Maemo will receive a FREE upgrade to Premium Edition. A 30-day, fully functional free trial is available for download via a pre-loaded download link on the Nokia N900 and also via Ovi Store. For those who interested in a view-only solution, Documents To Go Viewer Edition will remain available for $9.99.

UPDATE: I installed and started using DTG for Maemo, but didn’t get a chance to finish up my review so stay tuned for it. I did walk through the upgrade process, which is not really straightforward for everyone and seems to involve interacting with their website. Here is what worked for me:

Log into with your registration number and last name, then select ‘my account’.  Next to your product, your free upgrade hyperlink will be available.  All users that purchased version 1.0 of the Viewer will receive the Premium Edition free of charge. After going through this you should be able to enter your registration number and activation code to unlock the Premium Edition.

Best of Smartphone Experts, 25 July 2010

Design a SciFi special effect for FX Studio and win a Nokia N8

Design a SciFi special effect for FX Studio and win a Nokia N8One thing you have to love about Nokia is that they really know how to put on a good contest. I just read over on The Nokia Blog that Nokia is working with Framestore to collect ideas for a SciFi special effect that will be included in an application for devices like the N8. The idea is the FX Studio will be an app to let you add some cool effects to your videos captured with the N8. All of the contest details are on the Framestore Facebook page and there will be three winners of the Nokia N8. Autodesk software is also part of the packages and the first place winner gets to work with the Framestore studio to make their idea a reality.

The contest started a couple of weeks ago (sorry I didn’t give you a heads-up then, but I just learned about it too) and runs until 1 August (just over a week left) so get your idea in now. FX Studio will be released in September and this may be the time when we see the N8 released as well. I am a huge SciFi fan and plan to get an idea or two sent in this week and would love to win a N8 or even have my idea selected as the winner. Let’s see if we can get a Nokia Experts reader to win this contest too, huh?

Want a Nokia N900 or E72 for $1? Keep an eye on the golden egg

Want a Nokia N900 or E72 for $1? Keep an eye on the golden eggI know I am ruining my own chances at a fantastic offer, but wanted to let you all know about the cool Nokia promotion where you have the chance to pick up a Nokia N900 or E72 for just $1. There are special banner ads with a yellow egg and the two devices, found on a couple of sites mentioned on the WOMWorld site, and when that egg flashes if you are the first to click through then you can get this deal. This is for North American Nokia fans only.

Feel free to click the egg above when it is flashing and if you do happen to stumble upon this over the next month please let us know. I understand there will be 20 such offers over the next month so some people are going to get a fantastic deal on one of these devices.

Nokia releases Q2 2010 results; profits down, market share flat

It’s that time again when Nokia posts their financial report and we find all the numbers in their 2nd quarter 2010 report. I am not a business major or financial guru so I don’t understand all of the numbers in the report, but All About Symbian gives you a nice breakdown and includes some comments from the earnings call that help explain some of the numbers and discusses the future of Nokia. Overall, Nokia is still the worldwide leader by a mile (staying flat at about 41%), but they do need to address the higher end of the market and release compelling products. It is interesting to look at that last figure in the AAS article and see that RIM and Nokia are on a steady incline in mobile OS shipments while the iPhone is flat and Google Android is on a meteroic rise over the last year. Windows Mobile is on a slight decline, but this will change when Windows Phone 7 is released.

Even if Nokia did nothing different, they would continue to be the worldwide leader in market share for some time. However, in people’s minds they are not much of a consideration for high end smartphones and that must change for Nokia to increase market share and continue in this leadership role. Their profits are down at the moment due in large part to their poor performance in the high end market. The last flagship product, the Nokia N97, is a year old and had “issues” and there has not really been such a product since that time. A lot is riding on the success of the Nokia N8 and if Nokia disappoints again then I fear they will lose even more mind share and possibly market share. We cannot see things like low memory warnings with the N8 and with so many other fantastic devices now flooding the market Nokia has a high standard to meet. They can do it and as a Nokia fan I sure hope they deliver.

Is Nokia looking for a new CEO?

Is Nokia looking for a new CEO?Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo (also known as OPK) has been the CEO of Nokia since 2006, but according to a Wall Street Journal report Nokia has launched a search to replace OPK. Given that Nokia’s market share growth has been flat for the past several quarters and their mindshare has been down in 2010, it doesn’t seem all that unrealistic that they may be looking for someone to shake things up a bit and bring in a fresh perspective with a desire to increase Nokia’s market share and expand their lead. There have been some rather rocky times lately (launch of the Nokia N97 and quick death of N900 and Maemo) and the upcoming Nokia N8 is already losing some enthusiasm with statements that it will be the last Nseries Symbian-based phone (confusing since other statements came out that there could be Symbian^4 Nseries units). I don’t know if changing the CEOs can turn this around, but it may show people that Nokia is still serious about leading in this space.

The WSJ report stated that the board was looking to find someone before the end of July so we should hear more about this possible replacement soon.

Best of Smartphone Experts, 18 July 2010

Sorry Jobs, Nokia really doesn’t suffer from reception issues

Steve Jobs held an Apple press conference today to talk about the iPhone 4 reception issues and said that everyone in the smartphone industry has a problem with reception and the iPhone 4 is a marvel of engineering. I don’t recall him specifically mentioning Nokia, which makes sense since my personal experiences with over 25 Nokia smartphones shows them to clearly have superior RF reception. Even though Nokia clearly shows where the antennas are in their manuals, I find I get excellent reception pretty much no matter how I hold my device.

Nokia followed up the press conference by issues their own statement regarding this issue:

Antenna design is a complex subject and has been a core competence at Nokia for decades, across hundreds of phone models. Nokia was the pioneer in internal antennas; the Nokia 8810, launched in 1998, was the first commercial phone with this feature.

Nokia has invested thousands of man hours in studying human behavior, including how people hold their phones for calls, music playing, web browsing and so on. As you would expect from a company focused on connecting people, we prioritize antenna performance over physical design if they are ever in conflict.

In general, antenna performance of a mobile device/phone may be affected with a tight grip, depending on how the device is held. That’s why Nokia designs our phones to ensure acceptable performance in all real life cases, for example when the phone is held in either hand. Nokia has invested thousands of man hours in studying how people hold their phones and allows for this in designs, for example by having antennas both at the top and bottom of the phone and by careful selection of materials and their use in the mechanical design.

Have you experienced the same solid reception on your Nokia smartphones?

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