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Garnet VM Beta 4 released for Nokia Tablets

One thing I enjoy doing on my Nokia N810 Internet Tablet is using old Palm application via the Garnet VM application. I just received an email that Garnet VM Beta 4 for Nseries was just released and is available for download. The latest update includes stability improvements and bug fixes.
Garnet VM Beta 4 released for Nokia Tablets

Garnet VM is a great way to use apps like Tide Tool (gives me the tides around the world for my marine salvage work) and give you real PIM apps, ebook readers, games, and more. Do you find Garnet VM on a Nokia Table to be useful and what are your favorite applications to run with it?

Best of SPE, 31 May 2009

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Friday goodies: Free games and apps for the Nokia 5800

Friday goodies: Free games and apps for the Nokia 5800Do you love your Nokia 5800 like I do? I just read over on the NokiaUsers site that the Nokia Hong Kong site has several FREE games optimized for the S60 5th Edition touchscreen devices. I previously found some of these games, but there are several more now available to use on your 5800. I personally downloaded Dodge This!, Paint Pad, Sudoku, Touch Popper, and Touch Guitar to try out.

What other S60 5th Edition games and applications do you enjoy on your 5800?

Nokia N97 shipping soon in the US? Nope, false alarm

I just received an email of my pre-order confirmation from Nokia USA for the white N97 I ordered earlier this month. Going to the Nokia USA site and checking my order shows a bit different picture than when I previously checked it out. The N97 is no longer listed as backordered on my order page so hopefully it is shipping out soon. I paid for overnight shipping, but am headed to Hawaii next week all week for work and will be seriously bummed if my N97 ships and gets to my house on Monday while I am gone. I think I will call the store and if it is indeed shipping I will pay for Saturday deliver.

Anyone else see their order status get updated today?

UPDATE: I just called the customer service center and they told me that the system was updated or something and that triggered resending of order confirmations. I was told they are planning to send them out in early July.

Nokia CEO chats about the N97 and Gravity at D conference

I pre-ordered a Nokia N97 from the Nokia USA site (like I need another Nokia device, right?) and after watching the demo given by a Nokia employee (wasn’t that Davis Fields from the Nokia Messaging team?) at the All Things D conference I am getting more excited about the device arriving. I was also pleased to see Nokia demo Gravity on the N97 because I think that application really shows how developers can make for a wonderful experience on the S60 platform. Check out the video below from the conference.

Do you use Gravity on your S60 device? It runs well on every device I have tried (5800, E71, E75, and E71x so far). Anyone else pre-order the N97 too? We don’t know when they are coming, but it should be in June, which starts next week.

Skyfire 1.0 browser released, works well on the AT&T Nokia E71x!

Nokia E71x: Another success, previous Skyfire client runs just fineSkyfire just released version 1.0 of their software today (see the PDF press release) and in talking with them yesterday I was told the AT&T Nokia E71x fix was not yet implemented. I then read in the comments of one of my earlier posts discussing Skyfire (thanks ScooterG!) that it was indeed running just fine on the E71x so I immediately went to from withing my browser and found the E71x was specifically identified. I downloaded Skyfire 1.0 on the E71x and received an unable to install error as I tried to upgrade from version 0.85. I then uninstalled the older version of Skyfire (DO THIS FIRST) and the 1.0 version installed just fine and I am happy to confirm that it indeed works like a champ with the soft key placements correct and everything. Bring on Hulu baby!

It is a large 1.2MB file, but I installed it to main memory to get optimal performance. I did have to play around a bit to get the right connection by switching between Operator (Proxyless) and Internet (MEdiaNet), but the Proxyless one eventually worked just fine.

There are some cool new features such as double press on the center action button of the navigational pad to toggle zoom levels. Hulu played well in an almost full screen window.

Nokia Ovi Store appears in the browser of the E71x

As I posted in my 3rd update on my original Ovi Store post you can get to the Ovi Store on an AT&T Nokia E71x just fine using the web browser pointed to There is not yet a dedicated utility you can load on your device, but the browser version is optimized for the small screen and quite functional. I’ll post a video walk through and some screenshots for you all later tonight.

I successfully downloaded and installed the following applications/items on my E71x so far:

  • Earthcomber (free)
  • Hava Player (free)
  • Bejeweled ($4.99)

Unfortunately, Bejeweled tries to play on a display larger than what I have on my E71x so it is way over to the bottom right and I cannot play the game. I guess this gave me a chance to try out the return process, which I could not find anywhere. I filled out a form for a return, but am a bit disappointed there is no return/refund system in place.

Earthcomber also appears to be a Web Runtime Widget (that is for the Nokia 5800) and does not appear to run on the E71xl. I recieved a certificate error trying to install the Java application.

I have to say the Ovi Store from the E71x seems a bit limited in selection of applications so far, but I imagine as Nokia continues to turn things on we will see more and more applications loaded into the store. It was nice to see some of Astraware’s games on the Ovi Store since they are very high quality and highly recommended. There are quite a few games available, which is good because this is the one thing I don’t have much of loaded on my E71x. You can always load up applications like we have been for years so this just gives you even more flexibility and options.

You can’t tell if an app is Java or native Symbian until you go into your My Stuff folder where this will be clearly indicated.

BTW, I browsed and downloaded everything over the AT&T 3G network.

Updated: Nokia Ovi Store opens in the US on the Nokia 5800 XM


With all of the Nokia Ovi Store launches going on around the world and the official announcement that the Store is open, I decided to take my AT&T SIM from my E71x (there is now Download! utility on it) and put it into my Nokia 5800 XM. I was pleased to find the Ovi Store icon on there and quickly downloaded it to my device. I then logged into my Nokia account in the Ovi Store application and was able to download a ringtone (Star Trek) and a couple of applications with ease. I also started to buy an application to see what that experience was like and it looks like there is a three step credit card process in place for US buyers.

I see many free applications in the Ovi Store, along with priced apps from 99 cents to $19.99 so far. All prices end in 0.99 for US buyers. I thought it was a bit strange to see a previously free application, ShoZu, appear on the store for $4.99 though.

There are viewing options for the following:

  • Suggested for me
  • Most popular
  • Most recent
  • Show free only
  • Show paid only
  • Show all
  • Channels
  • Categories
  • Account details

You can search the Ovi Store in each category using the search box at the top. I plan to use it and figure it all out soon and see how the recommended apps part works with friends all over the world.

Sorry for the pics in this post, I took them on the train with my T-Mobile G1 since I have no other camera with me. I plan to post a video of the Ovi Store in action later tonight too, along with screenshots of it in action.

Please let me know if you get the Ovi Store working on other devices in the US. I now need to figure out how to get it on my E71x.

UPDATE: I just went to using my Nokia E71x default browser and a page appears stating that the device is not compatible with the Ovi Store. I’ll keep trying to figure this out.

UPDATE 2: I just read the following statement over on the Ovi Store Blog, “In the US, AT&T will be offering Ovi Store to its customers later this year.” So it sounds like the E71x won’t be able to get the Ovi Store for a while and this is unfortunate. I wonder if you can use the web version on your PC/Mac and download apps to install on your PC/Mac and then put them on the E71x in the meantime.

UPDATE 3: Thanks to Moogle’s comment to this post I went back and tried on my E71x and have access to the store through the web browser. There is no dedicated application for it yet, but this might just work fine. I now plan to try buying and installing some things to report back for you all here. I read that some (maybe all) apps purchased through the Ovi Store may not work on the E71x, but let me try and I’ll get back to you all.

Is a Nokia Internet Tablet coming soon to T-Mobile USA?

Is a Nokia Internet Tablet coming soon to T-Mobile USA?From time-to-time I use my Nokia N810 and really do think it is a solid piece of hardware with some cool functionality. However, it often seems to lag when working with email or web browsing and it seems that the processor needs a major bump or else the OS needs more optimization. MobileCrunch posted rumored details of a possible Nokia N900 follow-up to the N810 Internet Tablet. The N900 (aka Rover or Maemo Flagship) looks similar to the Nokia N97 with many of the same specifications. The main differences are the use of an 800×480 touchscreen display and Maemo 5 operating system.

The rumored specs indicate the N900 has an OMAP3430 500/600 MHz processor, quad-band GSM and HSPA support, 5 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics, 32GB internal storage and removable memory, and integrated GPS receiver.

I was particularly interested in hearing it may even come to T-Mobile USA in August/September 2009. Given that T-Mobile is one carrier that seems interested in new technologies and trying out different things (Google Android, UMA, T-Mobile HotSpot @Home) I can see them marketing it as a couch surfing tool or mobile web browser to use at T-Mobile HotSpots.

Do any readers here use a Nokia Internet Tablet? Are you interested in another device in the series?

Nokia Ovi Store rolling out around the world

I have to say I am a bit jealous of Australian Nokia owners at the moment after reading on All About Symbian that the Ovi Store launched there this weekend. You can check out several screenshots of the Ovi Store running on a Nokia E75 and I can’t wait to get this on my devices. As I understand it you download the Ovi Store through the Download utility and then the Download utility is replaced by Ovi Store. I wonder what us Nokia E71x owners without a Download utility will be able to do to get the Ovi Store on our devices.Nokia Ovi Store rolling out around the world

A couple things I am very curious about on the Ovi Store are the following:

  • How does the Ovi Store work for people with multiple Nokia devices? By this I mean can I load a purchased application on multiple devices with a single purchase? Will my account details (purchase history) appear across multiple devices?
  • What happens when you attempt to download an application you already have loaded on your device?

As Nokia rolls out the Ovi Store onto production servers and it appears around the world, I will start using my 5800 and other devices to check to see if it appears here in the US. If you see it on your device, feel free to let us know where you are and what device you are running.

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